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November 10, 2006



June 14, 2006

Bite Me

Do I have a sign on my back saying "Get Your Tasty Human Here"?

I have just put Anthisan cream on 15 insect bites (make that 16, just scratched one more). It's rediculous. On my back I have 3 within one square cm and a line of 4 along my side. I must have rolled over on something during the night and it tried to bit its way out. I need to get some insect repellant tomorrow else I'm going to get completely eaten by these things by the end of term.

On the sleep front, last night was good. Got to sleep about 1 and was up again around 11 so a good nights sleep there. I havn't really been for a big night out yet since the end of exams but I am going to Score tomorrow and Ian will have just finished his exams so that should be a good night out. Having just looked at that page to give you the link i've seen that it's free, but I have already paid for a ticket as I just saw the link to click. Looks like I'll have to go and get a refund on Thursday.

Today I got bored of sitting around all day so went to Coventry to buy a couple of things from Maplin and InStore (formally £–Stretcher) so that was quite fun.

I supose I should really go to bed now if I want to be up at a decent time in the morning so goodnight.

June 12, 2006

Even Later Night

So it's 6am and I'm still awake. For some reason last night I just couldn't sleep. It may be that it's hot in my room with 2 computers on all the time or it may be that I only woke up at 1pm yesterday.

So at 5 this morning I decided I would go and do my laundry so I sorted it into tumble dryable and non–tumble dryable. I also played the "let's find the purple stains on the shirt I wore to Skool Days" game with a bottle of Vanish. Just as I was about to leave, the 5:30 news came on the radio and at the end the forecast was for a hotter day than yesterday, but with the possibility of thundery showers in the midlands. And just as I left, what happened, it started raining. Although it was quite pleasant I thaught "typical British summer, 2 sunny days and a thunderstorm.

On getting to the laundry, what is the 1st thing that I hear. "Beep Beep Beep". Damn it, the change machine's empty and I have no change. So I've just spen half an hour wandering around the laundrette area seeing what times things open. Rootes reception opens at 8 and the banks open at 9:30 it it's at least another 2 hours before I can get any change.

Oh well. I did however notice a couple of things that interested or dismayed me.

1) This is a sign, outside the union south entrance, about the final fling menu. What happened to proof–reading? Is this some sort of new many–in–one vegetable or are they only serving out of season vegetables?

Final Fling Poster

2) Why do we need this sign? Don't the union have better things to spend money on?

Laundrette Sign

Enough ranting. Now I just have to find something to occupy me for the next 2 hours until I can get some change.

— Edit @ 7:30 am
Ok, so that was just rain. Every so often it's like someone's taking a photo. There is a very bright flash from a single point just above Kirby Lodge and then about 2 mins later there is the rumble. Fun

June 11, 2006

Late, so Late

Late in two ways. I have just got up and this is a stupidly late time to get up (1:40). The reason is that I went to Skool Dayz yesterday and managed to stay until the very end at 2am. It was a struggle as my body was still in exam mode. I.e. getting me up at 7am and expecting me to go to bed at 12.
So I got up at 7:30 yesterday and then didn't go to bed until 2:30. I was yawning like mad but was determined to make it to the end of Skool Dayz.

Now I just have to get my body back into it's normal mode of going to bed at 2 and getting up at 10/11.

February 25, 2006


Please feel free to diagnose me as insane after reading this.

The reason that I managed to get such nice photos of the snow yesterday was because I didn't go to sleep Thursday night. I was in the learning grid working on an essay and by the time I had done that it was too late to go to sleep. If I did then I would never be up in time for my 10am lab.

That in itself is not too bad, but then I go and follow it up with the Student Cinema "The All 90's AllNighter". I went into lecture theatre L3 at just gone 7:30pm yesterday and then left again at just gone 7:30am today (ignoring 1 trip to costcutters and a couple to the loo). That is 12 hours in L3 which is not very comfortable even for a 1hr lecture, but you can find a confortable position if you try.

The fims were quite good. The 1st one "The Shawshank Redemption" I dozed through as it was a little boring but the 2nd one was a lot more interesting. "The Wedding Singer" is one of those standard comedy love stories but is make a bit more funny by having this new thing called a CD player and stuff like that. The 3rd film was "The Usual Suspects" which is not really my type of film bus wa quite good. The 4th film was a mystery film that they didn't tell us what it was atall. It turned out to be "American Pie" which is a very funny, if very rude, film. The final film was a classic and the 1st time I have seen this on a large screen, it was "The Matrix" although about half the people left before it started.

One problem is having been up for 48 hrs straight I am a little tired and also having spent ~ 12 hrs in L3 it now feels like 8pm, not 8am, as it is dull and cold, so my body is just confused completely. I think a little bit of sleep might be in order, then I have to try and get back into normal sleep paterns again.

I slept form 8am to 6pm today. Feeling better. More show photos added. link

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