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September 14, 2005


So I started playing with my new K750i phone yesterday and I have one thing to say: "It rocks!".
This phone is everything the T610 should have been, and wasn't. The menus are fast and responsive, everything is logically and neatly organised, as you expect from SE. The camera is a two-megapixel affair which seems to be quite reasonable, I've only had chance to take photos of landscapes so far, but the detail on those has been very good indeed. Java on this phone is awesome, its jBenchmark rating as the best SE phone on sale today is well deserved, I can't quite come to terms with how far mobile technology has come since the crappy T20 I used to have. The calendar finally supports recurring appointments, so I don't have to spend about an hour getting my timetable in. I havent really had a chance to look at the video aspects of this phone but I will do shortly, and I'll let you know, but if its as good as the rest of the it'll be awesome.

Still there are a few gripes, the new 'fastport' on the bottom still has the old SE issue of the angle of anything you plug into it, in that sometimes you'll have to pull it up/down to get it to connect.
The supplied headphones are amazingly naff, in truth though, I'm spoiled because I use top-of-the-line Sony headphones for everyday use, I've the W800 comes with similar style headphones (similar to the good ones) so I may get those as the supplied ones only real function is to provide an arial for the built-in FM radio.

I would recommend that you get a case for this phone, my T610 spent a summer in my pocket with a bunch of keys and some loose chnage, needless to say it got scratched no end.

All in all a very good phone with all the features that you wanted when camera phones first came out, and more you didn't!

September 08, 2005

Strange Day

Yesterday was a very odd day, some of the things that happened were:

  • Bought a new phone,
  • Lost my old one (on a bus),
  • Walked about four miles in sandals that I haven't worn in like a year,
  • Found my old phone again,
  • Sat, in pain, looking at at least four blisters (all burst) on my feet,
  • Randomly started talking to someone, via email, who will be living oddly close to me next year,
  • England lost, (not that I care about football too much),
  • Still can't get into contact with one of our housemates, slightly worrying.

I take comfort in the fact that things can only get stranger.

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