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September 17, 2007

I've got a bit rubbish at this …

.. havn’t I?

The rest of my 1st day in 2 mins was that I went with all the other students working in the web departments. We sat around in the kitchen area of the WSG floor (4th floor) and the heads of departments came and collected the people who were working with them. I was still sat there at lunch so I went with them to the Italian down the street where the company paid for our lunch. That was OK. It turned out when I came back that I was supposed to be on a completely different floor in a different department to all the other students. We eventually found out where I was supposed to be. I was meant to be on floor 14 in CSG. So eventually I got to where I was meant to be just in time to go to a presentation and then go home.

The next 3 weeks was speant doing training in central London. THat was a lot of fun. We didn’t have to be in ‘til 9:30 and we got a morning tea break, lunch and an afternoon tea break. Almost every lunch we went to this great Italian sandwich shop just across the road where they serve the best toasted sandwiches.

During the last week of training I found a room I liked and in order to secure it I had to pay the deposit on the morning of one of the weekdays. To do that I had to phone up Martin (my brother) and get him to go onto my Online Banking and tranfer the money from my savings into my current account. I then had to go from Pecham Rye (where I was at the time on my way into London Bridge) to Sutton which is 2 slow trains. I eventually get to Sutton then had to find a Natwest becase the cash machine limit is less than the deposit amount. Eventually I paid the deposit, got my key and went to the training, only about 3 hours late.

Since then it’s not been that eventfull. We moved offices from the 14th to the 2nd floor of the office block, so now I walk rather then taking the lift :). I’ve completed about 3 projects now and it’s all going well.

On Sunday afternoon I went and had a free trial day at my local gym. It’s part of a Holiday Inn, but only a tiny part. I was looking for a gym with a pool and was expecting something like at University (I wasn’t a member, just saw it on the open day). I should know that nothing is ever quite as large as at Uni but this only had about 8 machines and a tiny square pool. I was expecting a whole floor of machines and a lenghts pool. The other downside of this one is that it is also open to all the hotel residents so there are probably quite often kids in the pool.
I’m going to see another gym this Wednesday which is a little further away and doesn’t have a pool but sounds a little bigger. I’m going to have to weigh up all the factors to decide which one I want to join. I don’t know whether I want a large or small gym or whether a pool is important or not. I guess it depends how comfortable I am there more than anything else.
I’ll have to see, if this one is’t great there is one other within walking distance in Sutton.

I shall have to start blogging more again, and to steal a signoff from J …

I’m Still Here

September 22, 2006

Loooooooooooooong Time, No Blog

So, it’s been over 3 months since I last made a blog entry but I guess that’s because I don’t experience many new things at home so there isn’t as much that I find a need to tell others about.

I got myself a job for 4 weeks in August which earnt me a bit of money and I also got some money for my birthday. I’ve already spent all the money on a new 200Gb SATA Hard Drive and a USB Freeview TV Stick which doesn’t work as I don’t have any USB 2.0 ports. So now I’ve had to spend £5 on a USB 2.0 PCI card from eBay.

Anyway, I am currently turning my room upside down to try and find the book vouchers that I know I have from school prize day prizes so I can go to Waterstones and get a textbook for this year. In the meantime I’m also choosing what bits of the masses of stuff I have I want to take back to Uni.

The house is almost ours now. Dad and I are going up on Monday to pick up the keys and sort out any last minute bits like un-blocking and fixing the gutters etc. I am then staying until christmas. In a terrible turn of events NTL aren’t coming to fit the broadband, phone and cable TV until Webnesday evening so I’m going to be internetless for a few days but I think I’ll manage to survive :)

I have to get back to rummaging now so see you all back at Uni soon and don’t forget to listen to RaW for good music, chat and important service announcements from ITS

June 17, 2006

Warwick and House

I got up at about 12 this afternoon after a rather heavy night at the Colosseum last night and after sitting around for a bit I made a decision to go into Warwick as I can't have spent an entire year at the University Of Warwick and never have gone into Warwick. I looked up the details of the bus and train time on travelline and then found that the cost of a return ticket from Leamington station to Warwick station is only 95p with a Young Persons Railcard.

It is quite a nice place, but I had to be back by 1700 for the Rootes etc. BBQ so I had to make sure I remembered how to get back to the station in time to get the train back. I headed into the town centre and kept going with the idea of taking a photo of the castle and also took some photos along the way When I was just about to decide that I had come out of the other side of the town I saw one of the brown signs saying "Warwick Castle" so headed up that way.

I got to the castle eventually after quite a walk only to find that you can't even get into the grounds without paying £11.95 so I just took a photo over the railings and then headed back.

Warwick Castle

On heading back I found a gate just a couple of meters from where I took the photo that took you straight back into the centre of the town. So I had taken a HUGELY long route to the castle that the map below shows.

Warwick Map

Now looking at Google Maps I realise that Warwick is closer to Leamington that I thaught and I really could have just got a bus there. It was a nice trip out anyway and I got back just a little late for the BBQ but the kitchen hadn't gone out yet so I wasn't too late. It was quite a good afternoon with food and drink and games and such. There was a bungee run that Mark and some other people went on. Then it came to Little Tom and Rich. On the first run, Little Tom flew backwards after running nowhere near as far as Rich did and all of a sudden the inflatable starts collapsing on them. It turned out that Tom had managed to make a rip in the material about the same size as him so that was then out of use for the rest of the day.
I don't have any photos of that but I'm sure some will appear on Laura's Blog soon.

This evening I was going to go to a house party at Millies but last time I did that I ended up having to get a cab back from Leamington to Campus on my own and I can't afford that right now. Also, I can't stay there as I have to be back here for the WSAF setup tomorrow at 1200. Instead I have spent the evening making posters.

Dad phoned me to let me know that he had now bought a house for me and my friend for next year, so I had to make posters to advertise the 2 available rooms. I went over to DCS to print them out as I still have some credits remaining and then came back to cut up the little tabs at the bottom. Not a particularly fun job but makes quite a nice effect when they are all laid out on a box.


If anyone is looking for somewhere to live in Cov then have a look at the poster and feel free to get in contact with me. If you know of anyone else who is looking for a house, pass it on. Thanks.

Anyway, I'm now going to go and pin some of these up in Rootes and I need to get some sleep so that I can be up at a decent time tomorrow morning. I don't want to be tired while moving large, heavy bits of equipent, it won't do my life any good.

== Edit ==
I've just realised that it has gone midnight while I've been writing this so change all time references suitably.

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