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November 18, 2005

Things I've Seen Today

It has been rather an odd day today. I helped set up Fame! but have not been able to watch any of it due to having 3 hours of continuous lectures. The 1st one was in the ACCR and the lecturer got a dance from the pink hippo and then a seranade of "You are so beautiful to me". The 2nd lecture was in MS.02(Maths Lecture Theater 2) half way across campus. There was nothing specifically for the lecturer, but while quite a few pints were being given out he got a hug from the hippo. There as also a short poem that I can't remember (2 lines, something maths related ending in something about a good squeare root) for one person and a rose and a longer poem for another person. So as not to offend anyone I will type the funny bit elsewhere and then you can follow this link to read it
After that I had a maths lecture back in the ACCR (which I always end up singing to the tune of "Back In The USSR") in which the hippo again made an appearance along with the kangaroo (i think that's what it is).

Right at the end of the lecture one of the RAG people came in and grabbed someone to give them a gnoming, a king gnoming in fact.
I quote from the Rag Website again:

We'll also be offering you the opportunity to give someone you know a gnoming. For £5 we will cover a person in water, flour, baked beans and shaving foam (or anything else we have lying around that is non-toxic). For £8 we’ll also tie them to a tree with cling film. What better way to stitch up that mate of yours?

They took her to a tree near the library and tied her to it with cling film and then they tied 2 other people to the tree aswell and gave them all a gnoming. That was the 1st gnoming I had ever seen and it was a triple king gnoming. Not only did the people tied to the tree get covered in flour, water and cream, so did the RAG people doint the gnoming. That's the problem with a triple gnoming and also not running far enough before they escape.

All the ducks were on the grass outside Rootes again as I walked home andd I saw 2 of them sitting under a small tree/large bush. (i'm not sure which it counts as) I thaught they were probably eating the berries that had fallen off of it, but then something told me otherwise. As I was walking past the male "jumped" and grabbed a berry off on of the branches. This was a definite jump with a little bit of flapping thrown in for good measure. I would have taken a photo or a video but 1) My camera has no batteries that work for more that 30 seconds 2) My camera doesn't take videos, that is the one at home that does that and 3) I have no way of getting the photos off of th camera anyway as the card reader I brought off eBay was for the wrong sort of card.

A little later I saw more ducks being silly, it must be the RAG week spirit (or some other spirit). 2 of them had bits of cracker or something like that in their beaks and the others were chasing them round as fast as they could through the long grass. Every time one got away and put the cracker down to try and break it up, another one would spot them and try to steal the cracker ensuing in another chase. This must have been happening for about half an hour and was quite funny to watch.
I know this makes me sound sad but you had to be there to get the full humour of the situation.

On a completely different note, here is the animation that I said would follow.

warwick_spin.avi - 273Kb

This only really looks good if you have a media player that will repeat a video seamlessly. Newer versions of winamp just about manage it and it appears that Windows Media Player (/me shudders) manages it.

Rag Week

Writing about web page

My programming lecture was very funny today (now yesterday). It started with a box being passed round to clear up all the Careers Fair leaflets that had been left all over all the lecture theaters. Stephen Jarvis started lecturing as this was being done, stopping regularly to check on the progress of the box. There were various paper planes made out of the leaflets and other bits of paper flying around. Some of them were very good and L3 makes a good place to fire them from the back of. As it is RAG Week I was expecting something to happen and they came in and had 3 different things all for Dr. Jarvis. They had a can of Carling and a throning.

I quote from the RAG website:

New for this year, for only £3 we’ll crown the special someone king or queen of the lecture theatre.

… which included a paper crown, another can of Carling and a lap-dance from someone in a pink hippo costume. They also had a persent for him which was a whole kipper.
At this point the lecture was doomed. What i'm about to describe sounds like the sort of thing that a group of children would do.

Stephen, after making the kipper "swim" across the stage, then threw it into the theatre and the person he threw it at then threw it back at him. A couple of minutes later he picked it up off the floor and threw it furthur up the theatre. Once the girl had screamed she picked it up tentatively and put it on the top of the sound desk. Stephen then said "Don't leave it there, the people at the back havn't had it yet" so the guy next to her picked it up and threw it furthur back. He didn't do a very good job as it hit the front of the front desk on the top level of L3 and slid down to the floor. A few minutes later the projector died, as it did to Mike Paterson (who I think looks nothing like his picture) earlier in the week, so Stephen enquired where the kipper was and then wandered up the theatre, beer in hand, to go and get it.
He asked what he should do with it and someone said "Send it to Mike Joy !" which stuck. Stephen then threw the kipper at someone in the back of L3 and walked back down to the stage as the person put the kipper on the desk behind them. Stephen then said that we should send it to Mike Joy as it would be the sort of thing he would like, that's why his name is Joy. He continued "We should rap it back up and put it in his pidgeon hole, oh, does anyone have an envelope, come on, someone must have an envelope!".
Later on in the lecture, once the projector had cooled down and come on again and Stephen had attempted to regain the lecture, the kipper came flying half way down the theatre in a large brown envelope and got promptly thrown back up again. A little later it got thrown down again, this time all the way to the front and hit the front bench then front of the table on the stage and ended up on the floor again. Stephen picked it up and gave it to someone on the front bench to address it to Mike Joy and then he would put it in his pidgeon hole. At this point the lecture was not going to be able to continue so Stephen got throught 2 slides to a summary slide and then stopped there. It was even more interesting and funny than one of his normal lectures.

In other news, I also made another logo. I think most of you will recognise this one.

There is also an animation to come.

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