December 28, 2015


During the process of doing the PMA of this course, I have found that the Taguchi method is quite useful even if it has a limitation. The hardest part of the paper is to define the factors that might affect the performance of the product design. I have read many research in order to find those factors that most significant to the performance. Moreover, it also help me think more systematic and critical.

Therefore, the reflection is that I suggest everyone to pay more attention to the factor determination part rather than the calculation part. Without the suitable and reasonable factor, the best calculation cannot help you to get the robustness of the product.

November 29, 2015

Byebye CBE PMA

Today is seemed to be the review stage of my work, CBE PMA. I start reading all over again since the first page of the paper. At first I think that it is useless since every step of my work, I did it carefully. I dont think that I can find any mistake because I keep editing several time before. However, I just dont want to regret after I have submitted it. Therefore, I try to find my mistake that I have never seen during working period.

Finally, I found a lot of things that I did wrong. Spelling, grammar, or even the content itself that quite confusing. Then, I start editing it once again. Now, I think this stage is important because once you start read the whole of it, you can see how smooth of your work. Does it link with another part of your paper? Is it make sense to put this sentence here or it will be better to move to the back. This will make your work even better.

I suggest all of you guys to double check your work before submit it (even if it is kind of boring because you already know what you going to get from this paper since it is your work lol) But believe me, CHECK it first.

Finished PIUSS

After finished PIUSS class, it is surprisingly that I can remember almost every stuff that we learn. Normally after finished class we are going to forget what we learnt, especially that math stuff. I think the cause that make me still remember is the method that I learnt. From the classroom, I try to understand and make sense of everything that he said. With this method, it does help me to recognise what the subject is about. Moreover, with the activities that I have done, it help me to understand deeply on how to apply the theory in the practical way.

In class, I sit with Emm, who has some experience on Six Sigma and statistical tool. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for me to get to know real life situation of implementing six sigma. I always ask him about how can I apply this tool in the real world case. Therefore, I think that sharing knowledge is quite important and useful here!! I guarantee that !!!!

Moreover, I think this class is very impressive. Our team work skills are improvinggggg for sure as I see that we are getting closure and when we have to discuss on some topic, it is easier to reach the conclusion. We learn, we share, and we improve our capability together.

Good luck on your PIUSS PMA, but first OPP !!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend ;)

November 26, 2015


Honestly, I have to say that this activity is the funniest. I can understand it clearly and know what is the objective of doing all of these things. At first, when I learnt in class about the orthogonal array, Im not quite understand because I cannot imagine what it is going to be in real life situation like what it is going to happen in the real process in the organisation. Then we start design our experiment which is a good example to illustrate all the theory which make me clear picture on what it is and how it works. I think this is quite useful.

About the intereaction, I think sometime you cannot know right away that which factors will have a relationship with another one. If you assume too much interaction, you will lose opportunity to learn the effect of one factor that you just removed. And if you assume too little, you will not be able to distinguish between the effect of the real control factor and the effect of the interaction. So in my opinion, you have to be careful when you decide the interaction variables because in real world, it might cost you a lot of money.

Moreover, our result today is soooooo good !!!! but we dont know why. We dont know that the good result that we got is come from which factors that we put into the model. This might be a mistake we made during experiment or the relevant factor that have significance effect to the result but we dont take it into acccount. So, again, when you decide which factors that might affect the result of the model. This mean that you have to have well-understanding on the process or product in order to determine what can affect the result of it.

Anyway, I found it is very useful and will be important in the future when I start working.

November 24, 2015

Almost done

For the PMA of the CBE, I am almost done and feel relieveeeeeee haha. All the process I have been through, I have learnt a lot of things. How to manage my time, how to work efficiently, how to work smart not work hard, how to organise my work, how to make every sentences make sense and smooth and link with others in my paper to keep flow. All of these I think it is quite a good result and also be my passive skills to applied in the future. All of these are quite important for daily life.

It is not only the knowledge I have learnt, but skill instead that improtant !!

I have already sent it to Paul to check my content and also in Tabula for plagiarism. It is good to get a feedback before you send it. So anyone did not sent it yet, I suggest to do asap. It might take about 1-2 days to get the feedback but believe me it does really help you to improve some parts because you cannot see your mistakes from your own work !! Third party is needed here

Good luck everyone. and dont forget the OPP PMA

First improvement process

From yesterday and today activity, I have learned so many things especially how to use (mini) screwdriver lol. I appreciate the way we learn. I think it is quite efficient and effective since we got all knowledge we need through PMI e-learning which is acted as out foundation and I think it is a good lesson. Easy to understand and very detail. After that, we learn through activity which illustrate everything that the theory has taught us.

This activity allow me to think about how to improve the process. The main thing that I have learnt is that we should not foucus on how we can improve the process itself, but we have to think about the customer satisfaction. They are not considering only the time factors but also the quality of the product. If we cannot make the process faster, we have to checl that whether we can adjust the quality of the process by mean of the material that can have the same function. With all of this have the same objective is to improve the overall process to meet the customers requirement.

Anyway, I found it is very useful for me and I think I can use this in the future for sure

November 17, 2015

E–learning PIUSS

Today I learnt lot of math stuffs from class and I think most of us have no idea of what is going on. What I want to suggest you guys is please take a look at the e-learning ASAP. Since I am misunderstanding on last sunday that I have to complete it before Monday, I have already started with some of that 33 courses, it is useful and helpfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.

After you take a course in PMI learning, you will see the big picture of this course. You will know why this math things, stat, is going to help you to improve the process. In that course, it teaches us in interesting way, not lecturing of course dont worry lol

For now, I think this course is quite interesting and seem to be very useful in the future ;)

November 08, 2015

Very first PMA

I just start my very first PMA on last friday. First thinking of mine is that it is not going to be that hard since I have an experience on doing 15,000 words research before. After I read the question, I go for the 4th question right away since I have my idea on what I want to do on the research immediately. I start typing my report for a while and then I go too far. I am lost in my own report since I keep typing without any clear outline of my work and the number of words is counted without any useful and relevant information. I have to start all over again and to make sure that my understanding on the question is clear. I do not want to waste my time again so I start with drafting my entire report. It takes a lot of time to do this but I can say that it is worth. Now, I am still researching on my PMA. I did not go that far on my report which has to be finish within this weel because I have 2-weeks module next week. But I will try my best to achieve my goal.

Hence, I would suggest all of you guys who are not yet starting your PMA or stuck somewhere or get lost and still not go that far, to do a mind mapping or breif outline of your entire work and go step by step. This method will help you to get it done easier and more organised.

If you think that to lengthen your report is hard, I would say that to shorten it is harderrrrrrr !! because your works have to be precise and concise. Moreover, you have to answer the question clearly with a lot of references to support your idea.

This is a BIG challenge for me and I will fight for it. Good luck everyone ;)

November 01, 2015

CBE for me

This is the last entry for the in module blog. I want to say all of my thought to you guys. At first, before I come here, I thought that the duration 5 days for each module will give me knowledge that related to the content of the modules. I did not think about in class task at all. Then after I passes the first week, I am a bit confusing about the method that we learn.

When Paul said "knowledge is cheap", I got it, but I still expect something. After we passed some presentation, seminars, in-class activity, I felt that being self-learner has more benefits. When I did the economics course for bachelor degree, the teachers always feed me tonsssssssss of knowledge, theory, history, and idea. Then, I have the same thinking about it, same method of thinking when I did the analysis, same idea with the lecturers.

THIS IS CALLED COMFORT ZONE. Of course, I got a lot of knowledge that related to the subject but what I lack is seemed to be more important. I have no skill that support my career goal. I got just "knowledge"

Now, I understand what Paul said clearly, and know why he said it like that. Knowledge is really cheap for me right now. Whenever I have question on the topic or even the subject itself, just go GOOGLE, I willl got million sources. What is more valuable than knowledge is called experience and skills. I got a lot of them.

Since I am just graduted BA, I do not have long term work experience. I found it quite hard for me to communicate with friends, who have tons of work experience. I got many idea from my classmate which is very useful. Moreover, my skills have developed a lot, espectially communication and teamwork skills.

Lastly, I am impressed by the module. Paul did not feed me with knowledge that I can find it myself, instead he gave me a clue and open the window for my new world of knowledge.

Thanks again

Systematic thinking

Hello friends, this is my area of improvement that I want to share. This is my reflection from the CBE class.

From the seminar activity, at first I think that the question is too easy to call as "seminar topic". All of the topic are kind of common sense. After we have done all four seminars, I was realised that it is not about the knowledge, it is about skills, passive skill that will be with you for a long time e.g. Communication skill. Surprisingly, in each team is come up with the different idea from the same question. Then, we present our team's idea to each others for 2 minutes. What I found is that it is not only the content that different but also the way how to analyse the question. Some of us is using the table to explain the answer. Some is using the mind mapping pattern. Some is using the category column to demonstrate.

There is no pros and cons about the way to answer. It is all about suitability. I think this is what I want to improve right now. I want to improve how to analyse the question and use the right way to represent my thought. I think with this improvement, it will make me work on it easier and more effective and efficient. I will try to improve this by practicing more and with the supportive learning environment of MBE it will be faster for me to develop this skills.

What about yours? What is your area of improvement? Share it

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