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March 05, 2006

Work–in–progress website up

The work-in-progress game website is up. It's not complete so expect it to change a lot in the next couple of weeks. The news section is linked to this blog.

February 27, 2006

Project Update

Here's a brief update on some general stuff that has been implemented (that wasn't mentioned in the previous post):

Evil Creatures: Have no preferences about where they go, but when they enter your room, they cause damage to items in the room and scare away most of the room's inhabitants. You can protect against evil creatures by purchasing security items for your room.

Job Creatures: You can place job-ads and hopefully attract a certain type of job creature. Once a job creature answers your ad, it will make its way to your room, and upon arrival take a lump-sum of credits. It will then stay in your room for an agreed contract length and work to make your room more attractive in some way.

Creature Superstore: You can buy brand new objects for a fixed price at the Creature Superstore. Some items have limited stock, and deliveries are pretty rare.

Trading: You can advertise items in your room that you no longer want, and purchase items from other players for an agreed price. Be aware that items depreciate over time while they are in your room – check how depreciated the item is before buying! It may also be possible to make a profit on an item in good condition that is out of stock at the superstore.

Messages: Players can send and receive mail messages to each other.

Link to the game website coming soon!!!

October 12, 2005

Project Description

Project Description

We are making a strictly multiplayer game, which has the working title "Creature Comforts" (subject to change). The game will be released for semi-public beta testing sometime around the second term of the academic year 2005/2006. Initially, the game will only be playable over the University of Warwick LAN.

Game Description

As a player, you will begin by registering your presence on the game server, and will be awarded a 3D living environment somewhere in the creature world. This is a kind of empty virtual room on your desktop that creatures will live in. At the start of the game, you will also be awarded an initial sum of “credits” to get you started.

The game has many different types of small “creatures” that roam the creature world looking for somewhere to live – some are better (and rarer) than others. Your objective is to attract the best types of creatures to your room by furnishing it with certain objects. The longer you keep a creature, the greater the income of extra credits you receive.

You must show awareness of creature migration patterns and strategically build up highly desirable rooms to attract nearby creatures.

The game will only end for you when you choose to stop playing. Daily and weekly hi-scores and game statistics will be available via the game website, along with a store for buying in-game furnishings with your credits, and free-ads section for buying and selling second-hand furnishings with other players.

The game does not demand periods of intensive gameplay, rather it is designed to be played casually and indefinitely, so that players habitually check and improve their environment in-between their regular computing activities.

While your room has many properties that change during gameplay, specific properties will not be visible to players. Rather, they will be grouped into "Comfort", "Safety" and "Social" properties, each represented by red, green and blue hues.


If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to leave comments. We will post more publicly available information as the project progresses.


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