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May 24, 2005

My conclusions…..

Follow-up to Are you happy with your course from Death to Apathy

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post.
Its clear there are alot of people out there who think there on the wrong course.

To the person who wanted to become a musician you should go for it- I'll listen to you play!

There seems to be alot of disgruntled mathematicians/physicians out there. Its clear the mathico-physists need a Moses to lead them out of bondage to the promised land (a degree that takes account of the real world).
/OR the secular alternative of Darth Vader coming in a choking the boring lecturer to death for his fail to communicate his ideas in a meaningful way. I'll let you choose.

My hypothesis that science students would like to be doing a Arts degree but that ARTs degree people wouldn't want to do a science degree also seems to have been proven wrong-ish.

Are you happy with your course

I wonder how many people there are out there who are not happy with the course they have chosen??

There seems to be alot. Especially Physicists, maybe they thought that by doing a physics degree that would become physicians.

Well anyway if you do have any gripes about your course why not take a couple of minutes to express them- It will do you some good.

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