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October 09, 2004

weekend in london

So this past weekend i was in London and it was a blast. I love the city! hehe…but i will write more about it tomorrow..just wanted to leave u guys with a little update. I'm super tired and must sleep. here i am updating this entry (finally … i know almost a week later) I went down to London last friday…took the train down..a Virgin you know Virgin Records back home. It was about 1 hr and 14 mins. Not too bad for a train ride. From there my cuz picked me up at the London – Euston, the train station and we went to eat some lunch. Went to meet my auntie and walked around Covent Garden. Just in some shops and stuff. The tubes in London are sooooo stuffy….and u feel like you are at the fireworks at English Bay all over again u know smushed up real close to everyone and it's hot and smelly.

On Saturday, we were meeting some other family (dad's side) who were coming down from Liverpool. We were on Kings Rd. mostly and ate with them at Pizza Express where we spent about 3 hrs. (I'll add some pics of them up on the side.) The weather was pretty messed up that day…was just spazzing rain for about an hour and as you walk down the street people would be standing in the doorways of stores waiting for the rain to stop for a moment so they can walk again and then duck into another store when it starts up. So, Saturday night we went over to my cousin's friends' flat right near Holburn tube station. It's a pretty nice flat and there are 4 of them who live there. A bunch of us went clubbing that night to a club called Attica. It was pretty nice and had lots of fun…got a little tipsy..hehe. Anyway, we left the club at 3am and when we got outside we were walking through Leister Square to a place to eat and there were just people was sooo incredible…London is definitely happening at night. There were also all these illegal "cabbies" that wait outside the clubs and stuff b/c apparently cabs aren't allowed to drive ppl who've just come from the clubs. Anyway, by the time we got back to the flat and went to bed it was 6am. Caryn (one of the girls who lives there) was sweet enough to let me and my cuz have her room so that was good. We slept for 5 hours and had to go back to see my auntie before she left for Malaysia that night. I was dead tired…like seriously dead. We then got a ride home from my cousin's cousin all the way from London to Warwick..about a 2 hr car ride. I slept from 8:30pm that night to 11am the next morning…it felt SO SO good! I don't have classes on mondays so that's the best.

So, I have definitely fallen in love w/ London and I've come to a decision that I want to work there…maybe for just a year or 2…who knows. We're going back down the weekend of Oct 22nd and Oct that should be exciting. I'm going to Birmingham tomorrow to this massive mall called Bullring which should be fun to do some shopping! And i'm going to Paris Oct 23–25 so that will be definitely something as well that i'm looking forward to.

Anyway, i need some sleep so that's all for now! and i am missing turkey and stuffing :( can someone send me some??? hehe

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