September 27, 2004

Sue Fern = my cousin, is finally HERE!

MY CUZ IS HERE!!!!!!!! yay! The sole reason of me doing an exchange program at the University of Warwick has finally arrived! hehe…yah i know i'm so lame.

Anyway, I actually just wrote an entire blog entry and it didn't show up! argggggggg! So i'll try and write it all

Yesterday, went to Warwick Castle…pretty cool. Got to go into the dungeon and climb like 530 stairs to the top of the towers and have an awesome view of the land…lots of green fields. I'll load up some pics for you guys to see. Also, there's a really cute pic of the dog house back then (that's for steph, pei and rumesh) thought you guys would enjoy that.

I also made dinner all by myself last night..yes quite impressive i know..well.i didnt' really have to cook anything..just used the oven..hehe.

So, I've come to notice that there are some really different things about England. First off, in Tesco there are 20 checkouts and you think "wow the lineups are going to move really fast" but no…they don't..and the cashiers all sit down and they scan stuff really slow. Secondly, the drivers here aren't as "pedestrians first" as in Canada. They are pretty speedy and you have to look both ways (i keep looking the wrong way first). Also, the wheels on the shopping carts at Tesco lock when you try to push the cart out of the parking lot b/c they don't want students pushing them back to's pretty crazy..something to do with magnets or something that make the carts lock…pretty smart though. There aren't very many zebra crossings on campus either (unlike UBC where there are like a million cross walks). Also, you are forever standing in a "queue" ( a line up) and waiting for everything.

Anyway, my cuz arrived at around 5pm and we went for dinner at a chinese buffet if you can believe it…haha. And she brought me bed linens and a duvet! i'm sooooooo excited…well..dorms have them but u feel kinda gross using them. I'm going to do laundry tomorrow! woohoo! fun's 1.40 wash per load and 0.50 dry per load. So, about less than $5 CDN …fun. Classes actually finally start tomorrow…but i'm making my schedule so i don't have classes on mondays..i was trying to get tuesdays too..but i don't think it's going to happen…haha. k..well.i'm going to bed now…seriously tired.

p.s. Kirsten – I have used the kleenex u packed me ..thanks.hehe..and i built the kindersurprise toy and i ate the jelly bellys..hehe..

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