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February 15, 2006

Good Days

Sometimes you just have a great day, where everything you do seems to work out. Today was one of those days. Lectures were good, and understood, moreover interesting, which is a rarity for Analysis lectures. Then I planned the presentation of my essay which I have to do tomorrow, I love to present stuff on chalkboards, when I'm confident about I, so its going to be cool.
What else? made someone laugh, a rarity these days, good to see that I've still 'got it'.
Open days! Gave an open day tour for the Mathematics dept. today, this may seem really sad, but it was so much fun! I know tons of stuff about Warwick Uni and seem to switch into "steve" mode on these things and come across a really confident, and loud, which really isn't me, or is it, I don't know? But our campus did look good, and I was proud to show people around and talk about our Student's Union.

Free time! seemingly I have some free time! what a rarity these days, I may do something productive, or not, who knows!

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