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May 01, 2007

Bits & Bobs

On Saturday there was a RaW OB (Outside Broadcast) for the Uni open day. We had 3 shows live on air from the piazza and then the Wind Orchestra and Rev (Revelation Rock Gospel Choir) performed and I played some music while they were setting up and afterwards. It was quite fun but I did get sunburnt on the back of my neck and my forearms.

Later that evening I went to a pub in Cov with Ian where I helped him drink some of the 8 free pints that he had won in the pub quiz. We then went onto Jumpin Jaks. I’ve never been to a Jaks before, we have one in Maidstone but I never went to it. It’s slightly different to what I was expecting and has really over-priced drinks (>£3.30 per bottle & £3.10 for a pint of coke) but was quite a fun night.

We left at about 2:30am, Ian got a taxi back to campus and I walked home via a chip shop. I got in at about 3 and then didn’t get up again ‘til midday. ‘Twas a good night.

This morning I woke up to what sounded like someone bouncing a ball agains the wall next door. It just kept going “ba-dum” every few seconds, the stopping for a bit and then starting again. When I was a bit more awake I noticed that I coincided with cars going past the front of the house.

It turns out that they have put one of those traffic survey things in the road just outside the house. You know the sort, one of the things with 2 rubber pipes across the road. Now everytime a car goes past I can hear it go “ba-dum” over the pipes. As soon as the recorder has gone I’m going to go out there are remove those pipes any way I can.

Ken and I have managed to organise a time to go and see James and Fi in Southamton this weekend, and then next weekend I’m going home for a few birthday celebrations.

Anyways, the new guy in our house is arriving tomorrow so I need to be awake when he arrives :) Night all.

June 16, 2006

That Boy Needs Tharapy

I never thaught that I would hear Frontier Psychiatrist played at a club, but it did work quite well.

Now … muchos sleep.

January 29, 2006

So Much For Being A Party Animal

During One World Week I had a One World Pass which got me into every event up the ramp to Cholo. As such I went out to every event that week. That was 7 continuous days of going out drinking every night. This was rather hard on the wallet resulting in me ending the week £25 over budget. I then went out on Monday to Top Banana, Tuesday to the Comedy Superstore and Wednesday to a cheese and wine evening and then to Score!.

Being partied out and spent out I didn't go out with the coridoor to the Colosseum on Thursday and then nothing interesting was on on Friday.
Tonight I decided I was going to go out to the Colosseum because everyone, bar 2 people, from the coridoor was going and also Mark's sister and her boyfriend, Zoe's friend and Sarah from upstairs.

The bus to coventry now costs £1.10 so I spent that to get there and everything was just as normal. While I was queueing inside to give them my free entry card one of the bouncers asks me to leave because i'm wearing tracksuit bottoms. Since when have the Colosseum cared about what people wear, I have been there 2 saturdays before wearing tracksuit bottoms and noone said anything. What difference does it make what sort of trousers I'm wearing. I don't think they care about trainers. So I walk back to the bus station on my own and get a Nichtsaver ticket for £1.60 planning to come back here, change my trousers and then go back.

On the way back here on the bus I saw a Coventry one go the opposite direction and was hoping that wasn't the last one. Unfortunately on getting back to the bus stop I found out that it was. So that was not only a waste of £2.70, it could have only been a waste of £2.20 as I'm now not going to use the nightsaver again. To make it worse, after getting back to my room I checked the timetable to see that it was different to the one in the shelter and there was another bus back at 11:50. If I had run to my room and back again I could have got that bus and been back by 12:15 ish. Now the next bus would have got me back there at 1 to join some people who had been drinking for 3 hours and I would not enjoy it atall so i'm just going to spend the night sitting in my room doing nothing.

On the upside this is cheaper then clubbing, but much less fun.

January 07, 2006

There are sensible young people

Contrary to what you hear about peer pressure in school, University is the opposite. You hear about people being called uncool if they choose not to smoke and decline to try a fag. Two nights ago at the collisseum Mark offered me his ciger (he only mokes cigars and only on special occasions) and I declined. Whereas in school I guess you would have been mocked and bullied for that, they said that I was sensible and Nat wished that she hadn't started in the first place.

It's not a great surprise, but just an interesting observation.

October 03, 2005

For those of you at Uni

Follow-up to Catch Up Time from The Pain

As an extension to the entry below 'cos I didn't want my parents seeing this.

As I have already had my 19th I need to choose a "Warwick Birthday" and choose 19 of something to do. The next Birthday is Mark's in a month so they have decided that my "Warwick Birthday" will be in a fortnight. I'm not looking forward to it as the thing I do 19 of has to be close to fatal (apparently).

Catch Up Time

Time to catch up on the last 4 days. As far as I can remember, noting particularly interesting happened on Thursday or Friday. That is the problem with not blogging everday. I didn't go out on Thursday or Friday as there was nothing on that appealed to me and I was short of money (what student isn't?) Most fo the rest of the corridoor went out both evenings i think. On Friday it was Tom's 19th birthday so to celebrate most of the corridoor played drinking games with the final idea being that Tom would drink 19 shots of Vodka and/or Malibu in one night. They started by playing "Truth or Drink" but no-one could think up decent questions so they moved onto playing spoons. I didn't want to get involved in this so I left and stayed in my room for the rest of the night.
I also had my 1st Programming Lecture, the lecturer is quite a funny guy and thretened to have a fight with someone who kept talking. It was all stuff I knew, but he has to start so that everyone can do it.

Friday I had my 1st "Statitical Laboratory I" Lecture and on reading the piece of paper we had got at the beginning of term, found that I had actually missed the 1st lecture and this was the 2nd. Before you launch into me (Mum), let me explain. When I got the Stats Lab sheet in my pidgeon-hole I looked at it and thaught "Eugh, I don't want to do stats" so put it im my box of unimportant bits of paper. On Monday we had out Tutor meeting and there he said that lots of people took Stats Lab as you do the exam in the 1st Term so get the results at the beginning of the 2nd. This means that you can then make a choice about other modules dependiing on what you got in Stats Lab.
That sounded like a good idea and after talking to some 2nd year students they said it was really easy. I decided I was going to to Stats Lab after that and looked up what it entailed in my blue course book. I also looked up the time of the 1st lecture and saw it to be Friday week 1 as the Tuesday one didn't start until week 2. It wasn't until Friday when I dug out the origianal sheet that I saw it said that the 1st lecture was Tuesday. Luckily when I got there the 1st thing the Lecurter said, after telling us off for being early, was that it didn't matter if we missed the 1st Lecture as it was only unimportant admin, just catch up from a friend. So it was all ok.
The reason we got told off for being early, all 350 of us, was not because we were being noisy, it was because we missed collecting the lecture notes on the way in, because they weren't there yet. The lecturer there was a little like a School Teacher but that woudl eb because he used to be a School Teacher and this was his 1st ever lecture.

Saturday I went shopping. I spent approx. £28 on shopping but I think quite a lot of it was strecupboard stuff like stock cubes etc. I got back here and put all the shopping away as usual. Soon after, before I had time to blog, Laura knocked on my door and asked if I was coming into Coventry to meet Gary and go clubbing. We got the bus there for £1 and he met us at the stop. We went on a whistle-stop tour of Coventry centre. We saw Millennium Place and the ended at Nandos which was very nice and not to expensive. After that we went to the Wetherspoons nextdoor. A pint here was only about £1.20 compared with about £2.20 at the Students Union.
In there an old man offered to buy Laura a drink and then a different (drunk) old man was talking to the girls and Tom about nothing much and appeared to be expecting them to answer questions that he hadn't asked. To save them from him we said that we had to go and moved onto another pub. This time it was Yates's Wine Bar and had another drink there, though it was quite expensive again. In there, once the DJ got going the manager wanted us to move as we were blocking the fire escape and then she started making comments about how there's a bar over there as if we were just sitting there for the fun of it. We had to explain to her that we had already had a drink and then we left.

We headed to the club via some art bits, including the Kissing arches
, Glass snake bridge and Zigzag clock
and as we were approacing the Coliseum we stopped in at a local pub for another drink as the club didn't open for another half an hour at 10pm. This was a little local pub with a jukebox in the corner and all the locals chatting and playing the poker machine on the bar. They had a jukebox on which people were choosing both good and bad songs and we rated them as each came on. Some of us also tried that game where you flit the barmat off the edge of the table and have to catch it. It's a bit like this game (when I find it) but not as easy, and we did it without the drinking element. Once everyone who was drinking had finished. it was about time to be heading to the club. We arrived outside and joined the back of a very short queue.

I'm now going to go to Tesco to hopefully get some cheap bread. I will continue when I get back.

October 02, 2005


Just come back from clubbing in Coventry. Will post about it and the last half of the week tomorrow. Now I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.

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