October 17, 2004

Canadian Thanksgiving in England!

hi guys!

ok…so i know i haven't blogged for awhile. Been really busy and sooo..here i am now sitting down to write about the past week. Also, i've uploaded a BUNCH of pics. Many are from before i just didn't have time to get them up so just go through the galleries again and for those of you who DON'T know where that is – left side of this page. If the thumbnails don't all show up just hit the "refresh" button and they should load up.

Last Saturday, I went to Birmingham with my cousin. We took the train to BULLRING which is a HUGE mall – 140 shops and restaurants. Taking the fast train from Coventry to Birmingham is only about 22mins…but if you get on the "slow" train which is really slow b/c it stops at every stop between here and Birmingham, it takes about 40 mins. Good thing we caught the fast train. We went shopping and bought lots. Quite a number of the stores here give out student discounts and all you have to do is show them your student id cards. We also went back to BULLRING on Thursday for a student sale at TOPSHOP which was incredibly packed…it was like Boxing day madness all over again! (i thought of you guys – Steph and Pei..i knew you guys would be crazy enough to fight through the crowd and pick stuff out and stand in line for 45mins to pay)

Alright, so last Sunday we had Canadian Thanksgiving dinner right here in our kitchen. It started off as trying to round up some Canadians to have it but it seemed that many of the others wanted to join in soooo… there were 12 of us – 3 canadians, 2 belgians, 1 british, 3 malaysians, 1 welch, 1 german, 1 american. It was quite the multicultural experience. We had lots of food: 2 turkey joints, a roast chicken, garlic bread, pasta salad, steamed brocolli, carrots, corn, mash potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, cannelloni, crepes (for dessert). Everyone made/bought something for the dinner (i made the mash…they were deeeeeelicious! hehe…). We were pretty squished in our kitchen but it was really great to have a big dinner and it'll probably be the only time when we'll all celebrate thanksgiving in England.

Last night, we went to Soul Nation which is like clubbing at the student union building really…it's a r&b and hip hop night which happens every 2 weeks. There were so many ppl there and did you know that at the university they subsidize alcohol?! so alcohol here is pretty affordable.

Today, we went to Cheshire Oaks which is a designer factory outlet. There are 120 stores and it's right near Liverpool. So, we actually went w/ the Singaporean Society (my friend Wei Ling is the president) so there were about 50 of us who got onto a coach and it took about 2 hrs to get there. We got there at about noon and shopped right till 4:30pm when it was time to get on the bus. There were sooo many brands: CK, DKNY, NorthFace, GAP, Nike, Adidas, PUMA, Burberry, Diesel, Kangol, Bose…and the list goes on and on and on…(Pei, you would have gone CRAZEEEEeee there)

Anyway, i know it sounds like i'm not in school…but i am! I have about 8 hours of classes a week…it's more independent study here. I don't have classes on mondays..which is grrrreat. I really like living on campus..it's definitely different b/c you get more involved w/ what's going on here than driving to and from school.

This coming weekend I'm going down to London again on Friday w/ my cuz and then I'm going to Paris w/ my auntie from Saturday – Monday…so that's going to be beaucoup d'amusant! hehe..(a lot of fun)

Ok..i'm suuuuper tired…so i'm going to sleep now. And for those of you who i owe emails too..soon..i promise…hehe..


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  1. Joel

    SUEY!! I Looked at your thanksgiving dinner pics…...Now im hungry! AND I MISS YOU!!!

    18 Oct 2004, 22:33

  2. weiwen


    18 Oct 2004, 23:12

  3. steph

    suey!!!!!!......me and u…...gingerbread house…..teaming up…..gonna kick ass!!!! ps. sounds like u're having a blast!! miss ya!!

    16 Nov 2004, 07:22

  4. Rumesh

    HEy soup!.....WEI LING is HOTTTTTTT!....ohh yeah miss u too,,,,,kinda…a little

    27 Nov 2004, 11:39

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