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I can be contacted at G.Smith.3@warwick.ac.uk

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I graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering more years ago than I care to mention. Since then I have spent the years working first as a hardware designer, an integrated circuit designer, a software developer, a team leader, a system designer, a development manager and a software configuration manager (and no I’m not sure what some of those mean either!) – all for the same company, though it did go through many name and ownership changes.

But now, after many years of consideration, I’ve embarked on the first steps to a new career as a secondary mathematics teacher. Hence I’m currently a PGCE student in the Warwick Institute of Education.

Outside of work and study it is rumoured I have a home life. I’ve been married to Jane since just after I left University – our eyes having meet over a Bunsen burner in Mr Woods A-level Chemistry classes. I also have three sons, the youngest of which is starting his A-levels including maths and further maths, so hopefully I can help him and he’ll let me bounce some ideas off him.

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