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September 14, 2005

And beyond…

5 out of 5 stars

I first read this book half-way through A-Level and understood, at most 25% of the concepts contained within, it was well worth the read though. Having read the book again after completeing my first year at university, I can now say I understand at least 80% of the maths in this book.
The book is not a techincal mathematics book, there are no theorems and associated proofs etc, instead it is a look at the history of some of the most familiar parts of mathematics. Its a very interesting read, as you get more of feel for the history of the bits of mathematics that you use everyday.
The book also paints us a picture of the mathematicians that steer the subject, they are no longer just a name in a theorem, did you know that Galois died in pistol duel over a lady?
From here to infinity covers both classical and modern areas of mathematics, it stresses that mathematical theorems can never be outdated and replaced like scientific theorems (they can be wrong however). Ian Stewart briefly dips into chaos, computability and fractals, just enough to see if you're interested.

I would advise that to get the most from this book you should have at least done some university level mathematics, after all to understand the concept of non-standard analysis, you need to understand standard analysis.

If your a first year, get this book, and read it now, then read again in a year, and impress yourself with how much you've leaned.

August 24, 2005

Minty Goodness

5 out of 5 stars

Mint Royale's third album is a much more chilled out, loving, caring affair than their first two albums, the music is far less electronic and more acustical, more real.

The stand-out track on See you in the Moring has to be Singin' in the Rain which is simply awesome. I had the pleasure of listening to this song when it was absolutely pouring it down with rain, but a huge smile was emblazened across my face the entire time, this song is a masterpiece, but not the best track on the album!

That acclaim goes to Something New which combines the angelic vocals of aimee duffy with the not too overpowering rap of class a, and mixes it all over an almost orchestral backing piece. The track has elements of Don't Falter and Show Me all mixed together into one awseome five-minute mellow moment.

Other tracks that are worthy of note are Harpy, a kind of up-beat yet still chilled romp of guitairs and I'm sure an acordian, and See you in the monring which doesn't really sound like anything Mint Royale was responsible for in the past but is still really good.

My review of this album really can't do it justice, and I'm sure someone else will, but unlike most albums there really isn't a track I don't like on See you in the Morning.

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