May 24, 2005

Are you happy with your course

I wonder how many people there are out there who are not happy with the course they have chosen??

There seems to be alot. Especially Physicists, maybe they thought that by doing a physics degree that would become physicians.

Well anyway if you do have any gripes about your course why not take a couple of minutes to express them- It will do you some good.

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  1. I just wished I'd researched it better. I always enjoyed Maths at school, it was by far my best subject, but since coming here some of the stuff we've had to do is so utterly dull, boring and difficult that not only do I now hate my course but I've lost all confidence in my mathematical ability, even with stuff I could do in the past.

    Next year, I've registered for a lot of WBS modules. They look so much more interesting and relevant to the outside world. Half of my maths course is completely useless to me because I will never, ever get a job that involves using it again. If I'd seen the core Analysis courses before I came here, I would definitely have thought twice about it.

    24 May 2005, 10:04

  2. I would, but it'll take longer than two minutes to express them, and I've still got two exams left with which to salvage something!

    24 May 2005, 10:55

  3. Think most of the problems physicists here have are due to the fact that we're interested in the concepts and ideas, but the mathematical treatment taught here, especially by certain lecturers, just makes everything too dull to follow, which makes learning it a lot harder as well

    24 May 2005, 10:55

  4. Oh, I'm an economist by the way. Actually, I'll rephrase… I do economics!

    24 May 2005, 10:56

  5. I'm in a slightly odd position in that I knew my degree subject wasn't what I really wanted to do before I came here – I'm a biochemist but want to go to music college and be a professional musician. I guess as I was never under any illusion that I absolutely loved my subject I just kinda get on with it and don't worry about my choice too much. Having said that, I must admit it does get me down occasionally (usually when I'm busy and don't seem to be able to fit everything I want to do into the day)!

    24 May 2005, 11:00

  6. There's so many parts of my course I honestly couldn't give a monkey's arse about, so, yeah, I'm not happy with it. I guess I hope it'll give me a grouding in the areas I'm interested in and hopefully will go into for my career i.e. theatre, literature, analysis of the two. (I do English and Theatre by the way).

    Today it all feels rather hopeless as I have my only exams (2 big 'uns) tomorrow and Thursday, and I really don't know enough.

    24 May 2005, 11:19

  7. my interest careerwise changed just a wee bit (from cancer research to psychopharmacology/psychiatry) while at uni and while biochemistry knowledge is certainly still usefull in that area, i wish i would have chosen a course with more clinical aspects ie more about humans and less about drosophila, e.coli or yeast. i don't really care that much about what they get up to. plus i hate all the nitty gritty details which will be forgotten (or never remembered in the first place) anyway. i think that later on in life no one's going to expect you to know them, but rather to know where to look them up and understand the general concepts instead…

    24 May 2005, 11:46

  8. Interesting really. I came to do biology thinking I would hate it-thought I would enjoy myself much more if I did Class civ or something like that. But now I'm here I absolutely love it-especially the third year.

    Odd, because when I was 15, biology was the last subject I would consider..

    24 May 2005, 12:49

  9. I spent most of the summer holidays following the AS-levels trying to figure out which course I actually wanted to do at University…would it be Biology or Maths?
    My problem was that I had loved doing Maths since an early age but in the past year i had found Biology so interesting.

    I chose Maths over Biology mainly because i cannot stand doing practicals/experiments in any subject and so Maths had to be my choice (even though my AS/A2 options had, stupidly, consisted of the sciences-hence meaning loads of expeeriments)

    Anyway, since comng to uni at times i have really wished that i did choose Biology and that the practicals wouldnt have been that bad…

    I hate the feeling of uncertainty, in that could i have been happier doing a different course..maybe!

    Maths is ok, but i look at my Biologist friends work with envy, and reaslise that i would love to be learning it.

    I always thought that i could choose Maths as my degree and Biology aas my hobby…..

    Well you coul say i have done that ;), but not in the way intended!

    24 May 2005, 13:39

  10. Heheh.. That's what worried me about biology as well-I always found the practicals we did at school frustrating and hated doing the write ups….

    …which is why I chose a lab project for my dissertation. Found once I got here that I really liked the experimental side of things. However, if interested in Biology on a 'recreational' level, I recommend reading Richard Dawkins.. Just to keep it as your (*cough) hobby :)

    24 May 2005, 14:40

  11. That's strange Anna – up until a year before I came to Uni I would never have considered biology either! I mainly blame the awful teacher I had for GCSE.

    I had always wanted to do English at Uni, but now I don't think I'd've enjoyed it at all! Strange how much we change.

    24 May 2005, 15:49

  12. I don't like my course. As a physicist I thought I'd be doing physics. Instead I ended up doing applied maths for 3 years, which is extremely dull. However, as of 3.5 hours ago


    So I'm happy for once.

    24 May 2005, 15:56

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