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January 27, 2007

But on the plus side…

.. Warwick Accomodation seem to have redeemed themselves…

As I sat earlier today in my westwood room overlooking the tennis courts, I began to realise that actually, although my landlord is still incompetant, and unintelligable, having the house through Warwick accomodation is quite handy.

Seriously, if I wasn’t renting through PLU then the same thing could have happened.. and then I would just have to live with it. As it is, I get a room on campus that is closer to westwood church (being in westwood campus), so making my walk tomorrow morning much shorter.

then again… it would have been nicer to not get evicted from your house mid-term on the weekend before an assignment is due in…

thinking of which I should probably do that now.

January 26, 2007

I hate my landlord

thanks to his inability to not suck…
untill Wednesday I will not have any central heating…
moreover.. there will be workmen ripping up carpets, making holes in the walls, replacing pipes, radiators and a boiler…

If it was broken, I would almost be ok, if we had early warning, maybe… but its not broken it works fine, and we only had a phone call a few minutes ago.

The result is we are effectively evicted from the house whilst the work happens. We phoned up accomodation, who said
“er.. I didn’t think it would be that big…”
“well I can give you some rooms on campus for the weekend, but after that I’m not sure”


December 27, 2006

Legal Disclaimers

Writing about web page http://www.derbyshireguide.co.uk

Earlier today this disclaimer was brought to my attention:

[ here left hand side]

“This information is provided to the best of our knowledge. We have collected and collated it in good faith but we are not responsible for its accuracy and anyone intending to make use of this information is advised to check it out.

Well that’s the legal stuff sorted.

Should you decline to comply with this warning, a leather winged demon of the night will soar from the deep malevolent caverns of the white peak into the shadowy moonlit sky and, with a thirst for blood on its salivating fangs, search the very threads of time for the throbbing of your heartbeat. Just thought you’d want to know that.”

December 19, 2006


Christmass is here, I have arrived (again) in Tutbury, and will stay till new years.
The christmass tree is up and semi-decorated, and I have nearly thought about buying presents (give it a few more days).

Anyway, I can now sit back and ponder over the success of last term. I know most people in Westwood(church) are dissapointed at the canceling of ‘engage’, however to be honest I was very much happy when I heard the news.. it took me quite a while to stop rejoicing…

Focus this term has come up to full strength.. well more in some ways, but still overall lacking due to the previous years. I’m not entirely sure what the reason is, I’d like to consider it is some combination of:
-prayer (specifically the several hours worth I managed to get people from westwood to do near the begining of term), but also the continued support
-God giving us many oppurtunities (and answering prayers)
-Us (the exec) noticing the oppurtunities and then actually doing something.

The exec has been very motivated and active this year, and I am very gratefull to all the efforts…

One other success story society wise was Mathsoc, (now WMS). ALthough I left the exec before any real action occured, this was mainly down to lack of spare time, and I’m very pleased to see the current exec actually getting some kind of action out of it..

Anyway I should probably go and have tea now,

Merry Christmass everyone

December 14, 2006

of to the woods…

..infact a very specific wood, a wood commonly called ‘Dave’. He is so called mainly due to the fact that his name is in fact ‘Dave Wood’.

Anyway, on Thursday of week10, there was a Differentiation Lecture for first years, given by the said wood.
For some reason, one night in the bar after focus, we had an idea to ‘turn up to his lecture and create chaos’.
Unfortunately the others where far to shy, and so although 2 other 3rd Years turned up, they really didnt make much of an impact.

In order to try and bring some life, I decided to follow the adivice in the previous blog(ish).
I turned up 12min late, walked in the back, stomped down the stairs, then walked along the front (to grab Dave’s attention), and then up a few rows on the other side to sit down..
Dave: “didn’t you do this course like, 2 years ago?”
me: “I just thought I’d have a recap”
Dave: “strange boy”
laughter ensued…

Unfortunatly not to the same extent as in Measure theory (by a long way), but enough to get Bells and Christelle(sp?) to laugh… so I felt my work was done.

To my shame I actually have avoided differential equations for hte past 2 years, (since my shocking result in what was then DiffB) and so wasn’t able to point out many mistakes…
(though we did get the missing out a half in Taylors theorem)...

I fel this was a nice 2nd to last lecture to leave term on… Measure theory later that day was spent looking through Chris’s Magic Decks (a CCG, i.e. card game… for those that care) and friday was spent in Bed as I felt quite exhausted after our last focus event of the term.

Now I have finally left Coventry… and will remain in Tutbury for the next 30 hourse (ish), hmm don’t you just love the restful nature of holidays?

November 08, 2006

how to stop a lecture in 4 easy steps

1) notice you can’t read the boards in MS02 on right hand side
2) get up, walk to the back of the room, walk across and then walk down towards lecturer on right hand side
3) at all times ‘stomp’, whilst allowing tension in air to build
4) when you get to the bottom, continue staring at lecturer for as long as possible, then suddenly turn of and sit down and re-comence writing notes

This should result in laughter from most of the room, and then the lecturer will then chuckle to himself gently, be unable to continue lecturing so will say
“ok, 10 min break”

well it worked in Measure Theory.

Focus Weekend away…

ok so this is more publicity seeking, but hey.

End of Week 8, Christian Focus is having a weekend trip to Bedford.. there will be musical paving slabs and everything!!!
good beds, good food, God company, and all this for only £24...
we hope to get the price down some more though…

On other news I feel incredibly sleepy, hmm must do something about that soon.

October 27, 2006

JAW–Justice And Worship

Writing about web page /bigdress/entry/justice_and_worship/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view


Just incase anyone had missed this… SPEAK is holding a Justice and Worship event in the Chaplaincy from 7.30 onwards (saturday 28th)... everyone should come.. there will be music (via Band), workshops, and CAKE!

and yes I am just blogging this so my blog count goes up slightly…

October 14, 2006

Sorry, he's still here…

Follow-up to It has begun….. from Tim's Blog

I returned to James’ (/squeakys) house recently and discovered a Will…


..and doing something rather odd with his nose…

hmm apparently he will leave on Sunday though…

October 13, 2006

It has begun…..

... well ok so term has been going for 2 weeks now, but still

Colin Rourke is back in his short-shorts lecturing Topology, Measuer Theory is fun (honetly, its just a case of being pedantic over obvious things..), and generally term is looking good.

Anne Findley (Vicar’s wife) has agreed with me when MarkA told me I was wrong (well technically she just came to the same conclusion indepentantly, but still), and Will has finally left for Reading (no really, it’s finally happened).

On other news…

Mathsoc (or WMS as they like to be called) have decided to re-instate MathsCafe without me.
Im not too bothered on the grounds they asked my permition first, I may even turn up to it again, only this time I don’t have to do any of the logistics.. so that makes it much much easier.

You could be fooled into thinking that meant everything was going well… and you might be close to the truth…
Focus has managed to have a nice number of freshers to the last few events (although we can’t really say anything definite untill the end of term), and CU seem to be behaving.
Also Speak nearly got organised, but in a clerical error, they let me organise a talk on ‘faith-sharing’... this shoudl be ‘interesting’ as its meant to be different to Evangelism.. technically, all they mean is a different type, moving away from the bad name that has been given to evangelism by all the people who have done it badly.. very badly…

hmm it sounds like things are going well.. but then in all honesty if they were horrible at this point in the term I would have problems.
Still it wont be long till we’ll hear people saying “only X weeks till end of term”...

September 29, 2006

Shoes Shoes Shoes….

I HATE shopping…..
no really I do

and Im not just saying that because I’m male…

I spent several hours (well I don’t know, maybe only 1.5-2) looking around coventry for some shoes..

I don’t ask for much, I’m not particularly bothered about ‘fashion’, something that is neutral-ish, isn’t so heavy that it feels like it was made out of lead, and a good hard wearing sole that won’t fall apart in 5 minutes.

I wouldn’t have thought that was much to ask…
Clarks on the other hand think differently..
they seem to think that £80, yes £80 is a ‘reasonable’ cost.

I then went around other shops, and discovered loads of shoes that were either too expensive, or had a very flimsy sole… or both
You may think I am going a bit OTT on the strength of the sole.. however the last pair I bough had a flimsy sole.. I thought at £20 they wouldnt be that bad.. this is what has happened to them:

the failed shoe


I did eventually find a pair, but ofcourse as soon as you do, you then feel like “hmm I’ve spent so long looking for shoes.. am I sure I want to ‘make do’ with these?..” just because it suddenly seemed ‘easy’, you are now feeling highly suspicious…

I think next time I will go into Birmingham or similar.. hopefully that won’t be for a long-long-time…

September 11, 2006

The fun of Mathematics…

Writing about For the mathematicians from Northerner-in-Exile

Im mainly blogging this because I’m not above shamelessly stealing ideas, but also because I want to ask the question..

Mathematicians have many many in-jokes (or Maths-jokes as we like to call them), such as this video, but how many other departments have such jokes that are totally incomprehensible to outsiders?...

do you hear small groups of people giggling about Brownian motion or perhaps mozarts blunders?... or whatever, either way I cant think of any time I have heard another departmental ‘in-joke’ that I couldnt decipher (and I don’t mean that in a “I’m so clever” kinda way, more that the joke was “generic-enough” for me)

it makes me wonder about our department sometimes… and then I think everyone should study maths and that will solve the worlds problems :)

August 24, 2006

a round up…

I don’t seem to have said much about my life in a while now, so Ill try and summarise the last few weeks or so…

a few weeks ago I went on a trip to Tunisia with a few friends (and a few I had never met before) that was fun, and very eventful.

Highlights include:

-desert dunes
-and Harrisa(sp?).. a strange source that is hot enough to be used as rocket fuel.

still I came back.. survived.. and feel I have learnt much more about Islam, arab and Tunisian culture.

last week (well 19-23th Aug) I have been at Momentum

This was cool for many reasons
-Got closer to God
-Got to know more people at my church… and became closer friends with them
-Got to have a nice long talk (along the lines of 9.30-11.30pm ish) talk with my Vicar about various things, including Ordination (that is: becoming a Vicar)

as I listed that as a cool thing you can guess it went kinda well, although for fairly obvious reasons nothing like that will happen whilst I am still studying for my degree (and yes I still intend to go for an MMath).
Anyway more talks/me badgering him will occur when I get back to Coventry, so hopefully I can plan out (well nearly plan, as with God-stuff he always seems to have his own plan which is, simply, better) the next few years etc.

hmm I think that brings us up to date, there is possibly older stuff I have missed out, but then Im sure I have personally told human friends about that already so I wont bother repeating myself…too much.

July 17, 2006

hmm… somebody left the toaster on….

.. or something…

I haven’t manage to see anything about it on any news site so far, but the flames are reaching upto half of the cooling towers


(though I reckon its 5 miles further out than them.. this makes it somewhere between south derbyshire and south nottinghamshire (south of Derby, same level as willington if anyone knows the area…))

not much to say excpet… oops
I do hope it isn’t anything majorly important… but no one on the internet seems to know anything yet… oh well…

[oh I reckon it started 9ish..]

July 01, 2006

Do you love penalty shoot–outs?

..If the answer to that is yes, then either you're Portugese (or other non–British), or deserve to be shot…

in a nice loving Christian way ;)

Well Lampard didn't let me down, I thought it was impossible for him to score for England, and true to form.. he missed.

But seriously I reckon the formation was hopeless, what was Sven playing at?

hmm I should probably stop talking about Footy now given my limited knowledge… but since I'm miles and miles away from my nearest friend to rant at about this, I thought I would here…

June 03, 2006

again I get bored…

I was bored, wanted to blog.. so used one of those silly quizes…

with this one I had to pick a picture I liked the most, and then it said what I was like… the thing is I was drawn between these two pictures…

Your Personality Profile

You are sexy, powerful, and bold.

You’re full of passion and energy…

Sometimes this passion has a dark side.

You feel most alive when you’re seducing someone.

You never fail to get someone’s attention.

Quick minded, you’re also quick to lose your temper!
Your Personality Profile

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.

Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.

You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

For you, comfort and calm are very important.

You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.

You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

Not sure which of the descriptions I prefer the most/least dislike… oh well who pays attention to these things anyway :P

another shamelessly copied quiz from Dr Dave's Blog…

Writing about That's reassuring….. from Dr. Dave's blog

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

Well a least if I'm not supposed to be doing Maths for my degree, I know I can do it up to 8th Grade!
go me... :)

May 24, 2006

am I doing the wrong degree?

Writing about Good and bad news….. from Dr. Dave's blog

Ive seen this go around a few blogs (well Dr Dave's first, so I thought I'd give him the credit), and wondered what it would say about me…

All things considered, it does make a lot of sence, it would explain why I like having random philsophical conversations, and why I am interested in theology and similar things… But surely Maths should be higher than that… and what is Linguistics doing???

hmm maybe this means I am doing entirely the wrong course.. or maybe it means you shouldnt trust what you find on the internet…

You scored as Philosophy. You should be a Philosophy major! Like the Philosopher, you are contemplative and you enjoy thinking about the purpose for humanity's existence.





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with QuizFarm.com

May 23, 2006

dullest Blog…

…and here was me thinking myblog was dull… but at least I try (sometimes)...

I just read the Dullest Blog in the World and frankly I'm stunned.

So why the hell does that… aberration get sooo pages of comments? Does anyone understand? The blog is a travesty. Its continued existence is an indictment against the servers which store it, the people who popularise it, the writer who produces it and the blogging community as a whole.

I shall now leave to vomit in my bin. Next, I shall use my mouse to move the cursor on my screen to… ARGHH I'M DOING IT NOW! I'm infected! Noooooooooooooooooo

[dives out of a window]

[pulls his broken body back in to press the 'Publish' button]

May 09, 2006

WOW Mathsoc are doing something….

If anyone has ever heard of this strange creature before you will know them as the group of people that gets nearly all of the first–years to join, and then almost no–one else in other years due in no small part to the fact that they don't do anything….
Ok so that's a bit harsh, but I think when a certain lecturer said to them last year "sorry do you still exist?" it shows the amount of impact they have.

Still, they have finally realised that having MORSE people on the exec, socials that no–one turns up to and revision guides that are out of date, is not sufficient… so..
[drum–roll please]

They are going to do some MATHS.
[the sound of joy can be heard in the distance]

Yes that's right our glorious president has decided to allow the setting up of a Maths–discussion group were special people can go and look at things like algebraic topology and fractal millipedes (well maybe) and all sorts of other pretty & pure mathematics…


To say this is a niche group (even within the Maths Department), is an understatement, but then at least the group they're targeting might actually show up.
oh and as a final resort, they are planning on bribing members to turn up to the next social with free alcohol…

I think this may end up attracting two completely different groups of people, but then at least they're trying. After all it may even become a 'proper' society soon, thanks to the addition of HOODIES.

Yes that's right, you know your society isn't official until members get thrown out of certain shopping arcades :p