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November 03, 2005

Long Day

What a long day its been!
up at 5am, yes at five, doing mathematical excursions work, that was due in later in the day, my own fault for not doing it any sooner, but I've just not had the time. Okay, then a purely liquid breakfast, helped one of my housemates put some pictures up, I'm the local DIY'er seemingly. Onto campus for 11, lectures until 3 then 2 hour mathematical excursions seminar, which aren't much fun to be in, because the maths is really really hard, but like a few hours later, when my brain has worked it all out 'behind the scenes', its all really cool.

Okay then I had something to eat, then read the Union Council agenda, and then came up with some points to raise about the general crappyness of a policy.

As for Union Council itself, we had more stupid amendments, the general flow of Council seems to be that at the moment, what happens is someone says that they'd like an amendment, but when asked what that amendment is, they don't know! They say "umm, err, can it say something like this…". I mean everyone's been to like two meetings now, get with the program already.

I then briefly entertained the idea, in my head, of aiming to become chair of council, oh such a bad idea, but I'd probably be quite good :-)
I always seem to moan, it comes naturally, so I'll end on a high note.

I'm going home on Saturday, so I get to see my family, including sister's children, ahh how great is that! Oh and maths presentations to my tutor group tomorrow, awesome!

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