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March 23, 2006

Live Blog: Upgrades

The FAIRTRADE entry i just wrote had to be reduced in size because the LiveBlog application on my phone couldn't deal with long entries. A few minutes later and a java vector, and now it supports entries of unlimited length!
I think that that is quite cool.

I was thinking a possible uses of LiveBlog, i could put live updates of council meetings direct to the council blog, how cool would that be! You could follow it in real time, but the room Council is held in has pants mobile reception, i need to fine a seat with a signal i guess.

I plan to do a kind of 'steven's day' thing where i blog every little thing i do for a day, as it happens.


Having just bought some FAIRTRADE coffee i was thinking: all i'm basically doing is subsidising farmers. Sure they may be farmers in LEDCs but its still subsidisation, which is bad and has caused all the problems in the first place.

Now while i support what FAIRTRADE are trying to do i wonder if its actually the right thing to do. Some more research will be needed, and some evidence as to what FAIRTRADE actually does i think.

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