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January 03, 2008

Post Christmas

Christmas was good. I was at home with the family and had a christmas pretty much like last year. Nothing special but it was good.

I now have a DAB clock radio and a Digital Freeview Set-Top Box so I’m right up there in the digital age now :).

I’ve just been to Tesco and on the bus on the way back home I saw another rubbish sign on the bus.

Bus Sign


It’s hard to take a good photo on a moving bus with a rubbish camera but you can just about make it out. It says “Please do not speak to or obscure the driver’s vision while the bus is moving” which is not what they mean atall. Rubbish!

I also made a great discovery of some mayo in Tesco. Not very exciting for most people but I love Heinz mayo. Previously I could only get hold of it by nicking handfulls of the little sachets (pictured) from restaurants and bars. Now I’ve found the bottles at Tesco my dream has come true. OK so I have to get the “Light” stuff because of the amount I eat but it’s still very good mayo and half price at the moment.

You may think me sad but, hey.

May 16, 2007

Weekends Away & Graduation Times

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my friend James in Southampton. It was a good trip down, 2 hours on the train. During the weekend we went shopping, had a BBQ and sat around at home playing a network game of OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe). The journey home was a little more eventful. I got a train from Southampton to Winchester. I then had to get a bus from there to Reading and a train from Reading to Leamington Spa. I was dreading the bus ride, expecting it to be a cramped bus full of people. It was instead quite a nice coach and only about 10 or 11 people so it was quite a pleasent journey.

TableAlso, while I was there we worked out that all of our friendship group graduate from Uni at the same time, despite all our differing situations. The diagram below should explain that nicely.
The reason Matt has 2 1st years is that he started a course he didn’t like, dropped out, re-took some exams and then started again in the course he originally wanted.

I went away again this weekend. I went home for my brother’s and nan’s birthday. My brother’s birthday was on the friday when I went home so I didn’t see much of that. My nan’s birthday was on Sunday. We went over to whitstable and had dinner in a nice hotel with the other side of the family. I was expecting the journey to be relatively unevenfull, Maidstone -> Victoria, Victoria -> Euston then Euston -> Coventry, the same as it has been evey other time.
I got to Euston, via Cannon St instead of Victoria, only to find that the train was delayed, along with a load of others. Trains then started being cancelled left, right and centre. Someone had decided to throw themselves off of a bridge at Milton Keynes and had got hit by a train. In my boredom I had some dinner at Burger King and then went back down to the underground station to buy myself a pay-as-you-go Oyster card.
Black Books 3
I also spend a little time finding where the external shots for the Channel 4 program Black Books were filmes. I did find it and took a couple of photos, despite the rubbish camera and the rain. Click the photo to see the other 2. I eventually got home at about 2pm, 2 hours later than I was expecting to, and had to go to a lecture at 3.

November 04, 2006

Michell & Webb and Travel Coventry

I left the house this evening and arrived at the bus stop at 19:10 in enough time to catch the 19:16 bus and there was still the option of the 19:41, if I missed the 1st one, both of which got me onto campus before 20:00. The 19:16 didn’t come, and then neither did the 19:41. I ended up getting onto the over-full 20:06 and standing in the doorway all the way on to campus.

By the time I got onto campus it was about 20:15 and I ran into the arts centre and then had to stand in the lobby until the next scene change. before I could go in. I then had to sit on the bench at the back, peering over the shoulders of the people infront for the rest of the 1st half.

After the interval I went and found my proper seat, near the middle of the 3rd row back, and enjoyed the rest of the show from there. It was a good show, very funny, but I’m not sure where I recognise one of the guys from and it doesn’t help that I don’t know which one it was. Never mind.

P.S I must buy some gloves. It’s getting very cold waiting for buses now.

January 29, 2006

So Much For Being A Party Animal

During One World Week I had a One World Pass which got me into every event up the ramp to Cholo. As such I went out to every event that week. That was 7 continuous days of going out drinking every night. This was rather hard on the wallet resulting in me ending the week £25 over budget. I then went out on Monday to Top Banana, Tuesday to the Comedy Superstore and Wednesday to a cheese and wine evening and then to Score!.

Being partied out and spent out I didn't go out with the coridoor to the Colosseum on Thursday and then nothing interesting was on on Friday.
Tonight I decided I was going to go out to the Colosseum because everyone, bar 2 people, from the coridoor was going and also Mark's sister and her boyfriend, Zoe's friend and Sarah from upstairs.

The bus to coventry now costs £1.10 so I spent that to get there and everything was just as normal. While I was queueing inside to give them my free entry card one of the bouncers asks me to leave because i'm wearing tracksuit bottoms. Since when have the Colosseum cared about what people wear, I have been there 2 saturdays before wearing tracksuit bottoms and noone said anything. What difference does it make what sort of trousers I'm wearing. I don't think they care about trainers. So I walk back to the bus station on my own and get a Nichtsaver ticket for £1.60 planning to come back here, change my trousers and then go back.

On the way back here on the bus I saw a Coventry one go the opposite direction and was hoping that wasn't the last one. Unfortunately on getting back to the bus stop I found out that it was. So that was not only a waste of £2.70, it could have only been a waste of £2.20 as I'm now not going to use the nightsaver again. To make it worse, after getting back to my room I checked the timetable to see that it was different to the one in the shelter and there was another bus back at 11:50. If I had run to my room and back again I could have got that bus and been back by 12:15 ish. Now the next bus would have got me back there at 1 to join some people who had been drinking for 3 hours and I would not enjoy it atall so i'm just going to spend the night sitting in my room doing nothing.

On the upside this is cheaper then clubbing, but much less fun.

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