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August 30, 2011

Starting out on the right track

But which is the right track?

I'm planning to meet two key people; the first two of (hopefully) many stakeholders in this pilot research. I hope to approach this meeting, just like this research project; in a spirit of true collaboration. For that reason, I don't intend to arrive with too many inflexible expectations.

Nevertheless, having turned up at enough meetings myself, where the person who actually called the meeting has no clear idea of what they would like to achieve/discuss, I'd better collect together at least some thoughts.....

Some possibilities?

The first entry in this blog explains the main aims of this project, but I have, as yet, avoided committing too much detail to paper. Things can still remain flexible, but I think it's time to make some suggestions.....

  • The ethics: as explained in my last entry - this will be difficult. But I hope we can achieve an approach that is genuinely ethical
  • The space: we've got an excellent, adaptable, theatre space to work with. The reactions of the people in this space can help us to use this space in a way that is physically comfortable and conducive to good communication. In this way, everyone can help to design the learning experience.
  • The people: People should be enabled to opt in and out of this experience as we go along. It is intended for this experience to be positive in itself - and freedom is an inherent part of this. Hopefully keen people will produce some good results!
  • The experience: The use of art, primarily theatre, as communication tool seems appropriate here. The possibilities which might arise through mirroring and interpreting different kinds of communication, are tempting. The emphasis should, at all times, be on listening to the experiences of the non-verbal citizens.

I realise that's a lot of potential variables, and so the one thing I'm certain of, is that this very qualitative piece of research, may produce more questions than answers. However, if we can draw some learning in any of these areas, we will have experienced some success.

Any suggestions, as always, very gratefully received!

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