October 05, 2008

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My best friends Yang Li and Yi Chen invited me to their hometown,Hu Nan, for many times, so I made a traveling plan and prepared gifts for them, then I got on the train to the destination. I believe that was most wonderful time in my life. On the 27th August morning I arrived at Chang sha, Yang Li had wating for me at the gateway of the station.  This is a little and peaceful city which haven't waken up, i enjoying in the people expressions on their face, and pay more attention on foods in their hands, everything for me were so  fresh. I thought that the best point of Chang sha is  the city's area  is not great but her urban functions are completely, i trust any one who traveling at there will has strong desire to buy one big house and enjoy their vocation in Chang Sha. Next day, LEE and me went to Shao Shan, Chairman Mao's hometown, his house was surrounded in the hill, forest and ponds. i felt my soul was washed when i stand on the ground of the village, i m so peaceful and wrote down a poetry, to recall the godlike man who make Chinese people stand up again. Because my traveling plan was so short just two days, so i had to say goodbye to my friends, two guys complain my short traveling until they looking the leaving train' shadow disapper completely. Sorry boys, next time i will be back, because I love THIS CITY! This traveling i will keeping it in the deeply space in my mind . it was the best part of my summer.

October 18, 2007

my study style

I real don't like make a paln or a style for my studying, espcially waste time to write down them. In

my own opinion, the interest to the subject is most basicly elenment I study it, because it can

change my study attitude of studying, if I should learn all knowledge step by step, I will work hard to

set up an acdamic attitude at first. Then I will ask questions which I can't understand, improve my

poor grammer and make my vocabluary become widely. I believe that the stornger motivation make

erey student be successed.

October 04, 2007

inpression of Britain

Sorry I couldn't write down my feelings in acdmica way,although you're my acdmica writing professor.

In fact , I'm very glad that I became independetly since I arrived warwick where let me feel freely and

comfortable.As I'm called as "fresher", everything in Britain is lively and fresh . I konw ,there're

so many thing I need to learn,somany road I need to walk ,and then I can make friends with anyone.

Through 5 weeks live,I was so suprised that some local people did not discriminate our Chinese,and

they're friendly and gentlest.When I need some information they would told me in a excetly way and

with slowly speed, but it is too difficult to understand what they said because their pronunciation

was so strange....

In the other hand, the circmustance is very quite quietly, I was lucky that my accommodation is at

lakeside, the air which inbosom me with faint aroma.It seemed that I can heard the trees'swithper ,

all of that are poetic. But! the way to main compu is too long.I have to cost 15 minutes on the way

every day.

The view of London are so nice and the price of commodities are so ¡±nice" too....

The British food are not very bad, if time is enough,I want to lern some famous dish.

In a word , I found my English have improved and I had fall in LOVE with the country.

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