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September 08, 2005

Five–year–olds aren't that heavy

So I went to see my sister and her children, as usual they like to use me as a versatile climbing frame, the middle child (6), kirsty was having great fun putting her dirty trainers all over my trousers and light blue t-shirt. So I picked her up and threw her in the air a little bit, not too high mind you. She semed to enjoy and and soon the other two children wanted me to throw them up too. At this point my sister got her camera and tried to take photos of the kids mid-air. Jay, the youngest at five-and-a-half was the lightest and easiest to throw, after a few standard height throws I asked him if he wanted to go as high as possible, He seemed very enthusiastic, so I threw him up with everything I had.

So, I now have a photo of a child about three feet above my head, appearing to fall from the sky, with me stood, ready to catch, classic.

Oh and no children were harmed in the end, it was all very safe, as I have quite strong arms and they can fully support my weight (80+kg), so a small child was no trouble.

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