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January 16, 2008


I just got most of the parts for my new computer. I’ve got everything apart from the graphics card. The first absurdity is CPU box sizes. The following is my new CPU just out of its box.

New Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Duo Close Up
When you look at the size of the CPU itself it’s rediculous. It’s just that little silver square on the top of the plastic.

Ebuyer Box
Ebuyer Box Content The next one is one of the boxes I got from ebuyer . It contained only 1 item, a serial cable which seems really stupid but the reason is that it was delivered from an external warehouse to ebuyer and then sent onto me, but what a waste of card and packaging.

Bus Stop Sign
Bus Side Sign

These final 2 are ones I found while looking around my camera. The one on the left is from a bus stop in sutton. What does it mean? What else can you do when a bus terminates at a stop? Nevermind.

The one on the right is a sign from a bus on campus a long time ago. It seems a contradiction at first but I suppose it does make sense after a moment’s thought.

Well, the new PC is almost ready. I just need to get a graphics card, which is out of stock at the moment, then transfer an HDD over from my current computer and then I’m all set to go.

How For Now!

January 03, 2008

Post Christmas

Christmas was good. I was at home with the family and had a christmas pretty much like last year. Nothing special but it was good.

I now have a DAB clock radio and a Digital Freeview Set-Top Box so I’m right up there in the digital age now :).

I’ve just been to Tesco and on the bus on the way back home I saw another rubbish sign on the bus.

Bus Sign


It’s hard to take a good photo on a moving bus with a rubbish camera but you can just about make it out. It says “Please do not speak to or obscure the driver’s vision while the bus is moving” which is not what they mean atall. Rubbish!

I also made a great discovery of some mayo in Tesco. Not very exciting for most people but I love Heinz mayo. Previously I could only get hold of it by nicking handfulls of the little sachets (pictured) from restaurants and bars. Now I’ve found the bottles at Tesco my dream has come true. OK so I have to get the “Light” stuff because of the amount I eat but it’s still very good mayo and half price at the moment.

You may think me sad but, hey.

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