October 21, 2010

Writing Blog

By viewing my colleagues blogs, some of them were interesting and I was totally agree with it. At the same time, I was looking for a "like" to press. ha, i guess this is a bad habit from facebook, and this remind me the real meaning of writing blog. We are writing blogs for reflecting our learning of the day, and we respond others by reflecting our opinion. In recent days, by the improvement of technology or communication way, we are using the easiest way to communicate, which doesn't really make us to "think" and I found out my brain become kind of blunt..... We press "like", instead of writing some relection words, so i don't have to think of a comment to feedback. When there is someone's brithday, we send an e-mail writing that" hey, dude, happy birthday!"  instead of writing a short greeting paragraph in a card. The trend makes my life more convienient, but my brain less convinient to use. this year i'm going to work out my brain, make it "think" make it able to refelct starting by writing blogs. :D

Seminar 2

How would you choose which excellence model to use & does it depend on the sector?

After today's lecture, it gave me a more profound understanding about the Excellence model. There is no a model that is definetely a certain company have to choose. It really depends on the company's attitude (looking for worldwide recgonization or seeking for a way of improvement) and approaches, and sometimes is about where the company is located that might affect the choices somehow.

For me, I would choose EFQM model for several reasons, first, it is people involvement. I think it is very essential to get the employees involved in, since i knew the theory of employees first. Second, it is self-assessment, means that it can leads to a continously improvement which is really important to the competitive business environment. It's not enough to be successful for a period of time, but maintaining successful.

It don't depend on the sector. As we know that, EFQM can be applied for any company and union. Also, it can be applied even the team has 3 people in it.

October 19, 2010

First Presentation –ISO 9000 & EFQM

It was amazing that today every group did a wonderful job. Before I came to the class, I knew nothing about EFQM and so does most of us. Just a week, everyone is familiar with this term and is able to answer the extand question of it. Also, by listened to different group, I felt it was interesting becuase we were all doing the same topic with same questions, but everyone can find a diffrent point of view within these two models.

We discussed about the Badge and in different area do we use that district's model. Like in US, business they apply only Malcolm Baldrige?  It is so true that a company can have the ISO badge but it is not a gurantee the product they have is in very good quality. So, a company can apply any kind of model, just aiming to reach the standard but not aiming the continously improvement, and it is really pointless. Same as in reality, we study and read for a good mark and test only? or we study because we want to improve our capability. The aim or so called target is different, it will lead to different results. if we study for mark, we are less active than those who study for progressing.

This part, it's not related to the reflection to our presentation. I want to talk about myself as a participant of the presentation. I did pay attention to every group when he or she presented, meantime, i find some questions to ask. then coming to the Q&A part, i was just sitting quietly as I used to be. Sometimes people ask the same question as I want to ask, and i was like" Yes!! i'm confusing about this point too."  There are 3 more presentations to go, I hope I can react more interactively. As the EFQM model's key point>> continously improve. I expect myself to improve as well.

October 18, 2010

Seminar 1

How would you handle employees who are dormant and passive or active and negative?

I believe that employees are one of the most important capital for the business. It is essential to help them get through all kinds of problem they have.

First of all, company has to know what makes the employees dormant and passive. There are several reasons. and inside the parentheses is the solving way.

1. Doing same routine work without thinking 

   (Give the employees different tasks,rotate the job, provide them some challenges)

2. No explicit target or goal 

  (Provide the employees with some motivation and reward them if they achieve the target)

For some employees who are active and negative, Here are the reasons and solutions:

1. The top managers are lacking of leardership qualities, they are afraid of outstanding people, and repress the employees

(The upper manager should encourage employees, tell them the opportunities are open to everyone, and giving them faith)

2.  Discord between colleagues

 (team leader should eliminate this kind of surrounding, and help among the colleagues to communicate with each others)

Other solution:

training session: teaching them occupational skills

changing the culture of business (values)

October 17, 2010

First week of CBE

It was just a week, but it seemed so long.

I still remembered the first day, Paul wanted us to write about our strengths, areas for development, and so on... I like the term "areas for devlepment" instead of weakness. It was a positive thinking to review oneself, and for some aspect it is a way of motivation, telling people that you are not bad at anything, what you need is improvement.

Time management~

I was told by a story. A man who worked in military always sticks to his plan. He plan to write his work from 9 to 12, and when the time come to 12, he will not write one more word instead he put a period to make it done. I was thinking that the man is so stubborn, he should give himself some flexibility. However, the man was a very successful man because of his time management. I was surprised!!! But somehow it really make sense, not everything i put more time or more effort on it, then the result will be best. It is an impressive story for me, and good example of time management for me to think about it.  

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