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May 30, 2006

Lost for words

Why is it that sometimes you can talk and talk and talk about seemingly anything, but then when you actually want to say something insightful, deep, perhaps even meaningful, you're lost for words.
The more you think about how you need to say something the more you can't think of anything, and you end up thinking about how you can't think of anything, which isn't helpful because that's boring to talk about and no one would listen.

September 08, 2005

Strange Day

Yesterday was a very odd day, some of the things that happened were:

  • Bought a new phone,
  • Lost my old one (on a bus),
  • Walked about four miles in sandals that I haven't worn in like a year,
  • Found my old phone again,
  • Sat, in pain, looking at at least four blisters (all burst) on my feet,
  • Randomly started talking to someone, via email, who will be living oddly close to me next year,
  • England lost, (not that I care about football too much),
  • Still can't get into contact with one of our housemates, slightly worrying.

I take comfort in the fact that things can only get stranger.

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