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January 06, 2006

First Computer Science Lecture

Today I suffered my first Computer Science lecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, and oh was it boring. Now, i'll admit that the module isn't the most interesting ever, but it could be interesting in places, but it wasn't. I suppose once the mathematical tools have been defined, it will be more interesting, but until then, it will suck, dearly.
But don't get me wrong, not all lectures are boring these days, Algebra II, how cool is that? Rings, ahhh, algebra heaven, can't wait for more!

November 22, 2005

Strange Lectures

I've had some very odd lectures, recently, there was one on Friday when the lecturer recieved five pints, and drank all but one,

And yesterday, we had this,

Yes, that is a giant hand being used to point out equations.

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