May 11, 2005

The thing that most annoyed me today was…........

The thing that most annoyed me today was OVER ZEALOUS **LIBRARY STEWARDS. Now I know it is iritating when people talk when your trying to work and that if this if this happens to you alot of the time then you are going to be happy about having library stewards in to *SHHHH * people.

However when your talking and there is no one around. Just me , mandy and the legions of dust that supposedly make up a library then I expect a bit of laterality in interpreting the rules.
BUT NOOOO…. I had to be told to SHHHH lest I disturb the dust from its sluber.

I feel better having got that off my chest. peace out and other lamitudes.

May 10, 2005


I thought I would take a few moments to make some observations on at warwick..feel free to say where my obervation lacks clarity and accuracy.
Take a walk around campus, on a nice sunny day and you will see people lying on the grass. You may see people on the piazza enjpying themselves having some fun.

From doing this you may get the impression of life at university as an idyllic place full of happy people. Yet this, the most visable aspect of life at university can be decieving.

The greenage does much to cover up the suffering and anxiety that is prevalent amongst university students(or our age group in general). Many just suffer in silence and have no one to talk to. They stay locked in their rooms or float around campus like androids trying to avoid negative thoughts.

So what? Thats their problem- i'm here to have fun and enjoy the sun.

No I cannot accept such statements as above. Together we shall ameliorate.


If I were the directory general of the BBC….......

If I were director general of the BBC I would bring back blockbusters(even though it wasn't on the BBC if I remember correctly).

I wanna go on a 'gold-run' and look cool as Bob tells me I have won a surfing holiday.

My Worst Nightmare

I'm still in shock from the awful dream I had last night.
I was in the union. I wasn't alone in the union. I wad with my mother. As so often with dreams my recollection is hazy and events seem to have blurred into one and other.

Firstly we were at top banana. Mother was appropriately dressed for the occassion i.e. she was wearing as much clothes as the other girls who go to top-b.

Then she insisted on going on the dance mat. The audience were loving it. They kept on chanting.

Then it got really confusing. The next thing we were in Cholo and there was alot of sports teams around. Anyway to cut a long story short it all kicked off.

-Bored revisioner

If I were prime minister…............

Follow-up to Pop Quiz! from Death to Apathy

If I were the prime minister of north Korea I would nuke earlsdon….............whoops looks like somebody already beat me to it

Pop Quiz!

If you were the prime minister what would you do to change the world?

May 09, 2005

Has anyone seen my virginity

**REWARD 100** For return of lost virginity. Don't remember where exactly I lost it. Went to union North but they said that no one had turn handed it in.

If found please put it in my pigeon hole in the humanity 2nd floor.

Tribute to Larkin

SKIN by Philip Larkin

Obedient daily dress,
You cannot always keep
That unflakable young surface.
You must learn your lines –
Anger, amusement, sleep;
Those few forbidding signs

Of the continuous coarse
Sand-laden wind, time;
You must thicken, work loose
Into an old bag
Carrying a soiled name
Parch then, be roughened; sag;

And pardon me, that I
Could find, when you were new,
No brash festivity
To wear you at, such as
Clothes are entitled to
Till the fashion changes

Forgotten Bands

Not rated

Most of us have unfortunately seen those programs such as "40 greatest albums of all time!" in which the beatles and stones are wheeled out with zimmer frames and viagra in hand. Plus a few 'flash in the pan' acts that are all hot now but wont have the milage of truely great bands.

My point is what happens to those bands that arn't great just good. They have their time in the sun, then they are forgotten about because there is no one to go on about how good they are.

Well JJ72 are such a band. The whole album is great. All twelve songs are well worth listening to. Plus we have the great songs such as 'october swimmer', 'oxygen' and 'snow'. Ofcourse you may not remember exactly what these songs sound like. Therefore I will give you a brief rendition of oxygen


Sean says that if you ever find jj72's album in a bargin bin as I have done buy it and you will be satisfied.

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