December 04, 2004

Last day at Warwick

Well…it's finally come to an end. My very last day at Warwick. (I will be updating on my Prague trip with my cuz, Caryn and Yvonne sometime…just not right'll take too long..hehe) Anyway, as i sit here typing away in my dorm room at 3:17am..i really SHOULD be packing my room up but i just don't feel like it! sigh…it's been a reallly AWESOME 11 weeks so far and it has just FLOWN by. New friends have been made and I now have a couch to sleep on in several parts of the WORLD!

Today, Wei and Yan came knocking on my door with a goodbye present and a card! It was sooo sweet of them…Wei wrote a really sweet card and I couldn't stop "awww"-ing as I read it. Then I opened the present they got me and it was a Warwick shirt but it has the university's coat of arms and of course i didn't know what is was and was like "what is this?" and they both looked at me and yelled "it's WARWICK!" ..ahaha…ooops..guess i should have known! Anyway, it was really sweet of them and totally made my day!

So, as soon as I pack up my room and bags…me and my cuz head off down to London tomorrow and leave for Paris on Monday, Dec.6 until Wednesday. Then back to London and will be leaving on a jet plane on Monday, Dec.13 for home :) …I am looking forward to coming home…seeing all you guys and Christmas and New Years will be SO great and SO fun! I'm totally dreading term 2 though…it's going to be SO SO BUSY! Seroiusly, I feel like i've been on a 12 week's sooo awesome :)

Okkkkkkkk….so I guess I'll attempt this packing thing now…and stop procrastinating! see u all soooooon =) xoxo

November 15, 2004

Update on everything from Oct. 28 till NOW

Ok, so this blog is going to be one BIG entry to bring you guys up to date (it won't be so so so detailed like how i usually write..hehe..)so here goes:

OCT. 28 - my cousin's 21st birthday:
Me, Wei, Yan, Edwin and Wei Wen surprised her in her room at 12 midnight and sang her happy birthday and had a choco muffin for her. That night we celebrated with a birthday dinner. Wei and I made 26 rolls of sushi..(yes, we really did). Edwin made some tempura, chawanmushi (don't know how to spell), curry, chicken strips and so we had loads of food. We pretty stuffed. HAPPY 21st SUEF!

OCT. 29-31: London
Suef and I went down to London to celebrate her 21st w/ the Londoners. We got there on friday night and our cousin Gerald took us out for dinner to this really nice restaurant called "Asia de Cuba" in St. Martin's Lane Hotel in Covent Garden. We headed to the club, "Tantra", after dinner. (Pei, you know from Sex In the City, the episode w/ Club Bed or whatever? Yah, this place had beds.) We had a good time and went to China town after to eat and finally got home and went to bed at around 5am i think it was. The next morning we got ourselves all ready to go to breakfast at around 2pm. No, we did not spend the whole morning sleeping…we were trying to book our trip to Prague. (It's actually finally booked! We – Suef, Caryn, Yvonne, and me – will be going from Nov. 25–28. We went for dim sum at this restaurant called "Pheonix Palace" on Baker Street. (Funny how i don't eat dim sum at home but come to London to eat it…really strange..maybe when I get back to Richmond we'll eat it..hehe) After that walked around Covent Garden w/ Caryn and then we got ready for Suef's bday dinner at "Bistro 1" that night. After dinner and cake we went to watch a movie in Leister Square. And yes…I watched a scary movie: "The Grudge". I literally watched it through my jacket and hanging onto Caryn…and i knocked her contact out of place w/ my we had to use a compact mirror and a cell phone for light to get her contact back in was quite funny..but guess you guys had to be there! Anyway, Sunday I met up w/ my auntie for lunch at "Sakura" – Japanese resturant in Oxford Circus and a lunch box is £16-£20. Insane right? Trained it back to Warwick at around 5pm.

NOV. 12 - Moving day:
So, I finally got my campus transfer to Claycroft 2, flat 11, which for those of you who don't know is where my cousin lives and now we live across the hall from each other! WOHOHOOOOOO! (just like on FRIENDS..hehe) How i got to be a resident of Room 2 is that the girl here moved out to ….we don't know where..but she left and so that opened up a room for me to move in. Here, there are 8 ppl to a kitchen and 2 ppl to a bathroom. It's 8 ppl to a hallway. So, it's really great now that I don't have to make the 10 min. trek to and fro from Redfern. This place is also a lot nicer and newer than my old place. It's like going from the east side to the west side..hehe..(I will put up some pics soon)

NOV. 13 - Cambridge & London:
3 coach buses left the University House parking lot at around 8:30am for Cambridge. It was about an 1.5 hr bus ride and it was soooo cold when we got there…my nose felt like it was going to fall off. It was a gorgeous day though…really sunny and blue skies. We (Jinie, Jerome, and some other french dudes and a girl from Mauritius and I)walked around and basically I took all my pictures…King's College, the street market, all the buildings. It's definitely a university town. I also decided that it is much prettier and nicer than Oxford.

After I took about 80 pics and walked around, I walked to the train station which was about 20 mins from the city center. I took a 50 min train ride to London – King's Cross where I took the tube to High Street Kensington to meet Caryn and Yvonne. We walked in Barker's (some dept. store) and then walked to the "Muffin Man" for some tea and scones w/ clotted cream and jam…very yummm. Bird made us dinner ("Prawn mee" – Har mein – Pei, you know what i'm talking about) was yummy as well..and we ate so much chocolate b/c made chocolate brownies and my cuz brought home chocolate tarts and chocolate brownies from Borough Market. Definitely pigged out. Anyway, we took the 6pm train back from Euston yesterday (Sunday) to Warwick.

So, there you have it. In a nutshell, life in England is awesome and oh yah, Paris trip is booked for Dec. 6–8. And the temperatures in Prague right now are -3C and it says that it "feels like" -6C!!!! oh dear….
I will upload more pics soon….so check back in a bit. byeeeee :) xoxo

November 06, 2004

London – trip #2

Ok, so this is a SUPER late update on London – trip #2 (Oct. 22–24). I will try and upload more pics as well..and i still have to blog London – trip #3 (Oct. 29–31)...don't worry i'll get to it…eventually! hehe..

This past weekend, we went down to London again. London is a great city…i know i know..i keep saying that. Sorry to sound like a broken record. We took the 6:50pm train on friday but it was delayed for about 20 mins. Anyway, that night we went clubbing at this place called Funky Buddah in Mayfair (upper Berkley St.). We got there at about 11:30pm b/c we had the hardest time getting a cab. They were all full w/ ppl. and when we finally got one, there was traffic (of course). Anyway, it was pretty fun…there were 12 of us and we left at about 3am. Me and Suef were staying w/ Bird, Caryn, Yvonne and Brenda at their place in Holburn. We cabbed it back and were totally craving food. So, we thought pizza would be good and we couldn't find a pizza number though the entire cab ride. Even the cabbie was trying to help us. But as we got near the flat we saw that Chicken Cottage (like a KFC) was still open so, Yvonne and Suef went to get food while i had to take care of Caryn b/c she was so gone and had to puke. Anyway, she ended up puking right outside the flat on the street (yummmm…NOT..haha). She felt much better after that so that was good and then we went up to the flat. Then Suef and Yvonne came back w/ the food. They got 2 boxes of chicken, fries, chicken burger, chicken nuggets and pop… sooooooooo goood. We were starved and pigging out like crazy and after that we ate chocolate too! we were quite the gong show…laughing at everything and anything and just having good ol' girl talk! Anyway, while we were pigging out we were trying to make sure that everyone else got home alright. Bird was with Yuet Fen and her bf in the middle of Piccadily Circus and Yuet Fen was puking so they couldn't get a cab to take them home. Dom and Charm (Charm is her nick name…I think her chinese name is Hui Woon) were at some other corner of a street and she was puking too so they couldn't get a cab as well. Chris and Wei Ling got a cab and Wei got dropped off at her place but she didn't have her keys to get into her flat so she slept in the hallway until Yan came back from having supper in China town to let her in….pooor thing…hehe. Finally, at about 4:30am (i think it was) Bird finally arrives home and the way she got home was by getting a TRI SHAW (like you know those pedi-cabs in Victoria that they pedal you around in with you sitting in the back and them on bicycles)!!! ahaha…tooo funny. It was quite an amusing night..definitely. We finally crashed at 6am i think….

The next day I met up w/ my auntie (mom's sis). I went to her new flat which is along the River Thames facing the Parliament buildings. It's a very nice place. We went to china town for dinner and had lobster noodles…yum. The next day we had dim sum at Royal China where we had to wait for approx. 40 mins for a table! (It's quite funny how i never eat dim sum at home where there are like 100 restuarants to choose from but eat it over here!) Anyway, i had dim sum w/ my auntie, my cousin (Pooi Theng…Tracy is her english name) and her 3 friends. After dim sum, walked around Oxford Circus and then headed back to the flat and got ready to head back to Warwick. The train was packed so, me and suef rode in the 1st class coach of the train…it's not anything special really…just bigger seats.

Well, that's all i'm going to update for now…super tired..going to bed…

October 20, 2004


I have come to a conclusion that i have a problem. Today i went shopping w/ my cousin, bird (friend from london – bird is her nick name in case you guys were wondering…her real name is Wen Yun) and Mun How (i think i totally spelt his name wrong that's the way it sounds). We went to Birmingham (again) to the Bullring. i am finding SO many cute clothes to purchase! over the last 2 weeks, me and suef have gone shopping 4 times and everytime we've bought stuff and spent ! It's just that there are SO many cute stores here that we don't have in Vancouver. TOPSHOP, MANGO, WAREHOUSE…etc…the list goes on. I am finding sooo many things i like, none of that aritzia stuff that EVERYONE has.

Anyway, something interesting is that Wednesdays here have been labelled "sports day". This actually means that there usually aren't any classes scheduled for the afternoons b/c that's when the sports teams from the different universities all have their games. They have a designated day! how weird is that?!

You guys would be so so proud of me. Yesterday, i made dinner for my cuz, wei ling and sufian. I made pasta w/ a meat and mushroom sauce and garlic bread and some brownies. The brownies were DELICIOUS! they were a Cadbury mix and all i had to do was add an egg and 6 tbsps of water. how sweet is that?? it even came w/ a paper tray and i totally thought that would burn in the oven but it didn't! (Mesh, you would have looooved the brownies…they were yum!)

Well, Paris has been cancelled this weekend =( …i's so sad. My auntie said something about not being able to make it this weekend and they are going to go during the week but i do have classes sooo i will not be joining them. BUT that's ok…i'll hopefully go sometime later on and i'll still be going down to London this weekend though so that should be FUN times. We are going to watch Les Miserables which i heard is really awesome. London is such a great place. When i'm in London is when i REALLY feel like i'm in England. I think it could have to do w/ just the general hustle and bustle and all the sights and shops…who knows.

Well, there's a little update for you all…oh yah and for those of you who were trying to leave comments and couldn't..i fixed was just like a setting that i didn't select…'s FIXED now!


October 19, 2004

fire alarm drill @ 8am

So, who does fire alarm drills @ 8am on a MONDAY morning when I don't have classes?! I was planning on sleeping in today only to wake up to the LOUD urgency of a beeping noise. In my groggy state, i thought that it was my alarm clock. Then when it wasn't that i thought it was someone else's alarm clock and i was thinking "turn that thing OFF!". Finally, i realized it was a practice fire alarm thing and put on a sweater and stumbled out of my room. Also, banging on all my flat mates' doors to get them out. We went outside to the "meeting area" (the parking lot) and it was quite a sight to see…everyone was in their pj's, boxers, bathrobes, slippers, bare feet, but some ppl had time to ACTUALLY change into real clothes, and everyone looked half asleep. It was also freezing outside but thank goodness we didn't have to be out there long. Once it was turned off, we went in and i crawled back into my warm bed and slept the morning away…ahhh..sleep is sooooo good.

Anyway, looks like my travel plans are going to be in full swing soon.
Oct 22 – London
Oct 23–25 – Paris
OCt 29–31 – London
Nov 3–6 – Berlin
Nov 19–21 (?) – Prague (not sure of the dates yet)

I'm really excited for these trips! I'll definitely be taking LOADS of pictures so don't u guys worry ;)

Anyway, i have to get some reading done! tata ~

October 17, 2004

Canadian Thanksgiving in England!

hi guys!

ok…so i know i haven't blogged for awhile. Been really busy and i am now sitting down to write about the past week. Also, i've uploaded a BUNCH of pics. Many are from before i just didn't have time to get them up so just go through the galleries again and for those of you who DON'T know where that is – left side of this page. If the thumbnails don't all show up just hit the "refresh" button and they should load up.

Last Saturday, I went to Birmingham with my cousin. We took the train to BULLRING which is a HUGE mall – 140 shops and restaurants. Taking the fast train from Coventry to Birmingham is only about 22mins…but if you get on the "slow" train which is really slow b/c it stops at every stop between here and Birmingham, it takes about 40 mins. Good thing we caught the fast train. We went shopping and bought lots. Quite a number of the stores here give out student discounts and all you have to do is show them your student id cards. We also went back to BULLRING on Thursday for a student sale at TOPSHOP which was incredibly packed…it was like Boxing day madness all over again! (i thought of you guys – Steph and Pei..i knew you guys would be crazy enough to fight through the crowd and pick stuff out and stand in line for 45mins to pay)

Alright, so last Sunday we had Canadian Thanksgiving dinner right here in our kitchen. It started off as trying to round up some Canadians to have it but it seemed that many of the others wanted to join in soooo… there were 12 of us – 3 canadians, 2 belgians, 1 british, 3 malaysians, 1 welch, 1 german, 1 american. It was quite the multicultural experience. We had lots of food: 2 turkey joints, a roast chicken, garlic bread, pasta salad, steamed brocolli, carrots, corn, mash potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, cannelloni, crepes (for dessert). Everyone made/bought something for the dinner (i made the mash…they were deeeeeelicious! hehe…). We were pretty squished in our kitchen but it was really great to have a big dinner and it'll probably be the only time when we'll all celebrate thanksgiving in England.

Last night, we went to Soul Nation which is like clubbing at the student union building really…it's a r&b and hip hop night which happens every 2 weeks. There were so many ppl there and did you know that at the university they subsidize alcohol?! so alcohol here is pretty affordable.

Today, we went to Cheshire Oaks which is a designer factory outlet. There are 120 stores and it's right near Liverpool. So, we actually went w/ the Singaporean Society (my friend Wei Ling is the president) so there were about 50 of us who got onto a coach and it took about 2 hrs to get there. We got there at about noon and shopped right till 4:30pm when it was time to get on the bus. There were sooo many brands: CK, DKNY, NorthFace, GAP, Nike, Adidas, PUMA, Burberry, Diesel, Kangol, Bose…and the list goes on and on and on…(Pei, you would have gone CRAZEEEEeee there)

Anyway, i know it sounds like i'm not in school…but i am! I have about 8 hours of classes a week…it's more independent study here. I don't have classes on mondays..which is grrrreat. I really like living on's definitely different b/c you get more involved w/ what's going on here than driving to and from school.

This coming weekend I'm going down to London again on Friday w/ my cuz and then I'm going to Paris w/ my auntie from Saturday – Monday…so that's going to be beaucoup d'amusant! hehe..(a lot of fun)

Ok..i'm suuuuper tired…so i'm going to sleep now. And for those of you who i owe emails too..soon..i promise…hehe..


October 09, 2004

weekend in london

So this past weekend i was in London and it was a blast. I love the city! hehe…but i will write more about it tomorrow..just wanted to leave u guys with a little update. I'm super tired and must sleep. here i am updating this entry (finally … i know almost a week later) I went down to London last friday…took the train down..a Virgin you know Virgin Records back home. It was about 1 hr and 14 mins. Not too bad for a train ride. From there my cuz picked me up at the London – Euston, the train station and we went to eat some lunch. Went to meet my auntie and walked around Covent Garden. Just in some shops and stuff. The tubes in London are sooooo stuffy….and u feel like you are at the fireworks at English Bay all over again u know smushed up real close to everyone and it's hot and smelly.

On Saturday, we were meeting some other family (dad's side) who were coming down from Liverpool. We were on Kings Rd. mostly and ate with them at Pizza Express where we spent about 3 hrs. (I'll add some pics of them up on the side.) The weather was pretty messed up that day…was just spazzing rain for about an hour and as you walk down the street people would be standing in the doorways of stores waiting for the rain to stop for a moment so they can walk again and then duck into another store when it starts up. So, Saturday night we went over to my cousin's friends' flat right near Holburn tube station. It's a pretty nice flat and there are 4 of them who live there. A bunch of us went clubbing that night to a club called Attica. It was pretty nice and had lots of fun…got a little tipsy..hehe. Anyway, we left the club at 3am and when we got outside we were walking through Leister Square to a place to eat and there were just people was sooo incredible…London is definitely happening at night. There were also all these illegal "cabbies" that wait outside the clubs and stuff b/c apparently cabs aren't allowed to drive ppl who've just come from the clubs. Anyway, by the time we got back to the flat and went to bed it was 6am. Caryn (one of the girls who lives there) was sweet enough to let me and my cuz have her room so that was good. We slept for 5 hours and had to go back to see my auntie before she left for Malaysia that night. I was dead tired…like seriously dead. We then got a ride home from my cousin's cousin all the way from London to Warwick..about a 2 hr car ride. I slept from 8:30pm that night to 11am the next morning…it felt SO SO good! I don't have classes on mondays so that's the best.

So, I have definitely fallen in love w/ London and I've come to a decision that I want to work there…maybe for just a year or 2…who knows. We're going back down the weekend of Oct 22nd and Oct that should be exciting. I'm going to Birmingham tomorrow to this massive mall called Bullring which should be fun to do some shopping! And i'm going to Paris Oct 23–25 so that will be definitely something as well that i'm looking forward to.

Anyway, i need some sleep so that's all for now! and i am missing turkey and stuffing :( can someone send me some??? hehe

September 30, 2004

current form of transportation: my 2 legs

So, I decided it's time for another update! Well, as you can see from the title of this blog, I have been walking EVERYWHERE. I really do miss my I could just get in and drive where ever…oh well..walking is good exercise..hehe.

So, for those of you who keep asking me "what time is it there???", it's 8 hours AHEAD …soo..count 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc…until you get to 8 hrs then stop and that's what time it is over here in England. ahem pei lyn cough.

I think that I have become more independent during the last 2 weeks. I've done my own laundry where it costs 1.80 per wash and 0.20 per dry (for 14 mins) so really you have to dry twice b/c your clothes are still damp. So, in total I spent 2.20 per load which is about $5 CDN. I've also been making food all by myself! wohooooo! well, actually, i haven't used the stove at all..haha..i've used the oven and microwave..i've become a pro at it. Also, my cousin's friends (Edwin and Wei Wen) have cooked a couple times for that's good too.

I've tried to make my dorm room as cozy as possible. All my flatmates have actually too. We're putting up posters and anything to cover the bare walls! My cuz brought me a duvet, duvet cover, pillow case and bed linens and wow..makes my bed soooo comfy now..b/c u know the sheets that come w/ the bed is well..kinda gross…they may be clean..but still..u get that bleah feeling about them.

I haven't wrote about my flatmates yet so I'll tell you guys a bit about them. There are 4 of them. Rose is from Toronto, 26 years old, Law school. Virginie is from Antwerp, Belgium, 19 years old, Economics. Veronica is from Madrid, Spain, 25 years old, doing research in the Chem lab. Noemi is from Barcelona, Spain, 23 years old, doing research in the Chem lab too. They are both post grads. Everyone is super nice. I'm closer and talk to Rose and Virginie more b/c the spanish girls don't really understand too much english and hang out w/ each other more. I'll put up pics of them later.

So, today I spent the entire day running around registering for classes. For those of you who complain about reg dates at UBC, you dont' know how lucky you are to HAVE a reg date and time and all you have to do is click a mouse to register. Because I'm based in the Warwick Business School, you have to register any classes that you want to take outside of your base department. For example, Business Ethics (philosophy dept), I had to go to their dept and get a student record form, fill it out get it signed my the "tutor" (prof) of that "module" (course) and then return it to the undergrad office of the phil dept. But it's different of each dept b/c I'm taking a sociology class and for that one registration was from 2pm-5pm in this room where everyone is fighting their way in and you have to line up to get forms from someone to fill out more information about which module you want and which "seminar" (tutorial) you want. It's quite a ridiculous amount of paper work if you ask me. Anyway, tomorrow I have 1 class: Service Operations Management. It's from 3pm-5pm. Should be interesting…listening to lectures in English accents is quite entertaining.. i just love how they speak…hehe.

Well, it's time for sleep. Good Night!

September 27, 2004

Sue Fern = my cousin, is finally HERE!

MY CUZ IS HERE!!!!!!!! yay! The sole reason of me doing an exchange program at the University of Warwick has finally arrived! hehe…yah i know i'm so lame.

Anyway, I actually just wrote an entire blog entry and it didn't show up! argggggggg! So i'll try and write it all

Yesterday, went to Warwick Castle…pretty cool. Got to go into the dungeon and climb like 530 stairs to the top of the towers and have an awesome view of the land…lots of green fields. I'll load up some pics for you guys to see. Also, there's a really cute pic of the dog house back then (that's for steph, pei and rumesh) thought you guys would enjoy that.

I also made dinner all by myself last night..yes quite impressive i know..well.i didnt' really have to cook anything..just used the oven..hehe.

So, I've come to notice that there are some really different things about England. First off, in Tesco there are 20 checkouts and you think "wow the lineups are going to move really fast" but no…they don't..and the cashiers all sit down and they scan stuff really slow. Secondly, the drivers here aren't as "pedestrians first" as in Canada. They are pretty speedy and you have to look both ways (i keep looking the wrong way first). Also, the wheels on the shopping carts at Tesco lock when you try to push the cart out of the parking lot b/c they don't want students pushing them back to's pretty crazy..something to do with magnets or something that make the carts lock…pretty smart though. There aren't very many zebra crossings on campus either (unlike UBC where there are like a million cross walks). Also, you are forever standing in a "queue" ( a line up) and waiting for everything.

Anyway, my cuz arrived at around 5pm and we went for dinner at a chinese buffet if you can believe it…haha. And she brought me bed linens and a duvet! i'm sooooooo excited…well..dorms have them but u feel kinda gross using them. I'm going to do laundry tomorrow! woohoo! fun's 1.40 wash per load and 0.50 dry per load. So, about less than $5 CDN …fun. Classes actually finally start tomorrow…but i'm making my schedule so i don't have classes on mondays..i was trying to get tuesdays too..but i don't think it's going to happen…haha. k..well.i'm going to bed now…seriously tired.

p.s. Kirsten – I have used the kleenex u packed me ..thanks.hehe..and i built the kindersurprise toy and i ate the jelly bellys..hehe..

September 25, 2004

Sue I + grocery shopping = ?!

So, yesterday was rainy and cloudy…but it was a good day. There were about 500 of us who went on a tour to Oxford city. It's a university town but the cool thing is that Oxford University itself is made up of 39 colleges – 38 co-ed and 1 all women. The buildings are all very historical and I took loads of pictures (of course). I'll see if i can put some up today. We were at Oxford from about 12noon – 4pm and had dinner at and then went to 'The Cooler' at the student union building (some club) which was pretty packed b/c all the international/exchange students were there.

Today is the last day of Orientation week…which means I have to start feeding myself…sigh… i've been eating 'fruit to go' that you guys got me – thanks! hehe..So, me and my friend Jinie (she's from Schulich Business School at York University in Toronto) went to Tesco to get groceries. We've both never had to buy groceries for ourselves ever! We actually did pretty well…had a little bit of trouble picking out meat..hehe..but we bought lots of stuff. I spent 13.17 pounds which is about $31 CDN…quite a lot for the amount of stuff i got actually – brocolli, cherry tomatoes, pita bread, milk, cereal, cheese, chicken, cookies, potatoes, apples, carrots…etc….fruit and veg is super expensive here. We brought our backpacks to stuff everything in it but it was soooo heavy and we still had bags we had to carry and it was about a 25 min walk back to our dorms! We were super tired and our backs hurt (I'm not whining…honestly)

Tonight's dinner was fish and chips and there was a barn dance..which was not we went to the student union to hang out instead. They allow smoking everywhere here and i'm not used to all the smoking's really nasty and all your clothes end up smelling..and apparently the alcohol on campus is subdized by the university so it's cheaper and they sell alcohol on the shelves in the grocery stores and i dont' think there's a law against consuming alcohol in public b/c ppl are walking around drinking beers..haha …it's an experience…anyway, i'm off to sleep…good nite =)

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