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February 10, 2012

Polymer Innovation – What Does it Mean to You and Your Business?

The Polymer Innovation part of the IIPSI project is tasked with helping West Midlands based SMEs to grow by assisting them to develop and introduce innovative polymer products. This is a huge research area with new materials and processes appearing all the time, so the potential range of projects we can carry out with companies is very broad. Current research that we are working on includes:

  • Additive Manufacturing – building plastic parts a layer at a time using printing techniques
  • Plastic electronics – embedding functionality such as lighting into plastic parts
  • Micromoulding – making tiny parts using specialist injection moulding equipment
  • Sustainable polymers and composites – ‘green’ materials with lower environmental impact

…but now is your chance to have your say and ensure that the IIPSI provides the assistance that you need!

We’d love to hear any comments and suggestions on the innovative uses of polymers you’d like to develop within your business. Please feel free to comment below or to contact one of the SME team by email or on Twitter @WMGSME.

February 08, 2012

IIPSI Images

The IIPSI (International Institute for Product and Service Innovation) is continuing to grow in size and stature. I came across a beautiful image on Flickr recently thanks to Mistdog ( If anyone else has any images that they want to share, then please get in touch with us via the blog.

IIPSI in winter sunshine

November 17, 2011

What’s the deal with QR codes?

QR Codes, the little black-and-white square barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet PC, are becoming more and more popular. They can be found in magazines, on billboards and even on television programmes. QR Codes are a way of storing and communicating information such as a link to a website or a paragraph of text. The technology was originally developed for tracking parts in the automotive industry, but is now used by many companies as a way of enhancing their advertising material.

How can companies use them?

First, a company decides on the data they want the QR code to contain; this could be an electronic business card, a link to a website or a paragraph of text. The code can then be generated for free on a number of different websites. A Google search for “QR code generator” brings up over 13,000,000 results, so companies are spoilt for choice! The QR code is then printed on advertising materials, product packaging or even displayed on a website. The customer can then scan the code with a smartphone if they have the appropriate app (free to download on most smartphones).

QR codes are popular, but is this because companies are keen to follow the trend or are they genuinely making use of their capabilities?

These little codes can easily be given built-in functionality such as triggering an email/SMS to your sales director, or linking to video on the internet. They can also be customised to include company logos, images and different colour schemes to make them fit in with existing branding.

With all these possibilities available, it seems a shame to simply use QR codes as a glorified hyperlink.

For more information on QR codes and how they can be used in your company, get in touch with the SME Programmes Team, or alternatively scan the QR code below!



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