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April 05, 2006

Live Blog: Smoking, ban thereof

With only two weeks until the Union's deadline to implement a smoking ban, which won't happen, I thought I'd offer my two cents:

Firstly, yes the majority of students want a no smoking union, it was passed at referenda after all!
Then exec decided that it wouldn't be possible, financially, to implement. They couldn't however go in to details for whatever reason, not explaining this was a huge mistake, As a student, even if we couldn't know all the details we deserved some explalination. It was almost as if exec decided that they wouldn't implement the ban, then went looking for a reason. I'm not suggesting thats what exec did, but thats how it looked to me.

In week ten of term two I attended the meeting of exec, a good chunk of it was about the smoking ban and a large part me that was in closed session, so I couldn't sit in on it. Thats a big problem with all this, the Union's own rules prevents it telling the students what it sometimes does! Anyway, exec were discussing the smoking and non-smoking areas of the union. What enforcement would be required etc, at this point I suggested a map at each entrance showing where the different are. I can't believe they hadn't thought of this before, it just so obvious.
So the start of the term approaches and we won't have a ban, and the union may even build areas to smoke in, I say, buy a dining shelter from B&Q, cost: about £100.

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