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December 12, 2005

Funny Ramble

You will need to know that my name is Steven Jones before reading this post.

I entered "Steven Jones" into Googlism, which now seems to be some strange faux search engine, odd, but anywho, I though I'd try to write a serious entry interspersed with what I'm up to.

steven jones is an outstanding individual and embodies the spirit of service we should all have toward our fellow man.

Wow, did you see the pictures of the explosion in Hemel Hempstead today, some of them were very impressive. I know its a little weird calling and explosion beautiful, but I find the clouds of smoke amazing to look at, almost infinite detail, and beauty in something so destructive. I wondered if anyone I know was near the explosion, then I thought: Oh yeah one of my housemates lives not 20 miles from it. So a polite, and seemingly required text was fired off.

steven jones is going to be teaching his female undergraduates that men are parasites.

It seems that this Christmas is going to be like all the others I've had to endure, you see it forces my family to spend time together, which is never a good thing. Unfortunately everyone like to have a go at each other, and sometimes very carefully, building an argument over a period of hours before the final sucker punch, but then all hell breaks loose, and its not pretty. Memories of my childhood came flooding back twice today, once when I was looking through some old cross-stitch pieces that I'd made when I was about 8, happy times, there were ones that my brother and sister had made too, I had completely forgotten about some of the pieces, I was quite good.

steven jones is crazier than cat shit.

The second time was when my parents started to argue, oh how it takes you back eh? I really don't want to go into all my problems here, and I bet you don't want to read them, so I'll leave it there.

steven jones is a biomedical technician originally from rumford.

If you haven't read my other post about Sigor Ros then you won't know they're the best thing since the envelope. I've since found out they sing in 'Hopelandic' how cool is that! The music is so beautiful, I think I'll be listening to it for a long time to come, and avoiding anything crazy or frog like.

steven jones is the person to contact with any questions

I've been writing some of my two mathematical essays due next term, this is so cool. When I first realised that I'd have to write and essay in the second year, in the first, I hated the idea, but now, I love it! One is going to be about public key cryptography and the rsa/eliptic curve algorithms and the other about some simple, yet powerful group theory. I'm going to attempt to make group theory interesting, then if I get a decent mark, foist the essay upon unsuspecting first years to get them interested. After all group theory is really cool, and seriously abstract, which is cool, its a complete construction! Nothing about is real, or meant to be, not in a real sense anyway.

steven jones is pleased to announce the launch of the bioinformatics training program for health research.

Laughing yet, probably not, I'm rarely funny, at least not in the comedic sense, I am what you would call 'funny' though. I talk to myself pretty much all the time, and usually three or four times over, i.e. there are three or four pairs of Stevens having a conversation in my head. Occasionally, one of the pairs will need more of my brain power, and will take over, for example speech, that's when I will talk out loud, to myself, everyone does it, but I do it quite a lot, is that bad? Its quite useful though, I can multitask thought processes, so I can be writing a blog entry, designing the next part of my calculator program and revising Analysis III all at the same time. Useful.

steven jones is little threat in attack.

Does anyone know how the EGM went in the last week of term, was it quorate, how did it vote, and where can I find stuff like this out. It should be on the Union's website, the the democracy pages are very, very, rubbish, and with extra word files added in like chocolate sprinkles on a cheap coffee, it generally pisses me off. I mean, .doc files, published to the web, what were they thinking, obviously not much (by 'they' I mean 'University of Warwick Student's Union'). That's the one thing thee really bothers me about the democratic side of the Union, unless you decide to find out about it, you never really hear about anything except referenda.

steven jones is a major player in the indie film world.

Whoa, rambling a lot now, what else, hmmmmmmm, I'm really just writing all this so it'll keep me awake so I can watch the American football on five tonight, so I apologise for the blatant disregard of purpose for this post. I think I'll end it there, before I make this post into a meta-post.

steven jones is the new vice chancellor.

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