May 26, 2010

doing KM needs continual process

Many people said that knowledge management is extremely improtant for organisations. In my opinions, doing knowledge management is like doing exercise.

Probably organisations who do knowledge management would not make any difference in a short period, but it would make a lot difference in the long period. If organisations do not do it, they could not see how the benefits it brings. If they do so, they could feel and get the beneficial outcomes from it. Although it seems like a slow or long process, its results will help organisations a lot. It needs a continual implementing process so that organisations can benfits from it.

April 18, 2010

review (2)

Based on Paul¡¦s feedback yesterday, I learned a lot. We should spend 6 to 8 minutes on introduction. Because it helps audience get into the situation gradually. If we go straight into the presentation directly and give the details, it could make audience lose focus and difficult to connect the presentation.

Being through the whole mini-projects, I found out that when we were presenting, we all desired to tell everything we had studied and everything we had known. Therefore, it is hard to control time and balance time. Praticing before presenting is critical to tackle this problem.

There are presentation linking to WaveRiders. I must say it is helpful that keep me always thinking as real. When studying undergraduates, I have learned a lot of theories about management, business,etc., but do I really know how to implement it in real? Sometimes I got lost between the theories. I know how useful it is, how important it is. I argued why some companies did not use it, why companies could not implement it properly. However, in reality, there are so many obstacles and problems to obstruct companies implementing theories. By reading theories with thinking in real, it is helpful to find out the obstacles which may happen when implementing.

April 17, 2010

review (1)

Recently, I am fascinated about ¡¥The Apprentice (US)¡¦. I love this series. (By the way, where can I buy this whole series??) By watching this, I felt that I learned a lot about that leadership, followership, business skills, how to negotiate, achieve the tasks successfully,etc.. By reviewing mini-projects from CBE until KBAM (we just finished), I found out that it is important to find yourself roles in your teams. Sometimes we become an emergent leader, dominated leader or volunteered leader. Depends on the situation, team members or tasks, we positioned ourselves in different jobs. We all pursued the same goals but how could a leader delegate the jobs and see people¡¦s potential that others cannot see? I felt that commitment is so crucial for a team. Sometimes we had disagreement with each other or someone insited on himself/herself opinion. If we cannot get consensus, it is hard for team members to achieve the tasks, work together and work collaboratly. Therefore, under this situation, team members is easier to lose focus, work with uncertainty and lose passion. Furthermore, another problem is communication. During the discussion, communication is crucial to express ideas to each other. Sometimes it is language problems, sometimes it is that you do not get it!! Therefore, it could result in nothing achieved and terrible tasks. However, all these problems (lack of commitment and communication) definitely happens in reality. As I know, different department hates each other. Engineering people hate business people. Financial people hate sales people. They all use different language in their jobs so that they cannot understand each other.

April 16, 2010

The influence of leadership

Leadership impacts a lot. The implementation of situation awareness can be urged by leadership!! I have to admit it is a good way though. If people in organisation have situation awareness, but the leader not, how can people keep this awareness? Howvever, if the leader also have situation awareness, it helps maintain people having situation awareness. Therefore, by expanding leadership influence, situation awareness can be implemented easily.

April 15, 2010

attitude influence culture and performance

From the video that mentioned about the aircraft crashed due to the pilot got distracted. While working, it is necessary to avoid distracting things in order to complete jobs or works successfully. In my view, it is an attitude. Everyone doing things has different ways to do it, the difference is attitude. That is to say, the way how you do things. If you are the person who take things seriously and carefully, no matter where companies place you, you will take the same attitude to do things. Simarily, creating this kind of environment is necessary. Employing this kind of people salso need the environment to support them. And they also can be a ¡¥helper¡¦ to assist companies to creat this environment so that become organisational culture.

April 13, 2010

situation awareness

Today, I had the lecture of situation awareness. There are three stages - gather information (information not available, information not observed, information difficult to detect and memory error), interprete (incorrect mental model) and anticipate (anticipation error).

However, incorrect mental model interests me. I am thinking that is it better to have mental model or without it before dealthing with things? Obviously, from the video today or past events illustrates that having a incorrect mental model make troubles. Therefore, except ensureing our mental model is correct, perhaps having no mental models is more advantageous to help people being objective and take everything into account to make right decisions. It is like a no perception without whatever you are doing in order to avoid bias or incorrect thingking way in your mind. Just being fresh, new and white to take things.

Interesting!..actually theses all three stages everyone use it everyday to everythings. Whay I say that?...because it is the way of our thingking process!!!....just like Deming¡¦s PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) they all can be used in everything not only for management but also personal management.

Anticipation error just reminds me that¡¦yes,¡K.i am !!¡¦ let me explain¡KAccording to the definition of anticipation errors is failure to think ahead and consider what might happen, I am the person who has think ahead too much of what might happen. (haha) Because of this, I am thinking that companies should have appropriate consideration of what might happen because if think too much it will become a kind of obstacles for companies to move forward, but if too little, it will result more failure for companies. Therefore, having a right measurement of what might happen and prepare for the worst things happen, it helps companies to have fully preparation of dealthing with the results.

Is everyone with me??...haha..coz it is kind of psychology thing..

April 12, 2010

KM vs OL

before the tomorrow seminar, i read through the question. i share my ideas as follows.  

I believe we all know how important is knowledge management and organisational learning. But how can companies implement them? That is the point!! In my view, organisational learning is like a first step to promote first, because we need to promote and encourage everyone in the company learning, learning and learning! However, individual learning is not enough for companies. We need to go to the next step-organisational learning. Therefore, we need to transfer the knowledge to everyone to make employees improve, improve and improve! As a result, knowledge management is important due to its role of ¡¥spreading¡¦ the knowledge. Spreading the knowledge to everyone in order to let everyone learn from each other and use the resource effectively. Also, KM can be seen as a supporter to the creation of organisational learning. That is why knowledge ¡¥management¡¦ is crucial. KM and OL are all inenvitably necessary for companies to succeed.

OL affects organisational culture. So does KM. i think KM can be seen as promoting organisational culture which make companies to be really a LO. at the same time, it change organisational culture by implementing KM. Also, having a good KM needs a appropriate organisational culture such as knowledge-oriented to support.  therefore, obviously, KM and OL all affect organisational culture.

April 10, 2010

material management.

After reading through the articles of material management, i come out with these ideas. 

First of all,  companies needs a good material management as a foundation to be successful.

material is a key to produce a product. All material companies need all areparts of products. From procurement, quality test to manufacturing, the whole process are managed from people, as a result, poor management will   affect poor material management. For example, if the procurement department makes a mistake of writing down more amounts of materials, it will become waste for companies. If the production deaprtment recognise the material A as material B, the result they will produce definately is not the one customers expected. And if the store man caluculates the wrong number of materials, it will cause production problems because of the materials shortage.

Secondly, material management affects procurement plan.

How does procurement deaprtment make material requirement plan? They should focus on the order they have now to decide what they need and when they need in order to avoid material not being used. appropriat amount should be measured accurately, otherwise, if when the material shortage happens, it will affect the production plan and loss business. therefore, when making a material requirement plan, it is necessary to consider market prediction from marketing department. Furtheremore, having a clear understaning of how manay invetories we have now, how many we should deliver, how manay we are using, the lead time of procurement and when the purchase order point is is also crucial.

Thirdly, material management strongly connect to cost management.

A good material management is based on how well companies manage the cost. procurement cost, manufacturing cost, quality cost and delivery cost are the costs in the business management. However, according to the business environment, it is becoming more competitive. The price becomes a key issue for all companies to achieve. Of course, cost will be the first thing to do. Int terms of manufacturing cost, material management is crucial and becomes a direct solution for companies to solve  the manufacturing cost issue.  As a result, having a good material management is having a good manufacturing cost managment. It can be viewed as reducing operating cost.

To conclude, i am sure that material requirement plan is a helpful tool to help me to learn how to run a company being successful. it is a part of business bit needed to be managed.

April 08, 2010

different companies focus on different aspects.

To be honest by reading through the contents of assets management (facilities management, life cycle management security, health and secure, environmental management, maintenance and resource utilisation), they are all very important for companies. But I think it depens on the different types of companies and different situation so that they focus on different degree of aspects. For example, my parents¡¦ company (manufacturing concrete product), they probably would focus on resouce utilisation, security, life cycle management and facilities management more according to their materials cost, customers demands and manufactuing process.

resource utilisation

In most business cases, overproduction is always an issue. In Waverider cases, the overproduction results in the profit decreased and full of stock which cannot generate benefit but is like a waste. Therefore, in my opinion, by using resources utilisation efficiently Waveriders will improve their status quo.

Stock has been an issue for a long time, that is why just in time invented by Japanese company. As a manufacture company, when producing a product it is necessary to have the ability to manage materials which are available to use so that the company can continue the production without disruption. Therefore, using resources efficiently is crucial. That is why I am interested it. In order to achieve this, companies should know when they need materials, what they need and how much they need. Therefore, material requirements planning can help companies to list the details. In my opinion, this is a good start for companies to reduce the waste. Reducing waste is the lean concept. it reminds me my parents¡¦ company. Because their products is very huge. Therefore, we need a lot of space to keep it so that we need to prioritise what products should produce now, what shouldn¡¦t and when they should order materials . I do not quite understand the procedure of their company how can they do that. That is why i can feel how important is resource utilisation.

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