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June 13, 2007

Mr Commitment

Writing about web page

I listen to the radio while revising and they were talking about Freecycling so In a break I went and had a look at that site. That then reminded me of BookCrossing which is where you leave books in places and register that on the site, then when people find them they go and say that they find it then the cycle goes on. I left one book in my Doctors Surgery waiting room, in Maidstone, and it was picked up and taken camping with someone in their VM Campervan. It has now been released again in a Dentist Surgery in Maidstone but hasn’t been seen for 11 months. I wonder if it’s still there?

Well, back to revision. 2 exams tomorrow, one on Friday and another 2 on Saturday.
Not nice but at least it gets half my exams out of the way quickly :)

June 08, 2006


For some reason lately I've been really restless. I can't keep doing one thing for more that a couple of minutes before I get bored and stop. That doesn't help revising for this last exam, especially as I don't really follow any of it and really should have dropped this module while I had the chance. Oh well, I'll just have to go into the exam and do the best I can with the little that I understand.

Does everyone have a feel–good song that, nomatter what, makes you feel good. Mine is Mark Schultz – Your are a Child of Mine. It just lifts me up, whatever I feel like, with some good loud singing. Sorry if I've disturbed anyone by singing along :P. Have a listen here if you're interested.

June 03, 2006

Half Way There

I am now half way through my exams for this summer. After having 2 today I have done 3 and only have another 3 to go. One on Monday morning, one on Tuesday afternoon and the final one on Friday morning, then FREEDOM.

I was quite happy with the ones today, and even quite enjoyed the 2nd one (DIS). I mean, 11 marks just for running Dijkstras Algorithm on a graph. I also quite enjoy linear programming because you at least feel like you are doing something worthwhile. I don't care if a sat of values in countable infinite or not or what the hell x equals. In linear programming at least you are making something the seems usefull, like a transport plan or a way to maximise profit. I know there are many things missing from the simplified problems, but hey, enough ranting.

I went to Tesco this afternoon and as it was so nice and sunny I took the long route that brings you back by the Rootes lake. There were many duck, come ducklings and some goslings.

Goslings 1Goslings 2

Isn't nature beautiful.
Anyway, now it's time to revise for COA and Introduction To Philosophy

May 30, 2006

1st Exam

Tomorrow I have my 1st exam. (3rd really as I had 1 in term 1 and 2 at the beginning of this term) I am not as worried about this one as I was before because I think I know more of what I need to now. It only took 24 pages of mind–maps to write it all out but I think I know most of it now. The exam isn't until tomorrow afternoon so I have the morning to brush up.

I also have a nice new lookout on the exams. I'm not complaining about being the last to finish exams and still having a week and a half to go. Instead I'm looking at the side that says that in 1 week most of my exams will be over and I'll only have 1 left to go. So looking that way its not too bad.
The only bit I dislike is the 2 exams on Saturday, but one of them is open book so that should be fine. Less stuff to remember. If only that was in the afternoon. Instead I have to do the open book exam and then the other one in the afternoon.

I'm going to try and get to bed before 12 tonight so that I can be up and awake at a decent time tomorrow. That's surprisingly early for me.

On a side point. Simon made a good point today that I could also try and cut down on my salt intake. I put salt in the water for cooking my veg bacuse Mum has always done it and I've picked up the basics in cooking from seeing her cook. What does the salt in the water do apart from make it boil at a lower temperature. So there's another thing I can cut down on in my diet.

May 28, 2006


Even though the weekend is just like every other day at the moment it is still harder to do revision at the weekend. It's also annoying that Simon and Nat have finished their exams and so have 4 weeks to do whatever they like.
I am the last person to finish on the corridoor and possibly the last person in this house. I finish on Friday 9th June at 11am.
Mark who is just across the corridoor from me finishes on Thursday 1st and is treatening to throw–up outside my my room every night for the next weeks after that.

Just to make everything worse Tesco did take the £35 the next time I used my card. It makes me wonder what they would have done if I had never used my card there again.

Anyways. Enough time wasting, back to attempt to at–least get this chaper revised.

May 26, 2006

Catch Up …

Just a catch–up on the last few days.

I went to look at a house with my friend Ken on Monday. It looks very nice inside and out, the only problem is that the 3rd bedroom is just about big enough for a bed and wardrobe and there is no room for a desk. We were thinking if it would be possible to make it bigger but we're not sure. We could also put a 4th bedroom in by splitting the lounge in 2 and making a smaller lounge and a downstairs bedroom.
Not sure what we're going to do about houses but we've put it on hold as Ken's exams started today I think and mine start this Wednesday.

I noticed on Tuesday evening that there was a sign that had been put up on the noticeboard outside our kitchen. I was a little dubious as it says that the fire alarm will be tested every Tuesday between, and i quote, "13:00am and 14:30am". That was one reason I was dubious. Another was that is isn't on Warwick Hospitality paper and the 3rd is why would they decide to start testing the fire alarm just as exams are coming into full swing.
I spoke to Wendy (The Supervisor) on Wednesday morning and she said that is was correct, but she hadn't been told about it. How odd. Oh well, I suppose you get used to the university doing things that don't make sense.

I recently had to buy a new bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. I finished the old bottle on one slice of cheese on toast and then started the new one on another. I was surprised to find that is was quite watery. I gave it a shake and nothing changed. I came to the conclusion that as you have each bottle for so long it gradually evaporates and gets stronger over time without you noticing. Then when you get a new bottle, only then do you notice the difference.

Wednesday morning I had to present a poster with Djallal Dagha in the IMC. I have always wondered what is actually in there but wasn't sure if I was allowed in. This was a chance to find out. It appeared to have normal rooms along the sides and then one large room in the middle, but I didn't know what was in that middle room.
When we went in we went upstairs and all down the right hand side of the corridor were windows into the central space. There are all sorts of machines and robots in there and there are some photos here if you are interested
The 2 people who there are photos of are George and Olga who are 2 of my friends from DCS. Everyone on the course had to present their posters in groups of 2 or 3 and we had to be there by 9am. Mike Joy said that each group would have 3 mins to present their poster so you could work out roughly when your time slot was by multiplying your group no by 3. When they were on group 8 and an hour had passes people were starting to get annoyed.
It transpired that the people that were supposed to be listening to our presentations hadn't been able to come so there was only 1 person to listen to all of us. Later, she had to go so we had to wait a little while while Mike found someone else. He managed to find 2 people from the English department to listen to us present to it sped up a little but we had still only got as far as group 20 (us) by 11:30. That was a fun morning wasted.

Wednesday afternoon I had a Tech Crew BBQ so I went to Tesco to get something to cook on it. I had noticed that my Debit Card payment from my weekly shop hadn't come out of my account yet so I went to customer services to enquire. The woman said that payments can take a little longer than normal over the weekend so to tell them next time I went if it still hadn't gone through.
I am sure it isn't going to go through as it hasn't even come up as waiting to be paid on my online banking. I'm a little worried as it is about £35 and I don't want that much to suddenly come out of my account at some later date and put me into the red, incurring a fine. It still hasn't been paid so I will have to see them again when I got back this Saturday.
The BBQ went well apart from the fact that only 6 of us turned up and it started to rain towards the end. In a little rain we did the good old British "We're going to have our BBQ whatever the weather" and stood under a tree until it got too heavy. We gave up, put out the BBQ's and went to Cholo to play pool.
On the way back I dropped back in here (Rootes) to stick my stuff back in the fridge and check my emails. Just as I was about to go out the fire alarm went off so instead of standing in Car Park 6 in the rain I ran to the SU(Students Union) to meet the others. Not much pool went on, we sat around for a bit and then 2 of the guys went home to revise, one went to do something somewhere else in the union and Chris and I sat around doing stuff on the wireless network then I left to do some revision.

Most of today has been comprised of revision until about 7 when I was getting restless. I made dinner and did a few races of Mario Kart 64 on Mark's N64. I came 3rd or 4th on most races, as usual, except for 1 where I came 1st, before Mark, who normally wins every time. It was close as he boosted past be on the last straight, but I got him with a red shell to keep my 1st place. Yey. That's not likely to happen again.
I still felt restless after that and I then worked out that it is because I haven't left our corridor at all today. It's odd but it goes make you restless being indoors and revising on and off for 24 hours straight.

If you read all of this then one of these must be true.

  • You are really looking for ways to procrastinate from exam revision, in which case "GET BACK TO IT"
  • You are a final year slacker who has finished all your exams, in which case don't tell me
  • You really care about my life, which is nice
  • You have too much time on your hands, so go read a book or plant a tree or something

Anyways, enough blog writing, time for sleep. More revision to do tomorrow.

April 24, 2006

First Exam (Almost)

Today I have my first exam of this term. I had a Stats Lab one last term but this is the first one this term. I am quite happy with this one as it is Java and was one of the most fun modules in term 1.

I then have another one tomorrow so after this one I don't get a break I have to continue revising for that one. It's Maths so I'm not as happy with that one as it isn't my strongest point.

After that though my next exam is in week 7 so I will have plenty of time to relax a bit after that exam before the others come rushing up.

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