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September 30, 2004

current form of transportation: my 2 legs

So, I decided it's time for another update! Well, as you can see from the title of this blog, I have been walking EVERYWHERE. I really do miss my I could just get in and drive where ever…oh well..walking is good exercise..hehe.

So, for those of you who keep asking me "what time is it there???", it's 8 hours AHEAD …soo..count 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc…until you get to 8 hrs then stop and that's what time it is over here in England. ahem pei lyn cough.

I think that I have become more independent during the last 2 weeks. I've done my own laundry where it costs 1.80 per wash and 0.20 per dry (for 14 mins) so really you have to dry twice b/c your clothes are still damp. So, in total I spent 2.20 per load which is about $5 CDN. I've also been making food all by myself! wohooooo! well, actually, i haven't used the stove at all..haha..i've used the oven and microwave..i've become a pro at it. Also, my cousin's friends (Edwin and Wei Wen) have cooked a couple times for that's good too.

I've tried to make my dorm room as cozy as possible. All my flatmates have actually too. We're putting up posters and anything to cover the bare walls! My cuz brought me a duvet, duvet cover, pillow case and bed linens and wow..makes my bed soooo comfy now..b/c u know the sheets that come w/ the bed is well..kinda gross…they may be clean..but still..u get that bleah feeling about them.

I haven't wrote about my flatmates yet so I'll tell you guys a bit about them. There are 4 of them. Rose is from Toronto, 26 years old, Law school. Virginie is from Antwerp, Belgium, 19 years old, Economics. Veronica is from Madrid, Spain, 25 years old, doing research in the Chem lab. Noemi is from Barcelona, Spain, 23 years old, doing research in the Chem lab too. They are both post grads. Everyone is super nice. I'm closer and talk to Rose and Virginie more b/c the spanish girls don't really understand too much english and hang out w/ each other more. I'll put up pics of them later.

So, today I spent the entire day running around registering for classes. For those of you who complain about reg dates at UBC, you dont' know how lucky you are to HAVE a reg date and time and all you have to do is click a mouse to register. Because I'm based in the Warwick Business School, you have to register any classes that you want to take outside of your base department. For example, Business Ethics (philosophy dept), I had to go to their dept and get a student record form, fill it out get it signed my the "tutor" (prof) of that "module" (course) and then return it to the undergrad office of the phil dept. But it's different of each dept b/c I'm taking a sociology class and for that one registration was from 2pm-5pm in this room where everyone is fighting their way in and you have to line up to get forms from someone to fill out more information about which module you want and which "seminar" (tutorial) you want. It's quite a ridiculous amount of paper work if you ask me. Anyway, tomorrow I have 1 class: Service Operations Management. It's from 3pm-5pm. Should be interesting…listening to lectures in English accents is quite entertaining.. i just love how they speak…hehe.

Well, it's time for sleep. Good Night!

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