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April 21, 2009

What is Leadership about?

What is Leadership about?

I think it is important to identify two different elements of leadership definition. The first element is the definition of leadership and the other element is how a good leader should be.

In my opinion leaders are the people that in particular situation they have the power to influence others and take decisions that affects their lives.

The second element is a bit more complicated as the perfect leader; the perfect leadership style depends on the different situation. A mature team with qualified members that need to generate idea and be innovative, needs a completely different style of leader in comparison with a team that is under a situation of emergency and is not performing well. Also some times the same team/people need different types of leadership, depends on the situation and on the task/project they need to achieve. So it is obvious that a good leader is the one that has the ability to identify how he must behave to his people, in different situation and in different tasks, in order to manage and take the best out of them; what they need in order to be motivated and what is the best way to communicate with them his vision.

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