February 25, 2006


Please feel free to diagnose me as insane after reading this.

The reason that I managed to get such nice photos of the snow yesterday was because I didn't go to sleep Thursday night. I was in the learning grid working on an essay and by the time I had done that it was too late to go to sleep. If I did then I would never be up in time for my 10am lab.

That in itself is not too bad, but then I go and follow it up with the Student Cinema "The All 90's AllNighter". I went into lecture theatre L3 at just gone 7:30pm yesterday and then left again at just gone 7:30am today (ignoring 1 trip to costcutters and a couple to the loo). That is 12 hours in L3 which is not very comfortable even for a 1hr lecture, but you can find a confortable position if you try.

The fims were quite good. The 1st one "The Shawshank Redemption" I dozed through as it was a little boring but the 2nd one was a lot more interesting. "The Wedding Singer" is one of those standard comedy love stories but is make a bit more funny by having this new thing called a CD player and stuff like that. The 3rd film was "The Usual Suspects" which is not really my type of film bus wa quite good. The 4th film was a mystery film that they didn't tell us what it was atall. It turned out to be "American Pie" which is a very funny, if very rude, film. The final film was a classic and the 1st time I have seen this on a large screen, it was "The Matrix" although about half the people left before it started.

One problem is having been up for 48 hrs straight I am a little tired and also having spent ~ 12 hrs in L3 it now feels like 8pm, not 8am, as it is dull and cold, so my body is just confused completely. I think a little bit of sleep might be in order, then I have to try and get back into normal sleep paterns again.

I slept form 8am to 6pm today. Feeling better. More show photos added. link

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  1. Whoa, that's a serious stint of un-sleeping! Luckly you have the whole weekend to recover, let's hope you don't come out of it being noctural =)

    I hope the essay went ok!

    25 Feb 2006, 12:10

  2. Jim Estill

    You sound like a good candidate for the new sleeping pill. Take one and 2 hours of sleep is all you need. Question is long term effects and health.

    25 Feb 2006, 21:52

  3. I actually slept all day today. From about 8am – 6pm, so a whole saturday lost, but i'm still a little tired. That's a good thing, as hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep tonight and then be back into decent sleep patterns.

    25 Feb 2006, 21:57

  4. Beth Pain

    The wedding singer is a good film but i didn't see the end coz it was at a school P.J. party and the party finished before the film did.
    Plus, a student sleep pattern isn't a normal sleep pattern.

    26 Feb 2006, 12:41

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