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November 11, 2006

The Morning of the Student Radio Awards 2006

I’ll start at the beginning. On Wednesday evening I went to check that everything I was going to wear to the awards was ready and found that I hadn’t actually brought my jacked up from home at the beginning of term. I had a little panic and considered asking my housemate if he had one I could borrow, then it occured to me that even if he did it wouldn’t have fit me.

I decided to get up early next morning, go into town and see if I could hire one to match my trousers at a decent price. I got up around 7 and got the bus into town where I found the 2 mens formal hire shops that I had looked up on One opened at 8 and the other at 9, and I had a lectire at 10. I wandered round for a bit to see if I could find any suitable shops. (No pun intended) I went into West Orchards and found a couple more suit shops and also found out that it joins onto that pedestrian bit just up from the fountain, whatever it may be called.

I decided against going to one of the formal hire places because it would be expensive, probably not possible at no notice and embarrasing. I went into one of the shops in West Orchards and they had some nice jackets for £60 but they wouldn’t have matched my trousers. I then went into the next one and they had 1 jacket for ~£40 that didn’t match and some suits for around £55. I then remebered the big “new” primark store, so went to look in there.

I got a black jacket and pair of trousers for £26. I know primark stuff isn’t great quality but it really only had to hold out for this one night. Satisfied with my buy I left and headed into Uni via home to drop off my shopping.

After my lectures I went straight home, got changed and headed back to campus to catch the coach to London.

That will do for tonight. I need my sleep, as you will find out when I continue tomorrow.


November 10, 2006



November 08, 2006

SRA Awards

This has come up very quickly. On Thursday afternoon a load of people from RaW will be heading to London for the annual Student Radio Awards. RaW or members thereof have got an impressive 8 nominations in 6 different categories. See here for more details.

It promised to be a good night of drinking & celebrations as well as a chance to catch up with the people who graduated last year and see what they have done. We then leave London at 3am on Friday morning so I doubt that most of Friday will exist. If you are in any of my lectures and don’t see me there can you grab me a copy of any notes please :) Thanks.

April 11, 2006

Long Time No Blog

Havn't blogged for a little while so I thaught I should do so now.

At the moment I am sitting in a room at Southampton University. The reason for this is that I am at the SRA Spring Conference. It is currently the 2nd day of 3 and all the sessions are over for today. We now have 2 hours to get changed into 70's gear and then head back to the SU for dinner at 20:00.

Dinner is Roast Chicken with baby onions, bacon and red wine sauce. Dessert is Limoncello and Amaretti Torte with a fruit compote followed by Tea or Coffee with chocolate mints. Mmm sounds good.

Living in Rootes at Warwick I am used to the SU being 2 mins away, but here it is a 15–20 min walk or a bus ride. I think today I'll take the bus back as it appears that the much talked about April showers have just hit.

I havn't really bothered with the 70's costume, I just brought my bright orange shirt with me so it won't take me 2 hours to change into that. I will however be leaving at about 19:15 to get the bus back to the union for 19:30 rather that the one that is supposed to get in at 19:55, a bit close I think.

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