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October 21, 2005

My week that was

Well, what a week!
Firstly, the maths:
Only two interesting points here, a question from mathematical excursions that puzzled nearly the entire class, does a 2-dimensional polynomial that's positive everywhere achieve it's infimum?
The counter example was a very strange function indeed, and leads me to rethink my ideas of continuity and differentiability in R2. This could be a good topic for asecond year essay? generalising Anaylsis I+II into RN (this should have been done in vector anaylsis, but wasn't)
Other point of interest was a Algebra proof that baffled me for an entire day, until in a tutorial earlier today just as we were about to be show the proof, the untire thing fell into place in my head, it was oh so simple, how could i not have seen it. At one point I had had something so similar written down, but failed to progress with it, oh well.

Now the injury, Tuesday I decided to attemp a jump that I'd made before, but failed this time, landing prematurely, being forced to vault the object being jumped onto, and landing the other side of said object onto my hand. 80+kg of my weight was put through my hand, ouch. It hurt a lot at the time, and enabled me to have just 2 hours of sleep, crap.
Next morning, I went to hospital, other side of cov, urgh, and got no less than six x-rays of the effected region, as well as i nice white bandage for "support". They almost gave me cocodamol too, but I refused on the grounds that codeine makes me feel rubbish.

Went to the UGM, mostly interesting, I even spoke, shame it wasn't quorate, next time eh?

I'm sure more than this happened in the last week, oh! I attended some lectures, but have decided to attend some third year ones as second year maths lectures are rubbish, its all too easy (optional vader impression).

Better go, or I'll be late for a film.

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