November 15, 2004

Update on everything from Oct. 28 till NOW

Ok, so this blog is going to be one BIG entry to bring you guys up to date (it won't be so so so detailed like how i usually write..hehe..)so here goes:

OCT. 28 - my cousin's 21st birthday:
Me, Wei, Yan, Edwin and Wei Wen surprised her in her room at 12 midnight and sang her happy birthday and had a choco muffin for her. That night we celebrated with a birthday dinner. Wei and I made 26 rolls of sushi..(yes, we really did). Edwin made some tempura, chawanmushi (don't know how to spell), curry, chicken strips and so we had loads of food. We pretty stuffed. HAPPY 21st SUEF!

OCT. 29-31: London
Suef and I went down to London to celebrate her 21st w/ the Londoners. We got there on friday night and our cousin Gerald took us out for dinner to this really nice restaurant called "Asia de Cuba" in St. Martin's Lane Hotel in Covent Garden. We headed to the club, "Tantra", after dinner. (Pei, you know from Sex In the City, the episode w/ Club Bed or whatever? Yah, this place had beds.) We had a good time and went to China town after to eat and finally got home and went to bed at around 5am i think it was. The next morning we got ourselves all ready to go to breakfast at around 2pm. No, we did not spend the whole morning sleeping…we were trying to book our trip to Prague. (It's actually finally booked! We – Suef, Caryn, Yvonne, and me – will be going from Nov. 25–28. We went for dim sum at this restaurant called "Pheonix Palace" on Baker Street. (Funny how i don't eat dim sum at home but come to London to eat it…really strange..maybe when I get back to Richmond we'll eat it..hehe) After that walked around Covent Garden w/ Caryn and then we got ready for Suef's bday dinner at "Bistro 1" that night. After dinner and cake we went to watch a movie in Leister Square. And yes…I watched a scary movie: "The Grudge". I literally watched it through my jacket and hanging onto Caryn…and i knocked her contact out of place w/ my we had to use a compact mirror and a cell phone for light to get her contact back in was quite funny..but guess you guys had to be there! Anyway, Sunday I met up w/ my auntie for lunch at "Sakura" – Japanese resturant in Oxford Circus and a lunch box is £16-£20. Insane right? Trained it back to Warwick at around 5pm.

NOV. 12 - Moving day:
So, I finally got my campus transfer to Claycroft 2, flat 11, which for those of you who don't know is where my cousin lives and now we live across the hall from each other! WOHOHOOOOOO! (just like on FRIENDS..hehe) How i got to be a resident of Room 2 is that the girl here moved out to ….we don't know where..but she left and so that opened up a room for me to move in. Here, there are 8 ppl to a kitchen and 2 ppl to a bathroom. It's 8 ppl to a hallway. So, it's really great now that I don't have to make the 10 min. trek to and fro from Redfern. This place is also a lot nicer and newer than my old place. It's like going from the east side to the west side..hehe..(I will put up some pics soon)

NOV. 13 - Cambridge & London:
3 coach buses left the University House parking lot at around 8:30am for Cambridge. It was about an 1.5 hr bus ride and it was soooo cold when we got there…my nose felt like it was going to fall off. It was a gorgeous day though…really sunny and blue skies. We (Jinie, Jerome, and some other french dudes and a girl from Mauritius and I)walked around and basically I took all my pictures…King's College, the street market, all the buildings. It's definitely a university town. I also decided that it is much prettier and nicer than Oxford.

After I took about 80 pics and walked around, I walked to the train station which was about 20 mins from the city center. I took a 50 min train ride to London – King's Cross where I took the tube to High Street Kensington to meet Caryn and Yvonne. We walked in Barker's (some dept. store) and then walked to the "Muffin Man" for some tea and scones w/ clotted cream and jam…very yummm. Bird made us dinner ("Prawn mee" – Har mein – Pei, you know what i'm talking about) was yummy as well..and we ate so much chocolate b/c made chocolate brownies and my cuz brought home chocolate tarts and chocolate brownies from Borough Market. Definitely pigged out. Anyway, we took the 6pm train back from Euston yesterday (Sunday) to Warwick.

So, there you have it. In a nutshell, life in England is awesome and oh yah, Paris trip is booked for Dec. 6–8. And the temperatures in Prague right now are -3C and it says that it "feels like" -6C!!!! oh dear….
I will upload more pics soon….so check back in a bit. byeeeee :) xoxo

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  1. Pei Lyn

    SUEY!!!!! How's Prague?? I can't believe this is the same suey doing all this partying! hahaha well you better be doing some of that back here in richmond…. you gotta bring something back from the "lanf of fun" :) Hope you're having the best time and DON'T SHOP TOO MUCH!!!! Luvya!

    26 Nov 2004, 08:24

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