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July 11, 2005

The ICG. The end of another great experience.

The end of another great experience. The International Children's Games came to a close yesterday (Sunday). Most teams would only leave on Monday. My team left yesterday evening, soon after the Closing Ceremony.
I woke up this morning and my first thought was of my team, their faces flashed across my mind: "I'm meeting them today." Then, I realised, no, I'm not meeting them anymore today. Nor any other day, probably. I might not see them ever again. :(
I'm quite surprised myself to realise that I'm actually missing them, and missing the overall atmosphere of the Games, in general. It felt strange waking up this morning and realising that I won't be walking around campus with my team, accompanying them to their sporting venues, meals etc anymore. What would I do now?? :P
I'm sure I'll find lots of activities to keep me busy soon. But at the moment, there's just this tiny feeling of being "lost".

I've not made as many new friends as I would have liked, but I've certainly met some wonderful individuals from whom I've learned lessons of life from – particularly, in the art of communication, and the general good spirit of celebrating the unique differences of the world's people.
Being a Team Host and working alongside the Games' organisers, team coaches, VIPs and delegates have taught me the importance of being responsible for one's actions and speech. The urgency and challenge of making sure that what I convey to them is true and what I promise to do will be done. The maturity to interact and work with them in a professional manner, and to gain their confidence in me.
I have given my best for my team, and for the Games. For that, I can be happy with myself. I can only hope that I had been of some help to them and that they had really enjoyed their time here for the past week. Good Luck in your future endeavours, and may our paths cross again some day :)
And to the organisers, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great experience, and well done for a very successful Games!

July 04, 2005

All walks of life. One event. One mission.

I walked into Charles Ward building in Coventry University at 9am this morning, greeted by hundreds of faces. Young and old, from grandfathers to school children. Whites, Blacks, Asians and anything in between. Working adults, and students on holiday. You name it. I was amazed.
Excited! To think that all, or even if just some of them could be my new friends. And there's still the participants, coaches, team managers, delegates and loads of others who will be coming to the Games. Wow! :D
I am ready for the challenge, and the fun!

The day's training consisted of issues relating to Child Protection, a tour around the Games venues (mainly at Warwick University), and a general outline of the role of a Team Host. It is quite a bit of work, and as the facilitators put it, the information we were given were rather "overwhelming". The thought that crossed my mind was, "Whoa! This is big responsibility. I can't mess up." But it is true that we will be provided with sufficient support throughout. I guess, at the end of the day, what it comes down to mainly is to be confident to deal with anything and everything thrown at us at any times, with calm and a positive attitude.
I look forward very much to meeting, getting to know, and assisting my team, come this Wednesday, the 6th of July! :)

It has been a wonderful day. I think I made a new good friend today, from the training programme :)
And, what can be a better end to the day than to enjoy a yummy dinner over a funny movie with good, old friends, and cap it off with a few games of tetris! Thanx, pals!! hugS :))

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