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December 10, 2005

Odds and Ends

An odd post of some things, but I can't be bothered to split them up!

1. Right so I've been working on a java application for my phone (K750i), more specifically a scientific calculator. There are so many times that I need a calculator, and I only have my phone on me, and the built in calc sucks, it really does. So I've loosely implemented casio's SVPAM system using a recursive descent parser and some clever tricks. Also I've had to make provisions for soft buttons, as the phone doesn't have a sin key. I have places for all the buttons to go, its just making the images that takes the time. Also working within the j2me framework is really difficult, its very crippled. You can't, for example call Math.pow it doesn't exist in the j2me framework, you have to write your own routines for lots of things. Formatting the result of calculations (strictly a decimal at the moment, may add fractions) was a challenge as there is no built in routine, that part took a good hour to write.
But seeing the almost–finished result working on my phone is such a great feeling, there's not much else like it, but it works in really neat ways. I tend to put very cool but frivolous features into most of my programs, but in this app they really are cool, you'll just have to wait and see!
I only need to add error handling and then add all the little soft buttons so I should have a working calculator before long!

2. I've found a place that will repair my fleece, but it'll cost at least £15 for a new zip, rubbish. I only need the actual zipper, which probably costs 50p to produce.

3. Got back into politics this week, and managed to see PMQs, so good, go Cameron, he seems like he will provide some opposition, even if he is policy light at the moment.

4. My housemate gave me a Christmas present, which I opened early :–), that was a musical compact disc type device round thing. But seriously, he'd tried to pick out music that I'd like, but had failed many times in the past, but he got it so right this time.
Sigur Rós
There are two words I'd use to describe them,
Beautifully hunting,
and their transposition (kind of),
hauntingly beautiful.
I got their untitled album, and its stunning. The music sounds so familiar, but so fresh and different, it sounds great. And the singing isn't even in English! Even better, as its all about the sound the voice makes, not the words.
Thank you Tom.

5. I can't quite believe there's only 15 days 'till crimbo, and I haven't bought any presents, well except one, but that was because I needed to give it before I left cov. I have ideas for some people, but others are so hard, the quit smoking book didn't go down too well with my brother last year :)

6. That's enough ramblings methinks, get back to whatever you were doing, go on, stop reading.

don't you ever listen?

September 15, 2005

End of Days…

well, days at work, for now at least. Yes today was my last day at my summer job, and like most days, I was stitched up like a woolly jumper. Freed, unwillingly from the burden of running the shore, I was back in the changebox (the cage). Without music, without books, I had only to provide my own entertainment, I came up with two rather good programs for my new mobile, and worked out some clever mathematics for one of them. But, if you've read this far, maybe you can help me. I'm after a very lightweight simple recursive descent parser, written in java, I'd rather not have to write my own, it took me ages when I did one in delphi a few months back.
Anyways, if you know of a good one, please comment with details.

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