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December 09, 2005


I just went shopping at ASDA and got the following all for £3.12

  • Sliced Turkey – Was £1.22 – Now 20p
  • Sliced Ham – Was 66p – Now 20p
  • 4 x bags of Mozzarella – Were 98p each – Now 20p each
  • Corned beef – 58p
  • 2 x Tuna – 27p each
  • Hawaiian Pizza – Was £2.18 – Now 50p
  • Whole Sea Bass – Was £3.48 – Now 30p

Most of it is just use by date so I think I will have the bass tomorrow, on it's use by date and the pizza on sunday. The cheese, ham and turkey will go into lunches.

I am going into Birmingham tomorrow to get christmas presents for the family. I wonder if they will have the fake snow coming off the top of the new bullring. They did when I was up here for the Warwick open day

October 03, 2005

For those of you at Uni

Follow-up to Catch Up Time from The Pain

As an extension to the entry below 'cos I didn't want my parents seeing this.

As I have already had my 19th I need to choose a "Warwick Birthday" and choose 19 of something to do. The next Birthday is Mark's in a month so they have decided that my "Warwick Birthday" will be in a fortnight. I'm not looking forward to it as the thing I do 19 of has to be close to fatal (apparently).

Catch Up Time

Time to catch up on the last 4 days. As far as I can remember, noting particularly interesting happened on Thursday or Friday. That is the problem with not blogging everday. I didn't go out on Thursday or Friday as there was nothing on that appealed to me and I was short of money (what student isn't?) Most fo the rest of the corridoor went out both evenings i think. On Friday it was Tom's 19th birthday so to celebrate most of the corridoor played drinking games with the final idea being that Tom would drink 19 shots of Vodka and/or Malibu in one night. They started by playing "Truth or Drink" but no-one could think up decent questions so they moved onto playing spoons. I didn't want to get involved in this so I left and stayed in my room for the rest of the night.
I also had my 1st Programming Lecture, the lecturer is quite a funny guy and thretened to have a fight with someone who kept talking. It was all stuff I knew, but he has to start so that everyone can do it.

Friday I had my 1st "Statitical Laboratory I" Lecture and on reading the piece of paper we had got at the beginning of term, found that I had actually missed the 1st lecture and this was the 2nd. Before you launch into me (Mum), let me explain. When I got the Stats Lab sheet in my pidgeon-hole I looked at it and thaught "Eugh, I don't want to do stats" so put it im my box of unimportant bits of paper. On Monday we had out Tutor meeting and there he said that lots of people took Stats Lab as you do the exam in the 1st Term so get the results at the beginning of the 2nd. This means that you can then make a choice about other modules dependiing on what you got in Stats Lab.
That sounded like a good idea and after talking to some 2nd year students they said it was really easy. I decided I was going to to Stats Lab after that and looked up what it entailed in my blue course book. I also looked up the time of the 1st lecture and saw it to be Friday week 1 as the Tuesday one didn't start until week 2. It wasn't until Friday when I dug out the origianal sheet that I saw it said that the 1st lecture was Tuesday. Luckily when I got there the 1st thing the Lecurter said, after telling us off for being early, was that it didn't matter if we missed the 1st Lecture as it was only unimportant admin, just catch up from a friend. So it was all ok.
The reason we got told off for being early, all 350 of us, was not because we were being noisy, it was because we missed collecting the lecture notes on the way in, because they weren't there yet. The lecturer there was a little like a School Teacher but that woudl eb because he used to be a School Teacher and this was his 1st ever lecture.

Saturday I went shopping. I spent approx. £28 on shopping but I think quite a lot of it was strecupboard stuff like stock cubes etc. I got back here and put all the shopping away as usual. Soon after, before I had time to blog, Laura knocked on my door and asked if I was coming into Coventry to meet Gary and go clubbing. We got the bus there for £1 and he met us at the stop. We went on a whistle-stop tour of Coventry centre. We saw Millennium Place and the ended at Nandos which was very nice and not to expensive. After that we went to the Wetherspoons nextdoor. A pint here was only about £1.20 compared with about £2.20 at the Students Union.
In there an old man offered to buy Laura a drink and then a different (drunk) old man was talking to the girls and Tom about nothing much and appeared to be expecting them to answer questions that he hadn't asked. To save them from him we said that we had to go and moved onto another pub. This time it was Yates's Wine Bar and had another drink there, though it was quite expensive again. In there, once the DJ got going the manager wanted us to move as we were blocking the fire escape and then she started making comments about how there's a bar over there as if we were just sitting there for the fun of it. We had to explain to her that we had already had a drink and then we left.

We headed to the club via some art bits, including the Kissing arches
, Glass snake bridge and Zigzag clock
and as we were approacing the Coliseum we stopped in at a local pub for another drink as the club didn't open for another half an hour at 10pm. This was a little local pub with a jukebox in the corner and all the locals chatting and playing the poker machine on the bar. They had a jukebox on which people were choosing both good and bad songs and we rated them as each came on. Some of us also tried that game where you flit the barmat off the edge of the table and have to catch it. It's a bit like this game (when I find it) but not as easy, and we did it without the drinking element. Once everyone who was drinking had finished. it was about time to be heading to the club. We arrived outside and joined the back of a very short queue.

I'm now going to go to Tesco to hopefully get some cheap bread. I will continue when I get back.

September 28, 2005

1st Lecture

Despite doing a BSc in Computer Science my first lecture yesterday was "Introduction To Philosophy". It was a short lecture as at the beginning he was still sorting out the people from the lecture before and afterwards he had to sort us into our seminar groups. For those of you who are confused, and probably giving me that look that everyone I tell gives me, Introduction To Philosophy is one of the optional modules on the Computer Science Course. It looks interesting, which is why i chose it, and covers topics such as "The nature of value", "The existance of God" (I'm looking forward to arguing about this one), "The concept of a person", "The character of meaning" and "The nature of philosophical argument".
Most of the words that the lecturer used I didn't understand and will have to look up the definitions of. I'm sure I'll get used to some of the terms and am looking forward to being able to argue a point well and gaining some knowledge of some of the philosophical theories (I hope). I had a free Wednesday with nothing happening, but I organised, with another CS student, to join the Philosophy Seminar on Wednesday.

Talking about Wednesday, today I had nothing to do as Seminars don't start until next week (Week 2). I got up at 9:00 as I keep doing and at that time Mohinder (our housekeeper) cleans the kitchen so we're not allowed in. To bide my time until 10:00 when I cound get into the kitchen to have breakfast I spent some time browsing things on the internet. One of them was the Warwick Christian Union websaite to find out what time and where the main meeting today was. It was entitled "Jesus and Starwars" and started at 5:45 as it did every morning
Once I could get into the kitchen I had breakfast and then went to Tesco. I didn't hve a clue where I was going, but having looked at a map yesterday I had a good idea as to where I was supposed to be going. I followed a road that I thaught was right, and much to my surprise I did end up at Tesco. Trying to save myself some money I went into Wilkinson to check the prices of pads of paper and pens before going into Tesco to do my food shopping. The only thing on my list that I had problems getting was frozen chicken. A small bag of chicken fillets was more then a large back of chicken thighs. More per Kilogram and more for the whole bag. So with 3 plastic bags full and a freezer bag I started back to Rootes again. It was then that I realised I had forgotten to bring my bag handles with me and had to walk all the way back with the bags cutting into my fingers.
When I got back I decided that there were some things I had forgotten to put on the list, so I made a new list and then decided to have lunch before going back again. I managed to cook some chips, but the bacon and sausages were not ready in time because of the electric grill. Give me gas any day.After lunch I wrote down all of the rooms I had lectures in that I didn't know where they were and went to find them before I went to Tesco again. I went to the Ramphal Building, the Lecture theaters in the science block (L3) and then to the maths block. the only one I had a problem with was finding the lecture theater. I ended up in a service bay behind the building and then in the chemistry block before going up onto the science concourse and atlast finding them. After finding the maths theater I went to Tesco just as it was starting to rain.
I got to WIlkinson & Tesco still relatively dry and did the shopping, as I left it was getting a little harder and just as I got back into the main University grounds it started chucking it down. It was quite a way back to the room so I headed straight along the path across the field towards the maths block (The closest building). I was going to not follow the path and go in a straight line across the field but then realised if I did that I would end up even wetter as I would end up in the water fountain outside the building. After sheltering there for a bit, when the rain died off a little, I went back to the room and put all the shopping away in the kitchen.
The CU meeting was good. It felt good to get back into Worship, not having been to Church last Sunday and the speaker was very funny and informative. He showed us a Star Wars spoof video which was very funny and I must try and find sometime. Before tthe meeting I saw Abi, who goes to my church at home, who had texted me to make sure I was going. After the meeting Zoe, Tanya and I all signed up for the 1025 group for our Rootes block. The leadres invited us back to theirs for a drink, but we were all hungry. I got talking to one of the guys about lectures and modules and when I left I went straight home to get some dinner. On the way I caught up with the girls who thaught I had stayed to go for the drink.

For dinner I had microwave macaroni cheese. After dinner I came back to my room and stated talking to my parents on MSN Messenger. This was to try and sort out my finances to see what money was paying for society membership and the freshers ball etc. The options were my loan, my savings and my parents. I still don't think we've worked it out. I was trying to check up on some details on Natwest Online Banking, but couldn't sign in. This problem had been happening for a couple of days now. I tried phoning the custoemr service number but I just sat on hold and I wan't paying those rates on my mobile to be kept on hold. I thaught it might be a problem with ResNet (The halls residential network) so I had an idea.
To test this theory I headed over to the Computer Science building where CS students have 24 hr access to the ground floor terminal rooms. On leaving Rootes I found that it was still raining and got a little soggy on the way to the CS building. I could still not login there, and also you aren't allowed to use any sort of chat program on the DCS computers so I couldn't converse with my parents. I was about to go back to my room when I remembered that the Learning Grid in University House is open 24 hours aswell and as far as I know you could use MSN Messenger there. On the way there I had to cross the bridge next to the business center and I noticed that the river/stream was very swollen and was moving very fast which was quite mesmerising in a way. It's hard to explain. Anyway.
Eventually I managed to sort out the bank account after messenger converations, phone calls with my parents, phone calls from them to the bank and one final call from me to the bank. The reason I wanted to sort this out was because I had put all my student loan in my e-savings account (which can only be accessed online) and needed to be able to get it back into my currect account before the direct debit for fees and accommodaiton got taken out. By this time it was about 10 and I decided it was time to leave the Learning Grid and come back here. Ity had stopped raining by that time and the stream/river had retuned to it's normal level/speed.


September 23, 2005


Yesterday my Gran (Dad's Mum) had her shed broken into. She lives in a block of low rise flats, the rest of which are council flats, but hers is owned. They are public access and as such anyone can get to the sheds. They have forced the door open with something similar to a chisel by the looks of it. The frame and door are damaged, but it still holds closed. She phoned me in the morning and I was eating breakfast. As my cousin was visiting her, I wan't in that much of a hurry to get there and once I had finished my breakfast I headed on over there. When I got there my cousin had already arrived and the police had been, dusted for fingerprints and gone again. There was nothing of any monetary value in the shed, a sideboard, a door, a drawing board, a washing dolly, some tea chests and a tool box. We wondered if they had stolen any tools but we weren't sure if there were many tools in there to begin with. She is a little shaken understandably as they seem to have targeted one shed from every staircase in the block. It'll come under the Maidstione Housing Trust insurance, but they are notoriousley difficult to deal with so Dad will phone them up and argue with them soon.
After I had checked the shed and locked it up again, as the damage isn't that bad and it won't open unless you yank it hard, I went into town. Every week I buy her £1 worth of potatoes from the market guy in Earl Street so I did that and put them in the flat as my cousin had taken her out. I then went into town again to get some things for myself and bumped into my Nan (Mum's Mum), who visits every Thursay, who was buying the stuff for dinner.

In the afternoon I continued packing and tidying my room, and as far as I can remember nothing particularly interesting happened. I'm still loving RaW and still can't decide whether to join as a techy or a presenter.

I'm tinking that this writing about the day before wasn't such a good idea as my memory isn't that good. I may go back to writing about today and if it's late at night then so be it. BTW "Jay" in my comments is my friend James for those of you who hadn't guessed already.

September 20, 2005


I am now full. I think I certainly got my moneys worth tonight. My favourite savoury thing there must be Duck Pancakes and my favourite sweet thing is toffee bananas. I'll be back in that direction tomorrow when I'm going out with some friends as a sort of last thing before we leave for Uni.
That was this evening. This morning I came back from James' at about 10ish and wrote a list of things I have to do before Saturday. As a practice I made a simple lunch of macaroni cheese for my mum and I, not too bad, but a little bland as is. In the afternoon I managed to cross 3 things off of the list, new shoes, new underwear and some chopping boards.
I was just thinking that I may have to change my blogging style. Reporting on today is easy at the moment, where I do nothing in the evenings apart from sit around in my room on the computer. At University I plan to be doing a little more in some evenings. I may have to miss a day at some point and start reporting on the previous day. What do other people do? Is this approach better or should I make more that 1 post a day?
Questions, questions!
Now I think I aught to get some sleep, so goodnight all.


September 19, 2005

Fun Day

Now for todays blog.

This morning James came round with his swanky new HDD with fingerprint reconition to do some coding on Satnet Online, but he spent most of the morning trying to install BDS 2005 so nothing got done. No sooner had he got it installed and registered then we had to go out shopping for various things.
Having come back from town we had just enough time to gather our things and then we had to go and meet James' fiancee and head back to his for lunch. Just to get in the swing of student living we had a simple lunch of toasted chicken-mayo sandwiches, made with the leftover chicken from the night before.
This important matter taken care of we had some time to play a game or two of Worms Armageddon and then try to sort out my Shuttle SK43G. I have the small problem of my BIOS apparently not being fully ACPI compliant. We went to the local shuttle dealer and asked him about it, but he suggested flashing the BIOS to the latest version. Not much help as I have done this already and still i have this problem. It's not a big problem it just means that the computer doesn't turn off automatically after shutdown. I have emailed shuttle about it, but as usual they are unhelpful, just giving standard prepared replies that don't actually address my problem. Is I vary rarely shut down my computers I can't be bothered to chace them up about it.
This evening I helped at the youth group that James is a leader of and then I am spending the night at his house, having a coding session late into the night.
Tomorrow I need to start getting all the last bits and pieces ready to leave on Saturday and finish tidying my room, by no means an easy task. At least I have an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Buffet to look forward to in the evening, a late Birthday celebration. I aught to start fasting now. Got to get my moneys worth!


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