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February 25, 2006


Please feel free to diagnose me as insane after reading this.

The reason that I managed to get such nice photos of the snow yesterday was because I didn't go to sleep Thursday night. I was in the learning grid working on an essay and by the time I had done that it was too late to go to sleep. If I did then I would never be up in time for my 10am lab.

That in itself is not too bad, but then I go and follow it up with the Student Cinema "The All 90's AllNighter". I went into lecture theatre L3 at just gone 7:30pm yesterday and then left again at just gone 7:30am today (ignoring 1 trip to costcutters and a couple to the loo). That is 12 hours in L3 which is not very comfortable even for a 1hr lecture, but you can find a confortable position if you try.

The fims were quite good. The 1st one "The Shawshank Redemption" I dozed through as it was a little boring but the 2nd one was a lot more interesting. "The Wedding Singer" is one of those standard comedy love stories but is make a bit more funny by having this new thing called a CD player and stuff like that. The 3rd film was "The Usual Suspects" which is not really my type of film bus wa quite good. The 4th film was a mystery film that they didn't tell us what it was atall. It turned out to be "American Pie" which is a very funny, if very rude, film. The final film was a classic and the 1st time I have seen this on a large screen, it was "The Matrix" although about half the people left before it started.

One problem is having been up for 48 hrs straight I am a little tired and also having spent ~ 12 hrs in L3 it now feels like 8pm, not 8am, as it is dull and cold, so my body is just confused completely. I think a little bit of sleep might be in order, then I have to try and get back into normal sleep paterns again.

I slept form 8am to 6pm today. Feeling better. More show photos added. link

February 24, 2006

Pretty Picture

Well isn't campus a pretty picture this morning.

(Click for larger versions)

More photos to follow soon.

February 19, 2006

Student Ineptitude

I'm in the learning grid doing some work at the moment and the thing that is annoyine me the most is not the work. It's not even the girl sitting 2 computers across from me talking quite loud on her mobile. It's the inept students who can't use the electric entry gates.

Every time someone does something wrong they beep incessantly or a few seconds to alert the staff member on duty. Due to it being 23:10 there is no staff member here to alert, but that is fair enough, it doesn't know that.

The problem is the ineptitude (Defined as "incompetence" or "unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training", i'm not sure which one fits best) of the students going in or out.

Sometimes it is 2 people going in or out on one card swipe, either 'cos their lazy or the girl/boyfiend is not a student so doesn't have a card. Sometime it is something else, but they keep scanning their card too quickly and it just complains. If they waited a couple of seconds, it would be fine, but they don't, they just keep trying and it just keeps beeping.

Rant over, back to work.

February 14, 2006

A Couple More Questions

Follow-up to A Couple Of Questions from The Pain

The questions I forgot were:

1) Why, when you are younger do you want to get facial hair? Now I have it, I have to spend time every few days getting rid of it.

2)Why are gay guys the best ones to be friends with? Both the gay guys I've met here have been the most easy to be friends with and are the most lively and interesting people I've met for a long time.

February 12, 2006

A Couple Of Questions

1. Why do I like Lauras?

The people I think are good looking recently have all been called Laura. Are there lots of Lauras at Warwick or do I just seem to find the ones that there are?

2. Why the fire alarms?

I'm sort of expecting another fire alarm tonight as we had one Wednesday night and then another one Friday night, both at about 5 in the morning. Noone has told us exactly what is causing these and if it does happen again I'm going to go and have words with the tutors and/or wardens to find out what's up.

There was another one but I can't remember it now. I may post it later if I do.

February 11, 2006

On The Up Side …


It's just not funny anymore

At least in the first one there was a bit of humour but 2 fire alarms at 5 in the morning is just annoyng. This one's a little later but was still the same alarm zone. None of us are going to be able to sleep in 2 nights time 'cos we're expecting it to go off again.

I have to up for 9am to go to Cadbury World around 10am and I don't want to miss that through being asleep. For the half hour wasted standing outside wearing the same as yesterday i'm now going to set my alarm half an hour later.

Enjoy your sleep people.

February 09, 2006


It's 5:08 and i've just got back in from a fire alarm. Let me tell you: standing outside with no underwear on, just trousers and 2 jackets is not very nice. I now have to try and get back to sleep again. It only takes me an hour, so I'll get a grand total of 2 more hours sleep!


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