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May 23, 2005

What is the most attractive floor?

As I have been spending far too much time in the library I decided to ask myself the eternal question

The question is " What is the most attractive floor in the library?"

Can it be floor 2- or do the computer scientists/maths/physicists lower the standards. Most need more sun.

Can it be floor 3- the Arts students domain. Though you'll have to hurry if you want to catch one of them – their going places!!! :S. But they look good.

Or maybe floor 4 for law, the house of rhyme and crime, they'll rap you up in tort whilst they ponce about in court. Though beware they'll dump you for an intership- its all about money.

Or maybe floor 5- the social sciences floor. Sociologists- Politics- random reconstituted discipline- students. Just too much of a mixed bag.

What do you think Warks

Do you wish you were somewhere else?

Do you wish you were somewhere else? Do you wish you were someone else but in the same place or maybe you wish you were someone else and somewhere else.

The reason I ask is that I recently had a conversation in which it was put to me that "Most people at warwick wish that they were somewhere else".

Is this generalisation true? Probably not.

I think everyone would like to be somewhere/someone else at some point in their life. I think the difference that exists between people is that while for some this feeling may last only for an instant, for others it can last a lifetime.

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