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January 29, 2006

So Much For Being A Party Animal

During One World Week I had a One World Pass which got me into every event up the ramp to Cholo. As such I went out to every event that week. That was 7 continuous days of going out drinking every night. This was rather hard on the wallet resulting in me ending the week £25 over budget. I then went out on Monday to Top Banana, Tuesday to the Comedy Superstore and Wednesday to a cheese and wine evening and then to Score!.

Being partied out and spent out I didn't go out with the coridoor to the Colosseum on Thursday and then nothing interesting was on on Friday.
Tonight I decided I was going to go out to the Colosseum because everyone, bar 2 people, from the coridoor was going and also Mark's sister and her boyfriend, Zoe's friend and Sarah from upstairs.

The bus to coventry now costs £1.10 so I spent that to get there and everything was just as normal. While I was queueing inside to give them my free entry card one of the bouncers asks me to leave because i'm wearing tracksuit bottoms. Since when have the Colosseum cared about what people wear, I have been there 2 saturdays before wearing tracksuit bottoms and noone said anything. What difference does it make what sort of trousers I'm wearing. I don't think they care about trainers. So I walk back to the bus station on my own and get a Nichtsaver ticket for £1.60 planning to come back here, change my trousers and then go back.

On the way back here on the bus I saw a Coventry one go the opposite direction and was hoping that wasn't the last one. Unfortunately on getting back to the bus stop I found out that it was. So that was not only a waste of £2.70, it could have only been a waste of £2.20 as I'm now not going to use the nightsaver again. To make it worse, after getting back to my room I checked the timetable to see that it was different to the one in the shelter and there was another bus back at 11:50. If I had run to my room and back again I could have got that bus and been back by 12:15 ish. Now the next bus would have got me back there at 1 to join some people who had been drinking for 3 hours and I would not enjoy it atall so i'm just going to spend the night sitting in my room doing nothing.

On the upside this is cheaper then clubbing, but much less fun.

January 24, 2006


I now have no white t-shirts and 4 pink ones. Damn.

That really wasn't clever to put white and grey t-shirts in a wash with a red t-shirt. Anyone have any idea how to get them to be no longer pink. Soaking them overnight has done no good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a poor student and can't afford to buy new clothes.

As a side note, listen to the RaW chart show on Sundays 3-4pm on RaW 87.7FM, 1251AM and Online. I'm hoping to get some great prizes to give away, else it'll be glowsticks like the last two weeks.

January 23, 2006


I would have posted this earlier but ITS have been causing problems that i'm not going to go on about here.

One day last week I woke up to find that it appeared that I was interviewing hoovers for a job or something.

I still don't know what they were doing there but hospitality moved them sometime in the afternoon.

January 20, 2006

Burgers & Google

Unlikely combination I must admit.

1 – Burgers

If you can't stand the thaught of a burger from Battered or some cheap thing from Tesco then make your own. You just need fresh mince and anything else you feel like. I use an egg 'cos it helps it all stick together and I add a little salt, pepper and worcester sauce for flavouring. Mix it all together until it becomes a consistant texture, then make it into burger shapes and fry it.
You can also do interesting things like wrapping the mixture around a piece of cheese, as I did today, or adding bacon, as I will next time.

2 – Google

There is a new easier way to get to my blog. If you are using Firefox , just type "Simon Pain" into the address bar and you will get straight here.
For those of you who don't know, when you type something other than a web address into the address bar of Firefox , it does a Google ''I'm Feeling Lucky'' search. This takes you straight to the first result that Google finds, which is my blog.
I found this out recently when I got an email from a Simon Pain in Australia saying that he had just Googled his name and found that I had knocked him off of the top spot.


January 16, 2006

Bacardi and Coke …

… The Student Way!!!

January 13, 2006

Fame (Again)

4 out of 5 stars

I just watched Fame on DVD and it doesn't have a patch on the MTW performance. I didn't expect the film to be as good as the musical but it is still a good film with some good music. Well worth a watch, but don't try and work out where things fit in with the musical. Some of the lines I recognised from the musical but most of it is quite different.


January 07, 2006

There are sensible young people

Contrary to what you hear about peer pressure in school, University is the opposite. You hear about people being called uncool if they choose not to smoke and decline to try a fag. Two nights ago at the collisseum Mark offered me his ciger (he only mokes cigars and only on special occasions) and I declined. Whereas in school I guess you would have been mocked and bullied for that, they said that I was sensible and Nat wished that she hadn't started in the first place.

It's not a great surprise, but just an interesting observation.

Newspapers and Modern Culture

I sometimes wonder what the world is coming to when I read the newspapers. All the wars and such like around the world but one thing that really caught my eye just now, as it was lying on the kitchen table, was an "article" in The Sun. On page 35 of Friday 6th's edition there is the following article:

Romp? We All Prefer A Hug

Sex poll shock

MOST Brits would rather have a happy relationship with average sex than red-hot passion without love, a survey shows
Nearly three-quarters of those quizzed – 71 per cent – said they would choose a cosy romance over a wild time in the sack.
Eighty per cent of women put relationships first in the poll – and 64 per cent of men.
Folk in Gouchestershire were the most committed to relationships, with 83 per cent there putting htem first. The Isle of Man was the most sexually demanding region, with 53 per cent settling for sizzling romps and an "OK" romance.

What is wrong with OK. Surely OK means all correct and all good. I know that The Sun isn't the best of newspapers for indicative stories and that the sort of people visiting are unlikely to be indicative of the overall population, but still. Please tell me that noone is shocked by the result that people want relationships more than sex. This shouldn't be a shock at all, surely that should be expected and if it was the other way around then that wouls be a shock.

I would be greatly interested to hear your thaughts on this topic.

January 04, 2006

Back at Uni

Now i'm back at University i'm feeling at home again. I'm not sure which is more my home, University or Home in Maidstone. On my first night back here I had problems sleeping, but now I am OK. I didn't think that I would have a problem settling back in here but I did have a little.

I got back into the way of going to Tesco to shop and washing up etc. but getting back into working is a little more tricky. I set my alarm for 7:30 to get up at 8 to have breakfast before the cleaner closes the kitchen at 9. I got up late at 9:30 and had to go to my lecture at 10 without breakfast only to find that it was cancelled.

My first lecture therefore was at 12 and was "Maths for Computer Scientists II" in which we learnt binary, decimal, hex conversions again, after learning them in "Computer Organisation and Architecture" and also at A-Level.

Oh well, at least it makes an easy start to the term.

On the topic of finding houses, while most people are looking for a house to rent, I am looking for a house for my dad to buy. He is self-employed buying houses, doing them up and then renting or selling them. If he buys a house for me to live in next year we can rent out the other rooms. The advantages of this as I can see them at the moment are that I would be landlord on site so if anything needed sorting I could do it there and then instead of the stories I have heard about people in other houses having to wait ages for problems to be fixed. Also, I could harass people for rent payments instead of my dad having to phone them up pester them for rent.

After the family brought me up here we went for a drive round to look at the outsides and areas of some houses for sale around the Uni. We went as far as Tile Hill looking at these houses which means that they are close enough to walk or cycle into Uni but far enough away to feel out of the bubble.

That's still quite a way ahead yet so I better focus back on the present and get some work done.

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