January 13, 2006

Mathematical Rigour

I claim to be a Mathematician which means that I get pedantic about use of theorems and definitions, maths should be very precise. Imagine, if you will, my horror as in a computer science lecture a discrete function was differentiated to prove a Theorem. Now I realise it is just a Computer Science lecture, but it had the word "Proof" written above that statement, and it was a mathematical statement, albeit a false one. Now you could claim that its easier to assume that the function is defined on the reals, and then prove it, but I have proved the discrete case and its just as easy. So there really isn't a reason to give untrue proofs.

Rigour people, Rigour.

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  1. We get a lot of the lecturers (in physics) asking if there are mathematicians in the room before doing dubious mathematical operations.
    They always seem correct and allowed to me, though, I really wish I had your mathematical pedantry so I'd know what's what!

    13 Jan 2006, 20:17

  2. Thing is I can accept less rigour, if the lecturer makes it obvious that it isn't rigourous, by saying "We assume…

    14 Jan 2006, 00:17

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