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February 15, 2006

Rev Concert

I, of sound mind and body, make this statement of my own free will, under no duress:

Come to the Rev concert on the 4th of march! Its gonna be great, and only £6 (£4 concession, including students!) you really have no excuse for not coming, unless you're some kind of half human half cucumber hybrid and you have to be in a salad that weekend.

January 10, 2006

Filling Time

So I have 45 minutes to waste on campus, Between the end of a five o'clock lecture and the start of Revelation Rock Gospel Choir, I had planned to go climbing, but my plans were thwarted by about 20 others all with the same idea!

So I'm here, in the mathematics dept. blogging about nothing, and now blogging about blogging, errr, a meta blog, how awful! I'll try to find something interesting to blog about in the next half hour, should be fun…

December 02, 2005

Pictures for all

Given the shocking quality of my recent posts, I thought i'd add some pictures for all to see.

First up,
Coventry Cathedral,
Just a picture of cov
taken on a very cold night after the Carol Service, which was awesome, and Rev. sounded great!

Snowy Uni,
Can you tell what it is yet?
My favourite lake, the maths lake.

And finally,
Picture of the Brass Soc
The Brass Society put on a Concert in Earlsdon, and my friend played in it, it was really good and sounded fantastic!

I can't believe term is almost over, the amount of lectures left is now equal to the smallest prime integer, rubbish.

November 30, 2005

Carol Service

Tonight, 7pm, Coventry Cathedral

Warwick CU is putting on a carol service for all! The awesome Revelation Rock Gospel Choir will be singing, free food and drink, and free busses if you meet at the main campus stops from 5:30 ~ 6:15

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