August 07, 2007

My flood warning summer

I actually find writing a lot of fun once I get going, I remember it was the same when I was a kid, I really should write more. I didn’t say anything about it being fun to read though, so beware of the low quality output here, above and below.

So, it rained a lot in the end. I had previously been pleased that it was a drab, overcast summer to suit my mood and contrast with last year. However, the allegory thing seemed to carry over so that once more things got a little out of control. We’ve had towns turning into islands and roads turning into rivers and its all been very strange. These are the worst floods I can remember, and yet they happened right in the middle of summer, a shrug of the shoulders doesn’t quite seem enough.

Gladly, the floods haven’t been anything like as bad as some of those witnessed in other parts of the world in the last few years, but it is still a little disquieting to see the climate break so much from the norm. My home was nearly flooded and sandbags were needed, there was a lot of flooding in Leamington as there was seemingly everywhere north of London.

Now the sun is out and its hard to believe it was raining constantly for a month. Funny how quickly it all becomes hard to believe, kinda surreal. I guess all these unexpected events just go to show that you really can’t predict whats ahead, that you won’t see everything coming. Its both a worrying and a comforting thought.

July 04, 2007

Oh, whatever

Apathy is such a nullifying state of mind, yet strangely comforting. Perhaps not the best place to hang around, though. Its pretty overcast outside again today, for about the hundredth time in a row.

I’m not going to suggest something crazy like the fact that I, or at least my moods, control the weather. That would be insane. But I must admit I’m none too bothered by this, the wettest most rubbish summer in recent memory. I do feel bad for the people that had their homes flooded, and the flooding has been bad both in Leamington where I’m staying and back home in Hereford. But other than that, I’m pretty happy that this summer is such a complete wash out, so it doesn’t remind me too much of last summer. A wash out seems fitting. Hell, this could practically be autumn from any other year you care to mention, you wouldn’t really know it was summer if it weren’t for the calenders and Wimbledon and stuff.

Speaking of Wimbledon, it shows just how rainy it’s been this year when they’re this far behind in the schedules. A couple of days often get rained off each year, but I don’t ever remember something like this – they’re even talking about going into a third week, which is all but unheard of. Why they chose not to play on the middle Sunday I cannot imagine, it seemed a strange decision at the time and its looking worse with every black cloud that comes hovering over the courts.

While I’m talking sports, I’d like to say that I’m genuinely pleased for David Beckham. The girl-like pseudo-crush on him isn’t mine, but I seem to have acquired it (without any real choice in the matter) from someone I used to know. I sometimes feel as if my thoughts and feelings are no longer my own but instead some unholy mix of mine and someone else’s, but that isn’t going to sound any less weird the more I describe it, so lets not.

David Beckham. Yes, the man whose visage features on the left of this very blog has managed an amazing turn around the past couple of months. At the start of the year he had been told he wouldn’t play for Real Madrid again by their then manager Fabio Capello after he signed a contract to join for LA Galaxy at the end of the season. He had given up the captaincy of England and then been dropped from the squad altogether by new manager Steve McLaren, who seemed overly keen to make some “big decision” upon taking over. It looked like he’d be left kicking his heels for months before leaving European football for good.

Instead he trained hard and forced his way back into the Real Madrid team, proving a vital catalyst in their rejuvenation in the second half of the season that led them to an exciting and unlikely title triumph – Beckham’s first major trophy since arriving at the club 4 years before. His club form led McLaren to recall him, and his excellent performances against Brazil and Estonia helped England achieve some half-decent results and kept the man who had dropped him in his job for the time being. Its an impressive turning-it-around kind of a story, it would probably make a good film and with the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised…

You sometimes forget in this age of digital communications and extensive networking etc. that people can still drop completely off the radar and just vanish. The internet and everything may be making the world a smaller place, but 10,000 miles is still a fair distance. Its a shame that I can only really make very oblique references to some things, but it would be wrong to do otherwise. Anyway, it sucks big time.

A hard rain is currently falling.

June 10, 2007

Vote for Giant Squid

It seems that They Might Be Giants have put up the video for one of the songs from their forthcoming album “The Else” on YouTube. They, like me, have a real thing for giant squid and the video for this song really showcases that.

Perhaps when your mind is attuned to look for all these strange coincidences and links between specific things you just start noticing them a lot. Like when you’re pregnant you keep seeing pregnant women, or something like that. Obviously I haven’t experienced that particular example and I’m not likely to, but you get the idea.

I think what that must mean is that if you always start noticing these links when they’re on your mind, then they must always be there, which means there must always be a lot of strange coincidences and inexplicable connections in the world.

... Which really sounds like the ramblings of a junkie. Anyway, I’m very fond of giant squid despite their obvious plans to take over the world and repeated attempts to kill me, and this video has giant squid in spades!

June 09, 2007

A dose of reality

There are so many blogs out there, many of them written by people with more to say than me, with more eventful lives and interesting opinions. I’m looking for an edge, and I think I have it – I need a gimmick of some kind. I thought long and hard on this, actually I just came up with it now.

Introducing Davey, the talking parrot puppet (he’s a puppet of a parrot you understand) who can talk and move of his own free will! Watch him go… use your imagination.

So Davey, how was your day?

I’m Davey, the talking parrot!

Yes, thank you, I think we’ve established…

I’m the parrot you could be if you really tried!

What? Anyway Davey, what do you think about something pop-culturish that is of no importance in the scheme of things?

All my feathers are green, except the red ones! Punk is dead! Squark! Burn all the leaves now for future repercussions.

Sheesh, this piece isn’t going to stay fresh and inventive as long as I’d hoped. Davey, what do you think about the Paris Hilton thing?


I dunno, she went to jail or got let out and then went back again or something. I’m cloudy on the details, that’s what you’re here for. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of my generation! Your claw… talon?

I think its terrible how the rich and famous get preferential treatment!

That’s better, something coherent at last.

Yes, while I’m being serious here, what about the continual destruction of my beloved rainforest, the state of the planet, the hypocrisy of…

Yeah, no one cares Davey. So, what about that racist thing in Big…

Shouldn’t we be discussing global warming or something?

Its just a communist conspiracy perpetrated by rock stars Davey, everyone knows that.

Its pretty warm outside…

Its summer.

Its summer.



Are you just repeating me now?

Are you just repeating me now?

Ooh, maybe this is why everyone hates parrots.

I’ll peck your eyes out.

Don’t mess with me Davey.

June 05, 2007

For the sake of my namesake

So someone randomly mentioned yesterday that the original bass player for noted ska-punk band Goldfinger was some guy called Simon Williams. That’s really very strange, all things considered. What does it all mean?

April 08, 2007

Cassandra, my love

As April began, so did the 2007 Major League Baseball season, hurrah! Watching the game on channel 5 during late nights where I couldn’t sleep has been a tradition for several years, particularly during the Easter and Summer holidays of the past. Sadly now I will have a hard time watching many matches in the middle of the night because I need to be up bright and early the next morning like most everyone else. I’m going to miss the lethargic days of old in a lot of ways, but I suppose it was time for them to come to end.

Mid spring into early summer last year was the happiest time of my life, despite the exams, the coursework, the dissertation and then the inevitable concerns about my future that followed. This year (cannot believe its been nearly a year) I know it will be a pale shadow of that, a sad imitation, and I am really dreading it. As the weather turns all beatific and the air smells of pollen and cut grass and the like, its going to bring about a lot of reminders of things I can’t get back. Frankly, the seasons have really been ruined for me, and Frosties as well, and for ruining my favourite childhood breakfast cereal I can never forgive.

But I digress. My posts here seem likely now to fall into this pattern, a depressive, cryptic, slightly angsty first half followed by an attempt to provide a vaguely coherent justification for posting at all in the second portion. Yes, so, sports predictions. I’ve got a pretty good record with my predictions here on Warwick blogs, or as I like to call it, a 100% record up till now. I’ll go out on a limb and predict the following:

Wigan, Sheff Utd, Watford to go down, Charlton and West Ham to survive. I’d like Chelsea to win the title so I’m too involved to predict that with any objectivity, but Arsenal to easily secure 4th, Liverpool 3rd.

AL East – Red Sox
Central – White Sox
West – Angels
Wild Card – Detroit

NL East – Mets
Central – St. Louis
West – Dodgers
Wildcard – Philidelphia

AL – Red Sox
NL – Mets

World Series – Red Sox

Bostons chances of winning the World Series partly ride on the performances of 26 year old Daisuke Matsuzaka, who last summer lead Japan to an amazing victory in the inaugural World Baseball Classic (a stab at a baseball World Cup). It seems that no matter where you look you really can’t get away from Japan these days, no matter how hard you try.

A highly impressive major league debut against the admittedly mediocre Kansas City Royals earlier this week suggests Matsuzaka may be in for an amazing season, and if so I like Boston to win another World Series. Also, my own beloved New Zealand to win the Rugby World Cup this year, Australia to win the cricket equivalent and if you bet on all these and they are all right will you ever speak to me again?

April 06, 2007

Feel dazed and misunderstood

With the Manic Street Preacher’s 8th album due to be released in little over a month, I felt inspired to have a go at putting together my own best of compilation for this fantastic band. I obviously have no critical authority whatsoever, this is just the kind of list-making obsessiveness that I’m prone to now spilling over into this blog.

The official 2002 greatest hits compilation, Forever Delayed, received a fair deal of criticism for its bias towards singles (I guess the fact it was a “greatest hits”, not a “the best of” compilation implies this, but still…) and only having a single song from The Holy Bible. In typical knee-jerk fashion, I’ve rather reversed this with my own selection of 20 tracks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A Design for Life
Ocean Spray
The Masses Against the Classes
Motorcycle Emptiness
Everything Must Go
Life Becoming a Landslide
No Surface All Feeling
Found that Soul
Motown Junk
Roses in the Hospital
She Is Suffering
Further Away
This is Yesterday
If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

April 05, 2007


While looking around YouTube I recently came across a segment that Craig Ferguson, host of the Late Late show, did in February. Its definately stuck in my mind since I first saw it, I found it very compelling viewing and I heard that it recieved a lot of attention in the US. It certainly is a little unreal to see a talk show host talking like this.

April 04, 2007

This is Yesterday

(The ceiling fan rotates overhead, it cuts through the air and I can hear the choppers as if they were there)

Leamington, shit. I’m still only in Leamington. Every time I think I’m going to wake up back at Warwick. When I was home after my first tour, it was worse. I’d wake up and there’d be nothing.

Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a mission, and for my sins they gave me one.

My sincerest regrets to any fans of Apocalypse Now, that’s another film script I’ve desecrated. Its been over 6 months since I left Warwick, I’m now a fully paid up graduate and as such I can post here again. Its nice to have a place to put things, and I have some fond memories of this place.

Ah, to live to see everything you believed in proved wrong, in less than a year. Well, I suppose I wasn’t wrong about everything – Italy did go on to win the World Cup, as predicted. I missed the entire first half of the final for a girl, I hope she realises that is roughly equivalent to giving up a kidney.

I think she thinks I should go to hell. I went back to Leamington. I was always likely to end up with a 2.2 in Computer and Business Studies at best, I couldn’t really handle the required maths elements of the course and there are only so many 40% grades for those kind of modules that you can carry. Still, I’m pretty pleased with my 2.2 even if its hardly upper-echelon stuff. I started knowing next to nothing about almost every subject I studied, and I survived, that’s enough for me. No real victory, not such a great defeat. I probably should have done history though, all the same.

I got a job at Codemasters as a tester, its poorly paid and we’re doing 50-55 hour weeks for several months, but there are some good people there and I guess its a start. It took me a while to really get going after leaving Warwick, I never was one for planning ahead. Not wanting to sound bitter, but I hadn’t realised at the time how important it was to hit the ground running. Actually, I’m going through my bitter, cynical phase right now. I expect it to last about 50 years.

You know, I wrote “I’m not crazy” on the walls a thousand times – what more proof do you need?

August 19, 2006

End of the tour

I'm pretty sure that my username becomes null and void tommorow so I figured I should make a last post here. I never really got the hang of the blogging thing like I intended, its amazing how many more interesting things to say you can think you have than in actuality… Still, at least I didn't sign up, write one initial post then leave it for the rest of the year either; I was proudly halfway!

I had much more fun reading other people's blog entries anyway, some of them were awesome. Some people actually do have some interesting things to say, which is damn reassuring if you ask me. One set of writing even had burning coal type properties.

Anyway, all in all I had a really good time at Warwick, particularly in my third and final year. I'm very grateful to the University for, you know, existing and all. I very much appreciate being given the opportunity to come study here and live here, it was worth it. Hell, the degree is also a nice bonus, thanks to all the fine lecturers et al for that. Also, whichever genius came up with the idea of a blog setup here at Warwick; thankyou!

It feels nice and appropriate to come full circle and finish writing in this blog how I started it; rambling at length.

OK, that's the end of this blog in the form it was. In its future I see in its place… an online David Beckham shrine of some sort…


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