November 06, 2006

World Bank Stats

Writing about web page

The text of a world bank report o corruption in Ghana in 200. Very Useful

October 30, 2006


Writing about web page

This article is great – good old guardian. It suggests that the debt burden on African countries is a major cause of corruption – a compelling argument. Alot to digest

Review of Book

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Hmm, Interesting book review – notes that this book shows how a culture of corruption developed in ghana in the 1950s. Worth another look.

Ghana Integrity Initiative

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The Ghana Integrity Initiative is a group lobbying for an end to corruption in Ghana. The most interesting thing i have found on its website is the fact that it does not aim to expose individual cases of corruption, but rather aims to change governmentl institutions, suggesting that the problem is in the very structures of society! Very interesting

What DFID thinks

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DFID’s report on plans to develop Ghana have this to say about corruption in Ghana:
_‘Ghana currently ranks at 50 out of 102 countries on
Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions
Index an improvement over the previous year and
while it is certainly less corrupt than many other
countries within the sub-region, it is nevertheless a
problem. Petty corruption from public agencies
especially the police, judiciary and land registry is a
serious problem for all people, but particularly the poor.
The resulting distortion and increased cost of public
services directly impacts on poverty reduction and

Suggesting that petty corruption is the key problem in Ghana seems to equate with other things i have found thus far. The report also notes that the government that came in in 2000 had a strong anti -corruption agenda. I have come across this point in my other research, but it seems that they have talked more than done anything.
I have also found a reference to the Ghana Integrity Initiative, which sounds interesting.

October 17, 2006

Serious scholarly article

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I have just come across this article which argues that corruption in Ghana is a curable problem, and that Ghanaians as a whole are frustrated and all too aware of the fact that corruption is holding them back. However, the author suggests that a lack of political will, combined with poor resources to tackle the problem, mean that it will be very difficult to eradicate corruption in the country.

Extent of Corruption

Writing about web page

Good article about how corruption appears in every level of Ghanaian society, and that one of the major problems in tackling corruption is that the government andthe institutions set up to combat corruption are themselves corrupt.

Causes of Corruption

Writing about web page

This is quite a badly written article about corruption in Ghana, but is interesting. It suggests that low salaries are a major cause of corruption, and that bureaucracyt helps to nurture a corrupt environment. hmmm.

October 12, 2006

First discovery

Writing about web page

I decided to change my focus to looking at corruption in Ghana, a real problem and something that really interests me. I found this article on the CNN website which just illustrates the extent of the problem: Not only are top ministers corrupt, but the article also mentions policemen chargged with corruption! Not surprising, but interesting.

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