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April 05, 2006

Live Blog: Smoking, ban thereof

With only two weeks until the Union's deadline to implement a smoking ban, which won't happen, I thought I'd offer my two cents:

Firstly, yes the majority of students want a no smoking union, it was passed at referenda after all!
Then exec decided that it wouldn't be possible, financially, to implement. They couldn't however go in to details for whatever reason, not explaining this was a huge mistake, As a student, even if we couldn't know all the details we deserved some explalination. It was almost as if exec decided that they wouldn't implement the ban, then went looking for a reason. I'm not suggesting thats what exec did, but thats how it looked to me.

In week ten of term two I attended the meeting of exec, a good chunk of it was about the smoking ban and a large part me that was in closed session, so I couldn't sit in on it. Thats a big problem with all this, the Union's own rules prevents it telling the students what it sometimes does! Anyway, exec were discussing the smoking and non-smoking areas of the union. What enforcement would be required etc, at this point I suggested a map at each entrance showing where the different are. I can't believe they hadn't thought of this before, it just so obvious.
So the start of the term approaches and we won't have a ban, and the union may even build areas to smoke in, I say, buy a dining shelter from B&Q, cost: about £100.

March 29, 2006

Live Blog: Work work work…

I started back at work last saturday, at the Grand Pier for those of you not in the know, which is an amusement arcade. I'm spending most me my time rather predictibly in the change box, its like i never left! It only took about half an hour before i met the first horrible person, smoking right in my face.

Other highlights include saying "They're behind you!" when asked on several occasions where the toilets were. Someone even managed to find the Disabled toilets before the able bodied ones, the ones with the huge neon sign.

Anyways I write all this because I'm very bored, you see there are about 10 customers, and I'm all alone in the changebox. At least I'm being paid!

I'll end with an amusing pier story: a man comes up to the changebox the guy was clearly of asian origin, he spoke with a learnt english accent, after giving him his change he said, in the most unaccented voice: "thats champion."

Well, i thought it was quite funny.

March 23, 2006

Live Blog: Upgrades

The FAIRTRADE entry i just wrote had to be reduced in size because the LiveBlog application on my phone couldn't deal with long entries. A few minutes later and a java vector, and now it supports entries of unlimited length!
I think that that is quite cool.

I was thinking a possible uses of LiveBlog, i could put live updates of council meetings direct to the council blog, how cool would that be! You could follow it in real time, but the room Council is held in has pants mobile reception, i need to fine a seat with a signal i guess.

I plan to do a kind of 'steven's day' thing where i blog every little thing i do for a day, as it happens.


Having just bought some FAIRTRADE coffee i was thinking: all i'm basically doing is subsidising farmers. Sure they may be farmers in LEDCs but its still subsidisation, which is bad and has caused all the problems in the first place.

Now while i support what FAIRTRADE are trying to do i wonder if its actually the right thing to do. Some more research will be needed, and some evidence as to what FAIRTRADE actually does i think.

March 21, 2006

Live Blog: The start

I got bored and decided that it might be nice to be able to blog from my phone, unfortunately my phone is incapable of displaying Warwick blogs in its native web browser. So, some php, java and a few hours later, and i have 'live blog' – bloging from my phone, wherever and whenever!

I guess the quality of posts is really going to suffer though.

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